Relationships With Metaphysical Partners

Metaphysical relationships are often guided by the need to find a person to share one's journey into awareness. The down side is, most people who study metaphysics are healing issues, still have ego and emotional problems and are not often capable of sustaining a long term relationship. They are in fact, transition people. so please don't deceive yourself. Don't fantasize that someone is into you because of the energy work they do. You will be disappointed.

Look before you leap, as you would if the person was not on a spiritual journey, because their baggage is not left at the door just because they meditate, do yoga, work on themselves, do energy work, heal, etc. To be disappointed by the person you think understands you as no other has before, but then leaves to experience with someone new, can be more crushing than splitting up with any other partner. This could be someone you gave your body, mind and soul to, in what you believed would be a permanent committed relationship, that ended badly. Was it worth it? How long will the healing take? What did you learn?

When it comes to the heart, we are an unpredictable race. Change is everywhere. If you are a co-dependent person, you best be careful before giving your power, love, time energy or money to another, especially if the have mood swings or substance abuse problems. Many metaphysical people are just looking for someone to support them while they stay at home and play metaphysics.

The journey of the emotional heart can be painful, yet we seek a soul and love connection, someone who makes us feel complete and is there for us, no matter what.

Our mission, is only about the self, finding oneself and remembering the nature of reality. We come in alone and we leave alone.

Most people who understand and love unconditionally, don't need to study metaphysics. It is the way they live their lives. They give, yet do not allow themselves to be taken advantage of. They are not victims. They do not have emotional problems, or solve the ones they have based on their genetic code. All of reality is genetic codes. They find balance. Giving without balancing leads to internal disharmony, disease and death.

Being in metaphysics does not make you a good partner. It just means you have found a new avenue to work out your emotional dramas. People not only have baggage, they have truck loads full of misinformation, ego and self-esteem issues. Metaphysics is about healing to create balance and help others. You open your heart and believe that the person you meet, who is of like mind at that time, will be The One who will stay forever. This is not necessarily true. They are just their to open your heart, but also to help your discover who you are and what you have to do to find inner peace.

Do not let this lover lead you into a path that is not comfortable for you. If you are evolving, your instincts and the synchronicities you attract, will tell you to be careful. Pay attention.

Metaphysics can be a higher frequency road, but it is still played in the realm of the physical.

Each year as thousands of people evolve to higher consciousness, there are more opportunities for your soul to find another suitable partner. Be sure all is in balance, especially your motivations for being with this person. Did you give more than your partner? Did they state that they have issues with commitment and are not monogamous? Please listen and pay attention with your head, not just your heart!

A relationship with a metaphysical partner can be very rewarding if you remember to look at the total picture of the person. The more functional you and the partner are, the better the changes it will last. Or ... just enjoy the moment and move on.