The Big Bailout: Product of a Flawed Democracy

From the Beginning ...

Below is an article that makes a statement about the formation of the US government, like all others, flawed from the beginning and destined to evolve into something else, just as our economy is shifting. It all goes to Masonic Symbolism and the program moving from the Middle East -> European Continent -> the American Continent -> and back (Iraq, the place where the Tigris and Euphrates River meet - Garden of Eden metaphor - the first insert and the Sumerian Program.)

Many of the Founding Fathers were intuitive, making predictions about the future of the country based on dreams and visions.

The Big Bailout: Product of a Flawed Democracy    Live Science - December 8, 2008

This takes us to the All Seeing Eye, the mighty dollar bill and what all of it is worth today in a world of emerging consciousness.

Crystalinks Report on the Economy - Reality Check Time

On Monday December 8, 2008, I emailed a report to the Crystalinks Mailing List. The opening statement:

Many readers understand and agree. Others live in the love and light theory and believe it will all get better if we become better people. That is the foundation of all the prophecies you read about and a paradox ... destined to failure. In a bipolar, electromagnetic reality, the name of the game is the return to balance, yet the program itself forever creates obstacles, much like a self-defeating game. If you 'get' that you are a projected character in a game of emotions, here to learn and experience, and perhaps record your events, then you will understand.

It's reality check time.

Once again ... our reality is a virtual hologram created in linear time to experience the full gamut of emotions. Free Will is limited to the most basic of things in your life. Everything else is preset for your awakening and preparation to return to love and light, as so many see it (it references a pure frequency) as consciousness evolves.

If you believe that raising grid frequency will create balance at this level ... think again. If that were true, it would have happened already. You are playing against a consciousness that is programmed for drama.

Look around ... Earth changes (whose going to pay to rebuild), tired souls unable to maintain their lives in a balanced way in this reality, the collapse of the global economy, questions about religion, and much more.

When it all feels right to you, and you free yourself of anxiety, panic and endless questions and questing, you will 'get it' and detach. From there you go out and play and wait ...

It's time to figure it all out and see it from a higher level of consciousness.

In the end ... it will all be amazing. I do believe in happily-ever-after -- but can't blog that it is all going to be wonderful here as the grids collapse around us.