The Game Board of Reality

26 Year Olds, Seniors, Emotions, Global Adoption

Articles - Week of February 18-24, 2007

The game board of reality is played on many levels for the same reason anyone plays a game, for the experience and emotions connected to it. Planet Earth has swept across the game board of planet Earth, leaving us to reflect, become aware of what is next, heal, balance, and wait to move on.

  • 26 Year Olds :: Young adults travel the game board of planet Earth. My client theme this week features 26-year olds, male and female. Reality is about finishing school and traveling. There is a desire to do additional studies abroad or take a job away from home for a year or two, perhaps joining the peace corp. Some have savings set aside for travel after working the past few years. Teachers are looking for one-year positions abroad in English speaking countries, or to teach ESL (English as a Second Language). Some clients have families abroad, and are going to spend a year with them, working locally. If you could get away for a year, and earn some money, would you go? In the past, people joined the military to that end, but not anymore. Most join to get an education and can't wait to get out.

  • Shuttle Board :: A client asked, "Do senior citizens become set in their ways and not feel a need to heal issues?" Seniors are no different than any other age group. They are feeling a need to find balance, and sense, like everyone else in this grid reality, something on the horizon that perhaps they can't identify, and may attribute to old age or that they will cross over soon. Many seniors try to make up for past failures with family members, often giving up a lifetime of bad habits and asking for forgiveness.

  • Emotional Board :: Bored of the Games of Emotion? People are feeling burned out and disconnected. When they think about any kind of long term investment in time and energy, they rethink their priorities. Each day, more people intuit the end of the loops of time in their decision making. Always go within and tap into your gut feelings. It's all part of the process.

  • Global Adoption and Karma :: Couples often adopt children from other countries. Sometimes the history of the biological parents is known, often it is not. Obviously the more you know, the better, especially in terms of the emotional and physical health of the biological parents as most of one's life experiences goes to their DNA code. Why was the child given up for adoption? There are practical questions one needs to ask, when trying to fill the heart with love. Most difficult I have found, are couples where one parent wants the adopted child and the other does not want to parent at all, their own child or someone else's. Does the adopted child have a karmic connection with the parent who wanted them? How does 'abuse' factor into all of this?