Passover, Easter Week

If you are celebrating with family and friends, traveling to be with them, I hope you have a great time, travel safely. Don't forget to check your baggage at the front door when you get to your final destination and exercise proper manners! Don't forget to bring flowers or a small gift.

Last week I foresaw accidents, madness, and mayhem during this timeline. My very busy client schedule reflects just that. The world is coming unglued. So what else is new! I have heard about more deaths, since a black bird flew by my window recently. Two friends lost a parent this week, another lost her sister.

The fighting in Iraq escalates with many US causalities, as the nation still wonders why we are there. I know of several families who have loved ones in the military stationed on the front lines in Iraq. this will continue for years.

The pope's health is failing and he will die this year.

Earlier in the week I bought a dozen white roses as guided by spirit. They are still as fresh and gorgeous as ever.

Today I read a woman whose 23 year old son was killed last week in Long Island. We spoke to him and other deceased members of her family. The room filled with the scent of his cologne. As the reading ended, her son said, "Give my mother a one white rose."

I asked her to pick any rose from the vase. As a tear fell from her eye, she told me that she had placed one white rose on her son's coffin last week. She further picked the only white rose in my vase that had no thorns, without checking on them.

Events unfold like a flower in time.

Life is all about steps and stages....

Step 1, Recognizing your issues and making a decision to deal with them

Step 2, Getting help that works for you

Step 3, Learning to love and respect yourself

Step 4, Releasing the fear and pain

Step 5, Forgiving others and yourself, etc.

Recovery programs are nothing more than common sense in an organized format. They are usually 12 steps, as we exist in 12

Friendships, Energy and Reality

Holiday seasons and the passages of time always reunite me with friends I have not seen for a long time who were part of my spiritual journey. It's like meeting up with family members, from the same soul group, to share experiences.

This year was no exception. All of my friends have continued their spiritual journey, as once you cross into the realms of higher thought, there is no turning back.

Once your DNA has been activated, you are forever changed.

My friends continue to explore the realms of spiritual enlightenment and their quest to help others evolve. That is what the journey is about.

We spoke of many things. Creation by tones, a universal language of archetypes, quantum physics and beyond as science and metaphysics merge, healing techniques are sought, the energies of this program reveal themselves, and more.

It's during moments like this that I hope to push the boundaries of consciousness to the next level, or at least a little bit further, altering my programming or change my insert!

As I awoke the next morning, one thing was abundantly clear ... reality consists of programs within programs within endless programs, all of which interface, influence, and impact on us in ways that we cannot comprehend.

Once again I was shown the illusion of it all as an experiment.

Something has shifted in my DNA, of this I am certain, another notch higher on the DNA Tree of Life to enable me to have greater understanding.

When one wakes up within the higher frequency levels of the programs, one can grasp its separateness and how all is connected and their part in the greater whole.

We quest for personal awareness to help us make sense of the chaos they permeates this reality.

Through the fractal kaleidoscope of light and color

We get a glimpse of the next level of consciousness.

Zoroaster, Zarathustra

A reader named Olaf created this movie about Z
after visiting the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Yazd.
UNESCO claims that Yazd is the second oldest city in the world.
There are various time lines for Z, perhaps he existed in several.
[The movie has no sound.]

Zoroaster is represented by the eternal flame of light.
Look for the hidden symbology,
Including the flame, woman, old man, chair, window, light!

Z, Zarathustra, 2001, The Experiment

2001, Creation

Mars 2004

"On yet another world, intelligence had been born and was escaping from
its planetary cradle. An ancient experiment was about to reach its climax."

~ Arthur C. Clark, "2001" ~

'Thus Spake Zarathustra' is the musical theme of the move, '2001'.

How could 2001 go by without an important message from Z? I wondered, as 2001 began. This is his script, his experiment in consciousness evolution....

On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers imploded. Z had told me that something would happen in September 2001 that would change the face of reality forever. I had written about it in this column as September approached. 2001 would be a turning point in human evolution. I would witness the attacks from my terrace.

A client who was here last Saturday, reminded me that I spoke those words on the tape of her reading in August 2001.

Last week Pat saw the Twin Towers superimposed over the columns of the Verrazano Bridge. She is not the only one who has told me that. Twin Towers...that stood like giant monoliths, now moved to a new space and time.

When I read the quote above, the words struck a chord for me, something stirred my soul.

Eclipse takes us to Thoth and Ancient Egypt. The portal for that timeline is now open due to the energies of the holidays, Egypt, Moses, Freeing the Jewish people, all souls, from human bondage ...

An ancient experiment is about to reach its climax.

Evolution of DNA, Consciousness

Just Thoughts, Words, and Metaphors

There are always metaphysical and metaphoric connections between the things you experience in the physical realms, and your quest to find self awareness and your purpose here. Many have quested since childhood and now await the final outcome. Some are novices at putting the pieces together and are enjoying the puzzle, as if some great epiphany is occurring with each step. Everything is a clue when playing detective.

Just a thought....If most people agree that there is One God for ALL, then wouldn't it stand to reason that this God has played all the God roles in all the programs and myths, and created this reality as his game board, program, experiment? Is he hitting the 'Return' key?

