Easter, Passover Week 2006

Holidays and Metaphors

April 9, 2006

Palm Sunday

The Palm, Healing comes from the palm of the hands.

April 12, 2006 at Sundown


'Parting of the Red Sea' Metaphors
Sea of Creation
Separation of Twin Soul Aspects
Red=Emotion, Mars, Earth plane


Flame, Tree/Bush, 40 Days [40=4=time]
Mountain Shape = Pyramid, where above meets below at the top
Moses married Zippora, [Z, Zipper Effect=Time Travel]
Moses lived for 120 years, 12 around 1 or the 6 point Star of David X2
Freud states that Moses was Akhenaten, who was Zoroaster, Monotheism

No matter where I go, I always wander back to the Middle East ... to the desert ... mainly to Egypt, the apeX of sacred geometry, where one finds hidden treasures, generally in caves, the discovery of the Gospel of Judas in the news at this time. Sacred stone tablets, cuneiform tablets, ancient papyri, most date to ancient Egypt.

Here in the desert we shift our attention to the adventures of Moses, replete with metaphors. This is Moses, not Charlton Heston, but the real/reel dramatization, as played by the same character we meet in all religious roles. As Moses, He is known as the legendary Hebrew liberator, leader, lawgiver, prophet, historian, and founder of Israel, or the Jewish people.

We are 'Out of Egypt'... the bloodline activated.

This goes to Jesus and the timely revelation of the Gospel of Jesus, last week, to cast a shadow of doubt on the circumstances surrounding the life and times of Jesus and Judas.

One May 19, 2006 The Da Vinci Code premieres and will be a blockbuster.

At the end of the day ... in 2006 and forward ... does it really matter what happened in ancient timelines? I guess it does if you are waiting for a savior and your thinking is still dictated by fear and church doctrine.

Most people I know believe in One God who created everything, so in that sense we are out of the dark ages and coming into consciousness. These people name their god based on religious upbringing.

As long as understanding evolves back to one source of creation, All's well that ends well.

April 13, 2006

Holy Thursday

Feet, Soul / Sole, Cleansing the Soul [Healing]

12 Apostles Around Jesus, Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci, Balance, Time, Creation, Astrology By The Clock

April 13, There is always a Full Moon in Libra before Good Friday

April 14, 2006

Good Friday

3, Third Dimension
Cross, As is Above, So is Below -- 4 [all] Time

April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Resurrection/Ascension of Consciousness
DNA, Chain Symbology, Chained in the Physical, Flying Free in Light

12 Around 1

Passover , Moses, Full Libra Moon, 12 Around 1

The Last Supper

12 Apostles Around Jesus, 12 around 1, Christ Consciousness, Da Vinci Code

Ascension, 12 Around 1, the light around an ascended Jesus who comes out of the cave [mind].
Human consciousness is ascending into the center of the matrix, spider web, the web, galaxy.

Separation of Twin Souls in the Physical

Ascension creates Male and Female Reunion

The Gospel of Judas

The focus turns to religion at this time of the year, Easter and Passover. Sunday evening the National Geographic channel will present a two hour special about the Gospel of Judas.

Gospel of Judas Pages Endured Long, Strange Journey National Geographic, April 6, 2006

Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him National Geographic, April 6, 2006

How does this fit in with what I have been writing for years?

At the end of the time, our program would have to activate grid inserts to awaken the souls and create controversy about:

Changes are happening fast and furious so pay please attention. Can you feel the shifts? Do they make you want to sleep more? Don't get caught up in the dramas and soap operas about, who said what, and who did what! Theories will abound as the end of the program unravels. It's all part of a Master Plan.

Save your energies and understand that since the beginning of time, religious paradigms have never worked, their deceptions causing their downfall, 'as was written'. They were suppose to fail. The program is set up for failure, fear, grief, pain, guilt, loss, which leads to the evolution of consciousness and we're out of here.

It's just an experience.

A savior, in any form, will not return. All is projected illusion and a metaphor!

Step out of the box and connect the dots based on what we have spoken about here for years. Speaking of which, did you connect with the fact that the Gospel of Judas was in New York for many years?

The Gospel of Judas, a Coptic, or Egyptian Christian, manuscript, lost for nearly 1,700 years, was recently restored, authenticated, and translated. Some biblical scholars are calling the Gospel of Judas the most significant archaeological discovery in 60 years. The only known surviving copy of the gospel was found in a codex, or ancient book, that dates back to the third or fourth century A.D. The newly revealed gospel document, written in Coptic script, is believed to be a translation of the original, a Greek text written by an early Christian sect sometime before A.D. 180. Scholars say the text not only offers an alternative view of the relationship between Jesus and Judas but also illustrates the diversity of opinion in the early Christian church.

