The Economy July 2008

The House of 'Cards' is Falling Down

The major story coming out of the grid is the economy affecting everyone and everything on this planet and how we live our lives. You cannot keep your head in the clouds.

We can understand it from various perspectives, the cycles of the economy measured through time, mistakes made both personal and global, where we speculate it is all going, the program ending, or all of the above.

As with rapidly accelerating Earth changes, consciousness awakening, and other shifts in the program, these events will play out in physical reality as well as dreamscape.

From the price of fuel, to Fanny and Freddie, to credit 'cards' , to what's really going on, you must take the time to pay attention.

Don't think about prices as they were, or anything in the past for that matter. Live in the now, for that is the past as soon as you read this.

Part of the rapid processing of your consciousness is to adjust quickly and create balance, as if playing a game at more difficult levels as time closes. It is very challenging, but you've had years to prepare in the healing and energy grid, so get ready ...

The Future ... it's just a'head' (consciousness). You can't shift the program grids for change, it will override you as it is time to evolve beyond the illusion. Your personal matrix is processing, redefining, and setting you up to that 'end'.

The House of 'Cards' is falling creating a Domino Effect

Taking Everything with it in its 'Wake'.

All levels of 'Real' Estate will tumble, Spires and Parasols

No matter where you come from.

Too Little, Too Late - Offshore Drilling

Some supported it ... some didn't. Maybe it would have changed the tide of the economy, or maybe it would have created ecological disasters. These are all speculations as we move on, the price of oil increases and we adapt our lives styles to accommodate unfolded roll out. Monday, in a largely symbolic, but intensely political move, President Bush lifted the presidential ban on drilling for oil in U.S. coastal waters. The action will have no immediate effect due to a separate congressional ban on offshore drilling that was passed in 1981, but the president urged Congress to revoke that law as well, arguing that the United States needs to increase domestic production of oil to bring down energy prices. It will take years to get there, but I see Congress moving forward. Was the destiny of the US always supposed to revert back to the Middle East, where the program originated. If you were scripting this scenario, would you say all is as it should be in the greater scheme of things?

Email from Bob in Chandler, AZ.