Friends Fears and Other 'F' Words

On the matter of Friends and those we encounter in our daily lives.

The people we meet on the journeys we take in life impact on us in diverse ways.

Everyone senses that people and events are getting more dysfunctional. You feel they are F - - - - d up.

Reality has always been bi-polar thus allowing humanity to experience the Full gamut of emotions.

What is changing, evolving, if you will, is the way we perceive reality.

Increasing Frequencies allow consciousness to understand at a higher level of comprehension. It is where we are going after we shed the human Facade.

With that comes a growing awareness that things in 3D do not work - that people are dysfunctional - that something major is changing - and that living and making sense of our reality is becoming more and more difficult.

This creates a desire within us to move to a place of balance where the soul can find peace. The soul always seeks the return to balance. It is its prime directive.

Try to live in a grounded reality about your Friends and lovers.

Never Fantasize relationships into what you hope they could be - would be - should be. Take them for what they are NOW or you are setting yourself up for Failure and pain.

Fears: We live in a fear based reality. When life doesn't work we instinctively become fearful causing harm to our emotional and physical bodies. When you have time make a list of your greatest Fears. Put the list aside then come back a day later to be sure you have included everything. Now study your list to determine if there is a way to overcome any of your Fears. It is up to you. No one can do it for you - but you.

Grids: Reality consists of grids. Your physical Form is surrounded in a grid matrix. When you attract Friends, the grids points for each person intersect like 'connecting the dots' - dot matrix. You activate something in each other's DNA coding that allows for the experiences that will Follow. In the end the Finale of the experience, you detach from each other's grid matrixes. If parts of the grid remain attached, you linger through emotional bond/bondage until both release. Such is the case with our experience in third dimension.

At the end of the day. Friendships should be Fun and Filled with love not con'FU'sion and Fear.