Just Words....

Board, Bored, Motherboard

Crucifixion, The Cross is Fiction. Were those events an insert, another subroutine in the program, to help us believe in a higher power and the ascension of consciousness?

Passover, Passing Over

Atone, A tone, Creation

Torah, Thoth, Truth, Time, Creation

Decalogue, Dodeca, Dodecahedron, Sacred Geometry, X, 10, Creation

Parting, Partying

Your Part, Your Role

Apart, Separate, -, ->Reunion of soul

Role, Roll, Scroll, Creation

Sea, See, Eye, I, Eye of Horus, I, Creation


Reality is a Metaphor, Meet at 4, 4=time, Spiral of Consciousness, Creation

Did Moses actually part the Red Sea with the help of a god above? Is 'parting' a metaphor for the splitting of consciousness, above and below, other?

Was this event an insert in the program?

If you think 'out of the box', do you really see an old guy up there 'calling the shots'? Do you feel a bit of deception about this?

Was this about the power of the rod/staff, electromagnetic energy fields that create a program, poles, pole shifts, bipolar, splitting consciousness. Divided Sea, duality of creation, flow of creation, Red=physical plane, anger, Mars, Water on Mars allows us to conclude that life exists/existed beyond our world. It's always about the water.

"Sea of Reeds", Reed Pens, Thoth, Ibis headed scribe of our reality. Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, drawing, geometry, astronomy, magic, music, wisdom, medicine, and surveying, an architect who created blueprints.

As Merlin he used magic, the wand, to create the illusion.

As Zoroaster he created the concept of duality, good vs. evil.

As Moses we find the Decalogue, 10, 1+0=1= New Beginnings, Ten = X = As is Above, So is Below, Emerald Tablets of Thoth, As the Greek God, Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes was also the God Mercury! Mercury is now retrograde. We await his message.

Song of Songs

Years ago I happened upon a website called Song of Songs and felt an immediate connection. One day I went to find it in my bookmarks but it was gone and I could not remember the name of the website. This morning, while working on Ellie's World, I notice that my browser changed on its own. Whoa! What would cause the browser to do that? I wondered. The image below popped up for no apparent reason. The website had magically returned.

Song of Songs Wikipedia

Remember the whistling Pat and I heard last Thursday?
The bird connects to whistling.
This is a loose translation of Hebrew text, by Leah ...
"There are going to be a lot of miracles.
A singer will come with an excellent and pure voice.
The tones will be unlike any heard on this planet."

Funerary Scene, We go back to Egypt, the Middle East
As the answers are written in the myths and geometry of the land
Brought forth in the New World, New York, by the Founding Fathers.
Thoth, Maat, the weighing of the feather at a time of final judgement...
I keep 'seeing' Osiris and the top of his donut shaped headdress.
Feather, Flying Free, Evolution of Consciousness

Moses and the Egyptian Priesthood

Moses "simply means 'born of'. The name normally required another name prefixed to it, such as Thothmoses (born of Thoth), Rameses (born of Ra) or Amenmosis (born of Amen) Whilst the 'Moses' element is spelt slightly differently when rendered in English, they all mean the same thing and it seems very likely to us that either Moses himself or some later scribe dropped the name of an Egyptian god from the front of his name. Moses was a skilled performer of magical rituals and was deeply learned in the knowledge of the accompanying spells, incantations, and magical formulas of every description... [Moreover] the miracles which he wrought...suggest that he was not only a priest, but a magician of the highest order and perhaps even a Ker Heb [Egyptian High Priest]."

Thoth and Hermeticism in Christianity
Moses, Jesus, Buddha, More
In ancient Egypt, Thoth was the god of wisdom and writing; through being identified with Hermes by the Greeks, he evolved into Hermes Trismegistus. Thoth is described as a scribe and messenger of the gods, and in this capacity is usually shown as a man with the head of an ibis. Owing to the sapiential and scribal nature of Thoth, a large number of books were attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, thus adding to the corpus of "Hermetic literature." In addition to the ibis image, the hawk¹s head was also associated with Thoth. The idea of a winged spirit messenger is comparable to the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, acting as a heavenly messenger at Jesus' baptism, and also as the Paraclete offering testimony (John 16:7-8, 13-14).

The Hidden Moses
Moses was born about 1525 B.C., and the daughter of the reigning Pharaoh (Tutmoses I) who found him in the Nile was princess Nefure, who later became known as Queen Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt.

It's all about a bloodline, here to awaken your DNA,
as an ancient experiment is about to evolve.

Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time

In the year 2012, Sarah Manning races against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors, the Guardians of the Seed. Connected to the ancient mystery schools, this epoch adventure, spanning 72 years, and crossing 3 continents, explains the foundations of reality, and the prophecies of time. In essence, the story of "Sarah and Alexander" is the esoteric history of the human race. The protagonist's struggle to pry open her family's dark secrets is also humanity's struggle to uncover its hidden past. This tale, written hard against the backbone of history, is awash with mythic overtones and replete with revelations of mystical realities. Journey with Sarah to unlock many of your own truths.