Memorial Day 2004

I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, just down the block from Fort Hamilton. Every year on Memorial Day, a parade honoring war veterans, marches through my neighborhood in Bay Ridge, past my home on 4th Avenue, stopping at Cannonball Park, across the street from my home. Just across from the park is the Verrazano Bridge. Speeches are given by veterans and politicians to honor those who have served this nation from the time of the American Revolution. The parade then marches into Fort Hamilton.

During Memorial Day celebrations, ships from all over the world pass under the bridge , passing the Statue of Liberty, their destination, the piers on the Westside of Manhattan. This is known as Fleet Week.

Currently the US is at war in Iraq, a war begun in March 2003. The Middle East is a powder keg in many countries. Can peace ever be achieved, and at what price to the human soul? American soldiers get killed every day. On the flip side, the Internet and other media report that Iraqi prisoners have been brutalized by American soldiers. It is all about the craziness that permeates the world at large and needs transformation of consciousness.

The parade moves into Cannon Ball Park, just across the street from my home, I live in the red building in the background, as veterans from all over the US come to honor and reminisce about the days of old and ancient battles. Political leaders are often part of the ceremonies, making speeches and greeting veterans of many wars.

Today was cold and dreary. Rain was expected, yet one could not ruin the parade for the hundreds of veterans and their families who came out to honor loved ones. As it turned out, there it did not rain until the memorial services ended and everyone went home. (smile)

Speeches this afternoon gave praise to those who lived in Brooklyn and other local areas who gave their lives to defend human rights in many wars. Honored were several former policemen who left the NYPD to become soldiers and fight in Iraq.

I spoke with several men who had served in different wars, some going back to Korea. Most served in Vietnam.

A tribute was made in honor of the 60th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 2004, D-Day, as WW II came to and end. Several old soldiers who served in that war, were present and honored.

I met a client in the park named Sylvia who is my age. She is from the West Indies. She has two sons in their early 30's who are in the military. Both men are going to Iraq in June. She came to the ceremonies from Staten Island and prayed with others who have family members fighting in the war.

One could sense the many spirits who came to join in the ceremonies. It was not unlike memorials to those who died on 911. In this case, there were many more spirits, who fought and died in wars that date back to the beginning.

That was a time when the colonists fought the British on the very land in which I stood, and sit now writing this column. Today I could feel their presence as if reaching out through time. I walked to a far corner of the park and closed my eyes. I could see the soldiers and be back in that time line.

I turned as I physically heard loud gunfire not far from where I stood. It startled me back into this time line. The ceremonies had just ended and a 21 gun salute was heard over the next few minutes.

In any time line, the energies of war leave their mark on the consciousness grid and the human soul. It is all part of a journey that is now coming full cycles. Somewhere out there your soul is experiencing in a battle, one place or another. The ultimate goal is always balance, love and peace.

The Cross and the Obelisk

The Stone in the Park, Near the Obelisk

We are all 'warriors of peace' in one way or another, fighting for our noble causes, to bring enlightenment to those who touch our lives, as we move through our journeys into awareness.

Many of the soldiers who fought and died in the battles of the 21st century were patriots with a noble cause. Others, who have awakened to the spiritual revolution of our time, wondered why humanity has not spiritually evolved passed its need for war, violence, and self destruction.

Over 3,500 sailors and marines can be seen walking in the streets of New York during Fleet Week 2004, May 26-June 2. This is in addition to the added security due to terrorist's threats.

The ships all pass under the Verrazano Bridge as they enter New York Harbor. It is a majestic sight to experience.

Fort Hamilton is just down the block from my home and is the final destination of those in the parade.

Sometimes soldiers come here for readings. I have read several who live in Brooklyn and have returned from Iraq, where they experienced death first-hand.

Many are enlightened souls, born with activated DNA and greater awareness of the spiritual realms.

These soldiers are not afraid to talk about seeing souls who killed in battle, crossing over, or other strange anomalous events witnessed on battleground.

Soldiers have told me stories of about seeing the spirits, of their friends, crossing over. They have had near death experiences and returned once again to fight for freedom.

They have witnessed the 'fine line' between physical reality and projected illusion.

They have seen angels and spirit guides help soldiers cross over.

They have witnessed the events of a battle, moments before it physically happened, their intuitive awareness heightened, in the face of death.

It is at these moments like these, where the fear frequency takes over, and we sense death, that we move our consciousness, in part, out of our physical bodies, and view that which will soon become the norm, 'the other side.'

It is instinctual for your consciousness to remove itself from its physical form, when it senses death. When the soul completely detaches from its physical form, the sound is much like removing the insulation from electrical wire, as reality exists in an electromagnetic energy field. You hear a sound that I call 'thuup', which is like the opening of a hermetic sealed. After this occurs people sometimes witness the soul spark leaving the body of the person who died. The tiny sparks of light you may sometimes see are souls.

And so we honor all warrior souls on all levels, who fought in all battles.

Was any of it worth it or is it just part of the game?