Memorial Day 2007

View from my Terrace

Mike, a Navy Lieutenant visiting NYC, was my first client on Memorial Day. He was in charge of the activities of the sailors who were in town for Fleet Week 2007. As we watch consciousness expanding in all sectors of life, men from the military often come for readings, especially as Fort Hamilton is just down the block. Mike's interests include various areas of metaphysical study. After our session Mike and I we stood on the terrace and watched the parade, noting that the Twin Towers were missing from the skyline. To my left is the Verrazano Bridge. It was fun watching reality from above, verses below where Mike spends a great deal of his time submerged under water in a submarine (great metaphors).

More than half of my clientele presently consists of men who have questions about their physical reality as well as their spiritual journey into awareness. In the past, more women than men, took an interest in these topics, but consciousness (frequency of thought) has accelerated, as is meant, to allow more people to develop and understand what goes on beyond the physical realms. This often goes to a sudden feeling of awakening, after which souls quest for answers in a new direction, one they may have considered in the past, but never did anything about.

Most souls who enter the realms of the esoteric, have had one or more non-physical experiences that went unexplained. Currently, as people places and events in their lives, seem perhaps a bit boring, or complete, they become internally guided to search for answer, the journey made more readily available through technology and media, highlighting with the internet as they discover personal truths. It is all about the Mission Feeling most people have, the desire to move into self awareness, healing, balancing, development of psychic abilities, to discover who they are and why their souls are here.

I can see the years ahead filled with clients seeking spiritual purpose and a renewed sense of understanding.