World Science Festival NYC 2008

The World Science Festival is a science festival in New York City. It will take place for the first time from May 28 to June 1, 2008, and is planned as an annual event. The festival features different kinds of presentations: science events for a general audience, which focus on current scientific knowledge on topics ranging from memory and longevity to quantum mechanics, a cultural program under the auspices of actor and writer Alan Alda, with a focus on art and performances inspired by science, and a youth and family program.

The Festival is the brainchild of Columbia University physicist Brian Greene and his wife, Emmy-winning television journalist Tracy Day, who were inspired by a visit to the 2005 Festival della Scienza in Genoa. It is organized by the Science Festival Foundation, a non-profit organization founded for that purpose, and presented in partnership with Columbia University, New York University, CUNY, Rockefeller University and the Cooper Union, as well as cultural institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Financial support comes from individuals, from numerous foundations (including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Sloan Foundation and the Templeton Foundation), and from corporate sponsors including Credit Suisse.

May 28, 2008 -- One of the presentations at the World Science Festival was the US premiere of the documentary 'Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives' at the Paley Center in Manhattan.

Nothing captures the consciousness of an audience more than humor and the ability of the viewer to connect vicariously with the main characters and story line, coming away with a sense of healing and greater understanding. It was this and more that my friend, Pat, and I experienced at the premiere this evening.

Maybe it's due to the fact that consciousness is ready to hear about quantum theory as reality/relativity move forward in the light, but something drew hundreds of New Yorkers out to see the documentary and hear the speakers. Great theater ... picture perfect weather .. amazing energies.

The film was followed by Q & A with Dr. Max Tegmark, Dr. Michio Kaku, and Dr. Brian Cox who can be seen in many of these videos, working at CERN on the on the Large Hadron Collider, and Mark Oliver Everett (called E), which takes us to harmonics and a band called Eels. Mark Everett is the son of Hugh Everett III, the physicist who proposed the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics.

Large Hadron Collider - Genesis Machine?

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France about 100 m underground. It is a particle accelerator used by physicists to study the smallest known particles - the fundamental building blocks of all things. It will revolutionise our understanding, from the miniscule world deep within atoms to the vastness of the Universe.

Two beams of subatomic particles called 'hadrons' - either protons or lead ions - will travel in opposite directions inside the circular accelerator, gaining energy with every lap. Physicists will use the LHC to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang, by colliding the two beams head-on at very high energy. Teams of physicists from around the world will analyse the particles created in the collisions using special detectors in a number of experiments dedicated to the LHC.

There are many theories as to what will result from these collisions, but what's for sure is that a brave new world of physics will emerge from the new accelerator, as knowledge in particle physics goes on to describe the workings of the Universe. For decades, the Standard Model of particle physics has served physicists well as a means of understanding the fundamental laws of Nature, but it does not tell the whole story. Only experimental data using the higher energies reached by the LHC can push knowledge forward, challenging those who seek confirmation of established knowledge, and those who dare to dream beyond the paradigm.

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Large Hadron Collider Enables Hunt For 'God' Particle To Complete 'Theory Of Everything' Science Daily - June 1, 2008

When the world's most powerful subatomic particle collider begins gathering data this summer ... Hopefully it will help unlock some deep scientific mysteries and perhaps even lead to discovery of the Higgs boson, sometimes called "the God particle" because it is believed its discovery will refine the understanding of exactly how the universe came to be and how it functions, and how mass came to be in the first place.

World's Biggest Science Project Aims to Unlock 'God Particle'
Popular Mechanics - June 2007

Metaphysically speaking ... this underground project in Switzerland, takes me back to the Nazi WWII underground experiments with time travel technologies. Somehow there is a synchronicity with the LHC and those experiments that merges the two. Only time will tell. I also do not believe it is the first experiment with the LHC that will do it. The energies will build and something will give. Maybe it is supposed to open the back hole, worm hole, stargate, or whatever is needed to breach the closing of the program. Very cool and feels right!

The one-hour documentary was all about the wonder of discovery of a man named Mark, who grew up in a dysfunctional home, filled with mental illness, alcoholism and emotional abuse, managing to survive through his music. Years later, when the time was right, Mark was to go on a journey and discover that his father was one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century, something he seemed oblivious to until the documentary was made and he traced his father's life and work.

For most of us, without a physics background, or perhaps years out of university, (the university of creation, mind and consciousness), the quest to understand parallel realities and quantum physics calls to souls now, and was seen through the eyes of the novice in Mark. No one could have done it better.

