Hitler, The Eagles Nest Reopens

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

I asked for a 'sign' as to whether or not I am on target with my work in so far as time travel and the loop fracture that occurred in the labs during WWII in Germany, which links with my book Sarah and Alexander.

Wednesday, I found the article below, which on some level validates my mission. Friends who read the article wonder why the US military spent so many year there. What were they searching for or working on?

Through the years I have met dozens of researchers and metaphysicians who have vivid memories, past life recall of the underground labs, time travel experiments, and parties at the Hitler retreat in Bavaria, one in particular that changed destiny and the outcome of the war. Their memories overlap with my own. We are all part of the same grid insert that is coming to zero point and linked to our mission in this time line.

October 22, 1999, AP