Dear Ellie,

July 6, 2006

I wanted to share with you an amazing experience I've recently had in the island of Sardinia, Italy. Two weeks ago I joined a group of 20 people (all Italians, except for myself) to celebrate the Summer Solstice inside the Nuraghe and visit other ancient energy sites and power places in Sardinia.

I'm actually Portuguese and have been living in Milan for over a year now. I'm a full-time researcher of metaphysics, and a qualified practitioner of complementary therapies such as Reiki, Color Therapy, Traditional Ayurvedic Massage and Crystal Therapy.

Nuraghe are mysterious Bronze Age monuments that are astronomically aligned to receive the sunlight on the Solstice exact date & time (a bit similar to Stonehenge in the UK, or even New Grange in Ireland for the Winter Solstice).

They are conical stone towers, numbering some 7000 in Sardinia, give their name to the Nuragic peoples who built and used them and continue to characterize the island's landscape to this day.

Our group went around with some local researchers that use dowsing techniques to find more about these extraordinary energy places. They've measured a spectacular increase of energy (using the Bovis scale) exactly when the solstice sun rays passed through an opening in the ceiling and illuminated a specific spot inside (where we stood meditating in turns). It was fantastic!

Then we've also experienced the strong magnetic energies of the Neolithic tombs that are called "Giants' Tombs" (in Li Mizzani, Li Lolghi, Coddu Vecchiu and other places) where healing of serious diseases has been reported just by daily exposure to these energies (sitting inside for 30 minutes/day for 7-10 days).

We've also climbed up to the caves of Mount Canu where we touched other granite stones with specific healing properties, visited the ancient sacred city of Romanzesu, did a lovely ritual by the waters of the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina, and even laid on a "stone boat" hidden in the hoods of Bosco di S. Giorgio used by the ancients for meditation and astral travel. Most of these fascinating places are quite hidden and known mainly by local people who still use them for metaphysical research.

Personally I found most of the energies really strong and powerful, felt like had I charged my batteries. However sometimes these energies felt a bit strange, with sort of a "radioactive" feeling. It's definitely worth exploring further!

I thought it would be nice sharing this experience with you and that it could also be interesting for your readers to have an article on Crystalinks about the ancient sacred sites of Sardinia.

In love and light,
Raquel Sacramento