The Music Box

The story of Sarah and Alexander mentions the tones of a music box linked to Sarah and creation. Since 1989, when I wrote the first draft of the book, I have heard the physical tones of a music box playing at unexplained times. Sometimes I am alone, sometimes with friends, other times with clients. When the tones play, generally lasting 1-3 minutes, they sound like a music box. The changing tunes have never been recognized by anybody, and are most likely a pattern in themselves.

The tones were often heard during lightning storms in the summer, as the lightning appeared over the bridge in front of us. These storms can cause electromagnetic disturbances. One could clearly hear the tones playing in my living room, generally under the huge center skylight, whose electromagnetic energies have been measured as a vortex of some kind. After a time, I understood the connection between the tones, the EM energies, and creation.

As the program is winding (key and clock) down, more people will hear tones of different kinds. I hear musical tones as they are my key, but others hear different sounds linked to the disintegration of the programs' integrity, crackling, glass shattering (window opening), grinding (gears), among others.

All goes to music In the Box, Music Box Harmonics, the Synchronized Movements of Time, and the Return to Balance.

The LED Music Box

The LED Music Box is a sound instrument that integrates an installation with interactions over the Internet. The physical installation consists of an old-fashioned music box with a crank handle, in which the pins have been replaced with LEDs and the notes with photo sensors for user interaction. Users can draw a shape and pattern on the screen with their mouse and the same pattern of LEDs will light up on the physical music box. Turning the crank handle on the LED cylinder, any sensors that detect the light from the LEDs will make sounds. Data submitted by users is stored in a database and shared by both the online and offline music box. Through the electronic augmentation, users can compose, save, select, share and play their own music.

Animated Music Box

This is an animated Music Box with Turning Scenes -- Ballerinas spin through a beautiful detailed lighted scene as music box songs are played on 10 interchangeable metal disks. Windows highlight the action in this beautiful wood box. We exist in an animated music box. There are many creational metaphors found 'in the box', cylinders (cylinder seals of the Sumerian program that hold the key), tones, CD's, spinning, animations created in a world of sound, light and color, following the rhythmic patterns designed by its creator. The music box plays through time. After a measurement of time, the music stops playing, the figures stop moving, and all is still and silent once again in the rhythm of the dance.