Healing and Energy With Spirits

Human experience is about creating balance to merge your 'as is above' aspect with that which is 'below', the reunion of self. In so doing, we seek healing in many ways.

Healing can be a magnificent journey especially if the healer uses different modalities based on your personal needs. For example, a message therapist may employ other techniques such as Reiki for their patient. Crystals, music, aromatherapy, candles, and more, can help during a session, which usually lasts one hour.

Healing is an exchange of energies not only between the healer and client, but the spirits who come to join in the healing session. This can result in unexpected experiences for all.

The spirits can come from any realm, spirit guides, shaman, a deceased loved one who understands how to assist during a healing session, the person who created the technique while in the physical, angels and more. One never knows who will show up. But always spirit is part of a session, the healer acting as the conduit through which spirit works to clear and restore balance, create healing, for a patient who is ready to heal.

Remember that anyone can be healed when they are ready, first on the soul level as the soul determines the physical experiences the physical body will pay out. Next the emotional body is cleared removing any negative imprints from the person's grid. Finally the physical body will come into balance and heal, either slowly after many session, or instantly, as if by a miracle. Anything goes in the games of emotions and healing as we explore and experience a solution to the chaos physical reality never stops creating.

People who practice Reiki , or any other techniques involving the hands as vehicles to heal, report that they feel entities enter their bodies during a healing session.

We intuitively use the palms of our hands as the natural way to heal. We feel sensations of heat, cold, tingles, movement of energies in through the left hand and out through the right. Healing is a right brain, intuitive skill, linked to the left side, of the body, which is why energies appears to enter that way.

Healers may physically see or sense one or more entities during a session.

Spirits generally enter the healer's body through their back, hands, chakras.

Each experience is unique to that which is needed by the client. Clients usually are guided to the right healer and their experience that will help them at that moment in time. Most healer-client relationships last for several session, then end, as the client should be healed, or at least be to the point where they have cleared and understand the steps they need to take in their physical experience.

You cannot rely on spirit and a healer to do all of the work. You must do much of it on your own. If you are lazy, unmotivated, or depressed, a healing session will clear you for a period of time, during which you must create balance and eliminate your issues, or you are back to square one.

The most common complaints are backaches and panic attacks as we try to remain in balance as human frequency is quickly raising to a higher level.

During a healing session, clients often drift off into an altered state, have an out-of-body experience, in which they float over their body and observe entities working on their physical form. I suppose this is not unlike a near death experience where one floats over their dying body and sees spirit and the light as medical people work to save their physical body. The consciousness awareness of the client is raised to a higher, faster moving frequency enabling the client to see beyond third dimension. The healer and/ or client may both visually experience spirit at work.

When this happens for the first time, it is a profound experience for healer and client.

We seek to move out of the physical as we evolve back to our natural state of conscious awareness, the soul spark that is our true essence.

If you are one of the millions of people seeking alternative healing and the experience of spirit, you are in for a rewarding experience.

Personally I have experienced countless entities while doing healing work, including Z and Dr. Usui (Reiki).

The possibilities are endless and the experiences amazing.