February 17-18, 2004

You're never too old to have a birthday. This has been a special birthday. My gifts included: Finding an agent for the movie version of my book Sarah and Alexander, tickets to see John Edward in Long Island, a DVD player, flowers, candy and much more. I saw a robin red breast and a blue jay for the first time ever, in the park outside. But how did they get here? They gave me a birthday present...spring is not far away. Best of all ... were the wonderful feelings shared with good friends!

Tuesday night on the birthday, I celebrated with special friends. We went to a restaurant in the city, great ambiance and food, and had a wonderful time talking about things physical and metaphysical.

I generally go out to dinner once a week with my friend Pat. During dinner we talk about subjects for my daily blog Ellie's World, at which time I take out my little note pad and write down a few ideas. Last night was no exception.

The topic turned to 'Friends', not those who were gathered at the restaurant, but a topic that has come up with several clients in recent weeks...."What happens when a close friend suddenly wants nothing to do with you." Your friend may have been in your life for decades, perhaps since your school years then is gone without explanation.

We live in a time line where we are getting rid of things, issues, people, that hamper our spiritual growth. Many people at this time have decided to drop old friendships as the people involved had too many issues and they wanted more positive friends. We are healing issues and letting go of relationships that no longer work.

The subject of friends really pushes some serious buttons, love, anger, jealously, more. Childhood friends often have the same karma as siblings or parent/child. We generally expect them to remain in our lives forever, or till death do us part.

A close friendship is a sacred bond, in which secrets are shared and the heart feels a soul connection. This friendship may be one your most intimate relationships [not sexual], more so than a marriage or anyone else you are close to. What makes it special is the souls have found each other and share everything. Not to get too metaphysical, but it may be one soul having two physical experiences simultaneously, the union of which creates strength and understanding.

Friends grow in different ways as they move through their lives, but there are some friends we feel are meant to stay, or need to remain in our lives because of what is shared.

Friends often go to different schools, change careers and the places they live, but now, with the Internet, it becomes easier to remain close, no matter where our friends go.

Sometimes we get upset when our friend makes choices that are not in their best interest. We usually voice strong opinions, but generally have no choice than to honor and respect the friendship by allowing the friend to experience whatever lessons they have chosen.

Then one faithful day...you sense that something is wrong with the friendship. The other person simple does not answer/return your calls or emails with no logical explanation!

I can't tell you how many people have sat here and told me about losing lifelong friends for reasons they do not understand. They are broken-hearted as if a death has occurred. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the writing-on-the-wall.

There we were last night...a group of friends from different walks of life...discussing this scenario.

Most of us agreed that the friend who 'blows you off', has issues and may need help and personal space, or may have changed to a point where you no longer fit into each other's lives.

Remember everything changes including friendships.

There are people who have no time for friends, and therefore have none. Others have many friendships with different groups of friends, it depends on the time and energy the souls share. Maintaining close friendships varies with the people involved and changing lifestyles.

When I changed my life and became a metaphysician, I developed two groups of friends. There were my mainstream friends, great people who remain close friends today. These were my lifelong friends.

Then there were new friends, people who were awakening and on a quest with me to find our mission here. These were a mixed bag of people some of whom remain in my life, but most of whom shared in the moment and moved on as our focused at 'the end of the day' is our 3D experience, and those friends were way too different, and often dysfunctional, for me. I am not geared for dysfunctional people, their constant problems drive me crazy and waste my time and energy. I am attracted to positive people with goals and passions. Ya gotta have a goal and a lots of passion! Boring people...forget about it.

In the case of the close friend who suddenly disappears from your life, some of the reasons may include:

- The person they now live with, or married, may be the jealous type, who is threaten by your friendship

- They are suffering from emotional problems and issues

- They don't like or understand who you have become

- Life has simply moved on, and that which held the friendship together, much like a marriage, has ended.

Nothing is forever. All is metaphoric. All is conscious experience.

I hope you never lose a best/close friend. Honor your friendships and discuss problems openly, you may see a side to your friend you never knew existed.

And so the party in Manhattan ended and my friends and I headed home.

Ron and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of Manhattan as he drove down Broadway.

Along the way to the Brooklyn Bridge ... we passed Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.

We stopped in front of Trinity Church and admired its beauty. It looked like a sand castle.

Check out these images of Old New York

1850, Wall Street, Trinity Church

Back in my apartment, in Brooklyn, Ron and I sat on the couch, with only the lights of the bridge. I don't get to see many stars in my area of the city because of the electric lights. There was no moonlight, as we were in a new moon and just entering Pisces.

In the energies of Pisces ... Ron and I relaxed and closed our eyes. I saw Jesus on the Cross. This did not surprise me as I had seen a Cross of Light. As I watched, Jesus woke up and opened his eyes. I could see him very clearly. He had long light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes that spoke of a compassionate loving soul. He looked young, as he must have been when he died or ascended. His energies were sweet and kind. He told me his name was really Joseph not Jesus.

That which bound him suddenly disappeared and he floated to the ground. The blood on his body, from his wounds, disappeared. He wore only a loin cloth. Confused, he looked around. He had moved to my time line.

He walked into a city, maybe New York. The sun was shining and all was calm. People stared at him but did not recognize him. He took a pair of jeans and a denim shirt that hung on a rack outside a store, and put them on. No one stopped him or asked for payment.

He walked on the pavement until his feet began to burn. He looked at the feet of those who walked by to see what they were wearing. There were many feet, many souls, many kinds of shoes. He found a pair of sandals, put them on and felt better. They were familiar.

He walked passed a church and was drawn to go inside, unaware of the symbolism. He sat quietly in the back and watched the people. He noticed a giant cross in the front of the church. Something stirred within him but he did not understanding what he supposed to do in this time and place. He couldn't remember. He could not speak the language or understand what the people were saying as he watched quietly. His soul felt a need to help them, but he could not, as there was no communication.

When everyone had left, he walked up to the giant cross. He reached up and placed his hands above the horizontal bar of the cross, then pulled out a new torah which seemed to have been hidden within it. He smiled and placed it near his chest. It merged into his heart creating a bright white light. Everything disappeared.

I asked Z how I fit into any of this. Physically Ron and I heard the page of a book turning. It happened 4 consecutive times. Then I received this message, "Ellie, the end is yet to be written...go back and write it." Four means closure. Books are a metaphor for the story/program of our reality.

And so the souls awakened ... understood ... and moved into the Light, no matter how, what, or where they perceived it to be.

Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge... Bluebirds fly

There's no place like home... Do you want to go home?
"X", The Cross, As is Above, So is Below