Trip to North Carolina - October 1996

Through the Internet I connected with a man in North Carolina who has a three-story pyramid on his property.

Wanting another adventure since the June Star Knowledge Conference - Yolanda and I flew to North Carolina to spend a week traveling around.

Our first stop was at the hme of the man who had built the pyramid.

It was interesting but its energies didn't do anything for us.

The man who owned the property was into Dooms Day theories - which never panned out and are the thinking of a dysfunctional mind who needs serious meds!

I was beginning to realize how totally crazy many of the people in metaphysics were - with their theories suposedly written in stone - or told my a channel.

He offered one thing of some interest - which was a video tape that linked Hitler with an escape off the planet from Antarctica to Aldebaran in the Taurus star system. More metaphors - not true - but it does connect with the Orion the Belt Stars of Orion and the Great Pyramids - and Sirius - Isis - and their mythologies..

Two days later we politely took our leave from him and his family - and set off on our own journey through the Carolinas.

Riding along through mountains of some kind - fall leaves in shades of pinks, red and oranges--singing oldies--we drove around North Carolina.

We passed a sign for Grandfather Mountain - with a 5,000 foot elevation and decided to venture up to see the sights.

Half way up the mountain we were surprised to find a a sign that read "Sphinx Rock" - more connections with Egypt. Before us was the largest balanced rock I had ever seen.

We sat and meditated under it for some time. I left a lavender spiral candle there. I leave this type of candle wherever I go and do my work. I even left one at the Sun Dance grounds the day we left South Dakota.

Spirals symbolize the movement of consciousness through the flame of creation from one level to another.

At the top of the mountain we found a swinging bridge. Yolanda said she was afraid of these bridges--but I called her chicken so she walked bravely across to the other side.

As I entered the bridge a wind came and it began to shake. FEAR! There was no going back.

Yolanda was laughing at me from the other side.

Bravely, I made it over the bridge in the spiraling energies of the wind. Great metaphors - bridge and spiraling energy.

For our next adventure we found ourselves at an old gold mine.

We mined for stones and ores. This was not like life in the old west. Yolanda found a tourmaline stone that she had made into a ring. It is gorgeous. Z guided me to a jewelry store--the Jewish way to shop! He indicated a gold and diamond ring that he wanted me to buy. I told him he was crazy! The ring was too much money.

He told me to bargain! Oy vey - hate to bargain.

Okay I got the merchant down $1,000. [Appraising it when I returned home - proved that it was worth more than I paid.]

The ring fit perfectly. I loved it! Everyone loved it!. Out came my credit card.

Z told me that when I got home from the trip the money would be waiting for me. Learning never to doubt him - I bought the ring.

After I returned home I found a check in the mail. It was a refund from the Board of Education from ten years ago when I was a teacher and they had taken too much tax money out of my wages.

The amount of the refund was the same as the price of the ring!

Z is a cool dude!

Yolanda and I then went to Asheville. What a great city it is!

As we were driving down a street lined with antique stores, I suddenly yelled, "Pull over and park!"

"Why?" she inquired.

I didn't know!

One of the stores just called to me.

There were many streets with many stores.

The store that called was a very large dinky looking store.

I walked in and walked to the back of the store. I turned to my right - and under some old books pulled out an old Bible.

It was black with gold writing. It was 12 inches (30 meters) high - 9 inches across.

I knew I had to have it - but why?

I already have a small bible near my desk that sits next to the Keys of Enoch.

Yolanda was puzzled but knew better than to ask me what it was all about.

The bible cost $100 and was old and was in poor condition. I didn't even look in it. I knew it was mine! I bargained and finally bought it for $80. I didn't open the book until I got back to NY.

The bible turned out to be in two languages - English and German! Ah ... that Germany energy grid was pulling me again.

The second half of the book was something even stranger. It has a list of men who apparently visited a brothel out west in the 1870's. Did my soul know them in a professional capacity? (laugh) I did have a past life out west - working in that capacity.

Now here were links to three different grids in which I see my soul experiencing.

One was the 20th Century grids - WW 1 and WW II. The energy of those grids still over laps our present grid.

In that grid I am a German Jewish male physicist working with temporal anomalies. My name is Wilheim Joseph Mandelbaum.

The other grid is from the old west - US - 19th Century program. There I am a 'lady of the night' having a wealthy clientele. I live in Nevada. My name is Josephine.

The old book remains on a shelf in my home.

Next to it are pictures of current family members
who lived out west at the turn of the century.

Grandpa, Sam and Grandma, Sarah
1910, Omaha, Nebraska

Before Yolanda and I returned to New York we celebrated her birthday
and what seems close to a rebirth for human consciousness.

It is all that matters. It is just around the corner.