Marriage 2006, The Changing Scene

March 7, 2006

Spring is the time for shedding the old to create the new, that which one must embrace if they are to evolve out of here. We equate this with the 'planting of new seeds'. You will now attract something new based on your Numerology Year. For example, I am in a '9' year. Something new will surface for me having to do with bringing to closure the final aspects of my work. My soul path is also a 9, which makes total sense based on who I am and what I am here to do. Personal Years - Add, Date of birth, month of birth + 8 [2006] to get your personal year.

If your relationship is not working, you will make needed changes this year.

Let's have a quick look at marriage, per se. In the modern world, staying with someone for most of your adult life is sometimes possible especially for those couples who are emotionally balanced, but for the norm, changing times and needs, mean changing partners as one moves on, either to be alone, or with someone else.

There are no easy divorces as the emotional body comes into play and emotions buried deep within the psyche resurface, to be examined and then released. It's too late in the game to repeat dysfunctional patterns.

Honesty to self and partner is the only thing that will work. Move beyond fears.

As most seek to meet 'The One', that hope may resurface depending on how wounded the soul is after years of laying dormant from being in a bad relationship. We are encoded to find 'The One' as the union with that person creates a harmonic linked to that which one will experience with their other aspect at the end of time when all is reconciled.

Is your marriage working? Are you cheating? Do you want to cheat? Are you sitting there at your desk thinking about it, or looking at a co-worker 'that way'? Is this fantasy or do you plan to act on it?

We still seem to be stuck in an old head set, with no apparent way out. A couple marries to build a life and raise a family most often assuming they will overcome obstacles and live 'happily ever after'. Did such a concept ever exist? No way in the realms of 3D dramas.

If the husband becomes workaholic, allowing the wife to stay home and raise the children, she often complains that he is never around and the burden of keeping the family together has fallen to her alone. She feels that she is the glue that is keeping the family together. The workaholic father, generally has no interest in parenting, but prefers to spend time 'playing' with his children and in that regard feels he's a good father.

If the husband is more laid back, looking for less stress and pressure in his work, taking a job that suits the family's need with him as a co-caretaker, but providing less income, he is often looked upon by his spouse as lazy and unmotivated. In order to meet the family's growing expenses as children get older, wives are forced into the workplace and away from the children. This often leaves them burned out, especially if they have children with 'special needs'.

One way or another, one or both partners will change as the dynamic of the family evolves.

Sooner or later one or both partners will attract another person into their lives as best friend who soon becomes lover. This is about survival and the heart.

The workaholic man having an affair, usually started at the workplace, generally has no issues with his affair as he is able to play dual roles, often with ease, his needs met on many 'fronts'. Sometimes he has guilt that is suppressed and will surface later when he looks for love, once the marriage and affair have ended. And they will end!

Some men not only cheat on their wives but on their lovers as well! How screwed up is that!? Where do they get the time and energy.

As this is the 21st century, and people look good, or can make themselves more attractive, the wife will also find a lover. Now she plays dual roles also.

So ... what happens when the partner finds out? In the age of technology the move is to check your partner's email or cell phone. Smart people buy second cells phones with cheaper rates based on having the same cell phone company, like Sprint to Sprint, so as to avoid being caught, as extended conversations between lovers is part of the dynamic.

It's interesting that the cheating husband who finds out that his wife is having an affair, has his Ego Button pushed. The wounded husband is overcome by feelings of anger and betrayal because the dynamics of the family are forever changed once the affair/affairs are addressed. This is not just about affairs. This is about life and people outgrowing each other.

Does either partner stop to considerer that ... it is time to move on? Are the affairs keeping the marriage going?

A cheating partner will most often accuse their partner of cheating.

What if the lover is gay? Time to move on in truth.

In the past many indiscretions were reconciled by going to a therapist and trying to work out issues. What if the therapist becomes the lover? Is this part of transference? Therapy is supposed to help marriage, but often opens a window of awareness about how dysfunctional we are in life and relationships. It is all part of the old 'waking up into awareness insert'. Healers, counselors, doctors, whatever it takes, most people are still in emotional trouble.

Not to get all metaphysical on you but ... in a reality where frequency is escalating, souls are opening their awareness and no longer want to be, or can function in, relationships that don't work. Often one partner is spiritual while the other is stuck in the matrix of old paradigms, causing anger and frustration.

Souls at some point must address their abilities to function in a marriage, or the like, and realize that staying with the wrong person, especially one who is mentally ill or is not the person they should be, is holding them back.

Loneliness is a state of mind.

We are very much about the 'journey of the soul' as we are guided to remember our greater purpose, seek help, rewrite our story, and move away from those who no longer are part of, or hamper, our return to consciousness.

Much of what we are experiencing now is about letting go. Always remember this motto with any relationship ...

"Either it works or it doesn't."