I'd Like To Propose ...

December 2, 2004

As we approach Christmas, proposals of marriage are on many people's minds. Men often buy the person they love, a ring, to be given around Christmas time. Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day, is a great time to propose, as the holiday touches the heart chakra and we seek union with one who cares.

If you are making an impulsive decision now, about something as important as marriage, be sure you know what you want. As this is retrograde, you could easily change your mind afterwards. Don't plan marriage on a whim. There are too many people ending marriages now, or finding that their partnerships are outgrown, so don't be hasty.

Understand the reasons you want to marry. The union should feel right to your soul. This is not about pleasing others in the family, or for any of the reasons that were once considered acceptable, that we know do not work in today's world.

Arranged marriages rarely work. It is difficult for me to believe that they still exist in the 21st century, but I know that in many cultures this is the norm. When I read people from these cultures, the men generally take lovers outside the home and the women find meaning with their children and extended families. Often when the children are grown, they encourage the mother to divorce, if possible. Fear generally takes over and the woman remains in her loveless world. Boring ... with no soul growth.... lost in space and time.

Making a decision to live with someone must also be carefully thought out now.

If you plan to propose, find a way to make it romantic and creative. Make it a surprise, even if she is expecting the ring. Hopefully the ring was picked out before retrograde.

Though I often write about the difficulties experienced by married couples and those who live together as they move through the trials and tribulations of life, on a more upbeat note, there are many couples who share great love and growth through the years of their union.

As with all things in the program, relationships are really quite EZ. It all comes down to .... Functional people can only exist in balance and will create functional relationships. Dysfunctional people wind up in dysfunctional relationships, reflections of their inner turmoil, filled with fear, anger and sabotage, forever seeking ways to leave.

If you are planning to propose marriage during the holidays, I wish you and your partner a very happy life filled with love, mutual trust, compassion, and understanding.

You can make it work ... if you work.

We exist in the timeline of reunion/union with our Twin Flame and Self, the Marriage of the Soul, Above and Below, XOXO, Love and Kisses. 1010 On-Off-On-Off

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