From the Fertile Mind of Arthur C. Clarke

ABC News - September 7, 2007

Stanley Kubrick's science-fiction epic "2001: A Space Odyssey" may seem a touch quaint in 2007, but when it came out in 1968 it was hailed as visionary. It depicted astronauts going on a mission to Jupiter, in search of the first signs of intelligent life beyond the earth.

In the book version, though, Kubrick's co-author, Arthur C. Clarke, had the astronauts going to Saturn--specifically to its moon Japetus, which, as Clarke wrote, is six times brighter on one side than the other. He imagined a large, white, eye-shaped oval on the bright side, with one of those mysterious black monoliths in the center.

Japetus is usually given the Greek-derived spelling Iapetus (pronounced "Eye-APP-ah-tuss"). A few years behind schedule, NASA's Cassini probe should come within about a thousand miles of its surface on Monday morning, U.S. time. It is only a mite less mysterious than when Clarke wrote about it. Scientists now think the more intriguing side is the dark one, which may, over the eons, have swept up debris from among Saturn's 46 other known moons. The bright side may be ice. Iapetus is a tiny world, less than 900 miles in diameter, but it may have some of the tallest mountains in the solar system--three times as high as Mt. Everest. A cold, dark, hostile place, is there a monolith on its bright side?

Sometimes It's All Black and White ...

Iapetus in Black and White

NASA - September 14, 2007

Iapetus: 3D Equatorial Ridge

NASA - September 15, 2007


'2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'

Monolith with All Seeing Eye

Iris Isis ... Is it About Creation?

What are the odds that in recent weeks I read four people who have two different color eyes - one brown, one blue - in each case the left eye (goes to right brain creative skills) being blue? Do you have two different color eyes? Are your eyes changing color? Eye Color and Heterochromia

Reuters - September 6, 2007

Metaphors: dual iris colors - the rapid eye movement from brown to blue - one hemisphere to another - consciousness moving into creativity and intuition. Cat symbology takes us to Egypt and Isis - Is is - to be or not to be - to exist or to exit? The bees are dying from a virus. Computers have viruses. We exist in a computer generated reality. You are a virtual project (projection) in a hologram.

Is your vision 20/20 or 10/10 (computer binary code) or 20/12? What do you see?

Fibonacci Coding - In mathematics, Fibonacci coding is a universal code which encodes positive integers into binary code words. All tokens end with "11" and have no "11" before the end.

Binary Numeral System -- ancient Indian mathematician Pingala presented the first known description of a binary numeral system around 800 BC written in Hindu numerals. The numeration system was based on the Eye of Horus Old Kingdom numeration system.

Eye of Horus

36 Around 1

Great Pyramid