There is something very charismatic about Mark, who I met briefly after the event. Challenged in his own right, Mark's discoveries and unique sense of humor paved the way for a great documentary, touching many viewers who could empathize with his journey. Not inheriting the gene for science and math, Mark and BBC, took us on his journey into the world of quantum - Physics for Dummies or Physics 101.

You couldn't have picked a more humorous and knowledgeable panel of men, 3 physicists and Mark, who spoke after the documentary, followed by Q &A. Mark still plays the role of the man who doesn't 'get it'. Dr. Kaku began by saying Elvis may be alive in a parallel reality. He went on to explain some of his theories including string theory, the importance of nanotechnology, all of great interest to me. When Dr. Kaku was finished, he turned to Mark who blankly looked at him and said, "You lost me after, 'Elvis is alive'." I doubt that Mark was alone.

The audience embraced each speaker, the questions from those who had obviously done their homework, adding to theories of parallel realities and dimensions.

The physicists agreed that it is all theoretical at this point in time, that parallel realities do exist, and look forward to the day their theories can be proven. Those theories can be found on their links posted above.

When the Q & A began, I whispered to Pat that questions would mostly come from men. Except for one woman who asked about spirits existing in other realities, the rest of the questions were asked by men. After the show I mentioned the lack of women to the moderator, one of the 3 physicists, who said he feels the same way - more female energy is needed.

After the event, as the audience mingled with the speakers, I had the opportunity to ask two of the physicists about reality as a hologram. I was surprised that they could agree, explaining the hologram to me in ways that were way over my head, as I don't have a background in current physics.

In all, what made the event so magical was the lightheartedness and comical response that connected the speakers with the audience. As I watched the connection between them, I felt that consciousness was seeded for what will evolve in the years ahead, merging fact and theory.

On the way home, Pat and I couldn't stop talking about the event. I related a story about an experience Anna had recently. Anna lives in Brooklyn and works in the corporate world, her personal time often occupied with esoteric studies. One day, as she sat at her desk at work, her work phone rang. Checking Caller ID she was surprised that the number was her home phone, but no one was there, as Anna lives alone. What message was Anna bringing to herself? In a parallel reality, was she at home and phoned her office. Some of the physicists would agree. Was it done telekinetically, something many of us done without knowing? The veils of reality are thinning, therefore anything goes and you can manifest whatever you need to help your consciousness move into greater awareness in a fun way. I hope you realize that none of this is created by your physical thoughts, it's all done in higher frequency.

'Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives' airs on PBS, NOVA, October 20, 2008.

In metaphysics, the term 'Parallel Lives', refers to the simultaneous experiences our souls are having in many realities, the spiraling Slinky Effect.

Physics and Metaphysics are merging as was designed for closure of the program. Always think outside the 'X' box, where above and below will meet at zero point. All roads lead to the same zero point moment, when the stargate (SG your sacred geometric matrix for consciousness at this level), above and below, hit the same harmonic and merge. It will happen quickly, out of the 'blue'. There's nothing for you to do but let go.

At that point you will shift your frequency out of the physical grid and understand TOE (Theory of Ellie) ... (giggle) ... Okay, here's the real TOE based on theoretical holographic principle and matrix string theory.

The word 'Wormhole' refers to DNA (worm) spiraling back into the black 'hole/apple' of creation from which all was created - the eye of the Milky Way (MW reversed) galaxy.

There is a 'blue' ring (tone) around the Milky Way. Tones, powerful radio pulses, have been heard emanating from the center. The center is sometimes referred to as a disk. Your current meditations may reflect a black spiraling disk - the same thing.

The most significant of my parallel reality experiences, is as a Jewish physicist and professor named Dr. Josef Mandlebaum, associated with the Nazi Germany Time Travel experiments, which could be a metaphor for the conception/inception of our holographic grid reality, a biogenetic experiment in linear time to experience emotions. That part of my soul's experience calls strongly to me, as if waiting for my experiment to complete.

Funnels & Tunnels & Time Travel ... Oh my!

The Large Hadron Collider

Reminds me of the Stargate, Sarah's Amulet in my book,

12 Around 1

Understanding the LHC, Large Hadron Collider, is important, as it could open the door for time travel. It's what we were working on in the underground labs in Germany, as Hitler was obsessed with Time Travel. We are coming full circle, to the lab experiment that caused the loops in the physical program. I can strongly sense it, yet I pause and wonder if this is not a metaphor for our reality as a biogenetic experiment in linear time and emotion, in a lab in a university/universe.

The LCH goes to Higgs Boson and W & Z Bosons. The Z particle was semi-humorously given its name because it was said to be the last particle to need discovery. Another explanation is that the Z particle derives its name from the fact that it has zero electric charge, which sounds like Zero Point to me.

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