Sacred stone tablets, cuneiform tablets, ancient papyri, etc., most date back to ancient Egypt and the stories of the Middle East.

We are 'Out of Egypt'... the bloodline activated.

Does it really matter what happened in ancient timelines? I guess it does if you're waiting for a savior and your thinking is still dictated by fear and church doctrine.

Most people I know believe in One God who created everything, so in that sense we are out of the dark ages and coming into consciousness. These people name their god based on religious upbringing.

As long as understanding evolves back to one source of creation, All's well that ends well.

When you study the patterns of any ancient civilization you see how some of its belief systems have evolved in time while others remain archaic to control the human spirit, the truth behind the illusion, lost in time, until now as consciousness evolves and souls resume control over their destinies.

Sunday, April 9, 2006, I watched the two-hour National Geographic special, "The Gospel of Judas". I've never thought of Judas as a villain in the game, but there needed to be someone, a man of the Jewish faith who would make the Jews look evil. The whole concept makes no sense, and in 21st centuries storylines, would have to be viewed as conjecture. One could clearly see the stories in the grid program, the gospels, and how they were altered through time to control humanity in a never ending game of fear and suppression. The inserts were changed many times to create the dramas. They still alter all the time, now reversing direction. You may be aware of the insert changes.

I do not believe we will ever know what happened in ancient times/parallel realities, nor do I think it matters, as we search for personal power and enlightenment, a savior or aliens not returning. That is what the current phase of metaphysics is about in the box.

The bloodline goes back to the beginning of the program, encoded information about our destiny and end times ----> the bloodlines of the pharaohs and ancient prophets ----> the bloodline of Jesus, an extension of that record. Many people feel a connection to a sacred bloodline, linked through Jesus, the Star of David Merkabah vehicle, questing for truth.

On Passover, I received an ecard from someone in my family.
As the music played, the Star of David slowly scrolled upward into view.

First I saw the triangular top

Then the middle whose geometry speaks for itself

followed by the bottom pyramid.

The completed image ...

As is above, So is below

Thoth, Moses, Jesus, Judas, et al.

It's all encoded in time. You will figure it out.

Questions and Quests :: Millions must now question what really happened vs. old traditional beliefs. Can you see the patterns of reality shifting to allow people to see the truth behind the illusion?

Jesus and Zoroaster

If Jesus is Zoroaster, as many researchers have written, we also know that he is the Trickster who created the duality of this experience. Can you get past mythology and religion and into his greater teachings, meanings, and purpose? Tick Tock! The Incarnations of Jesus Christ According to Edgar Cayce

How powerful is 'God'? Is He [?] frequency consciousness that created us all as sparks of light to experience in the physical, emotional grid?

Everything is energy and frequency in the alchemy of time and consciousness.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Here we find another aspect of the old religious belief systems being questioned at this time, which allows us to view Jesus and Mary Magdalene under a different light, married, lovers. It would stand to reason that the duality of our experience would unite them, the bloodline perpetuated. How many more of the old religious stories will prove themselves to be untrue, if they ever happened at all? It was not by accident that Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code came out now. The film version will stir many souls to question and awaken. Dan Brown wins 'Da Vinci' battle BBC, April 7, 2006

Related topic ...

Does the power of thousands of people praying at the same time create a hypnotic effect allowing people to heal? Is there magic about this, as in the old days of magic, magi, and magicians?

Step out of the box, watch the patterns, be objective and scientific.

Where does the power come from, within or without?

Pat Meets 'John of God'

Last weekend my friend Pat and I spoke about the 4 days in Atlanta where she met with John of God.

Everyone was dressed in white. They prayed for many hours each day in one of 3 rooms, shifting rooms throughout the day.

Pat felt an unbelievable presence of God and Angels.

She reports that people came from all over the world to be in John's presence as he is considered the greatest healer since Jesus. She met healers, shaman, priests, rabbis, those with afflictions and those who were already healed.

Pat met 2 women, who didn't know each other, both of whom suffered with the final stages of MS and are now are able to walk, their medication down from 18 pills a day to 1. They had previously gone to see John of God in Brazil.

She said that seeing the children was the saddest of all, coming in wheel chairs with all sorts of medical problems. She said that on the first day the children were noisy and boisterous, but as each day progressed, they were able to sit quietly for hours while the adults prayed around them.

Pat was one of the lucky people who had registered early and was able to stay the entire time, from Sat. afternoon through Tuesday evening. During this time she met with John on three occasions and he touched her. She experienced a strong surge of energy, unlike anything she had ever felt Her medical problem is a bad back. As of Wednesday evening, it was still feeling fine. There are things to be avoided over the 40 days after a session with John, which include sex, liquor, pork, and pepper.

Also visiting John of God was Crystalinks' reader and my client ...

Bob Kelley from Tampa