Earthquake 10.5, Predictions & Film

May 2, 2004

May is here and with that comes rating sweeps month. NBC aired a 4-hour mini-series called Earthquake 10.5'.

In recent years, the movie industry has borrowed themes from metaphysics as consciousness expands and writers are guided to write about things beyond 3D. They label it Sci-Fi, but is it? Sci-fi of today is reality of tomorrow, created by the minds of the visionaries and scientists here to bring humanity to its next evolution.

The human body is over 50% water, the percentage depending on age. The Sea of consciousness=grid consciousness that is our reality. Humanity supposedly evolved from the sea. Myths and metaphors, all the same, linked to Gods who rose from the sea, such as the Dogon Nommo.

We are drawn to live near bodies of water, often the coastlines. Looking out over water calms us and brings inner peace and tranquility.

In the US many souls are drawn to the Atlantic or Pacific coastlines, as if by magnetism.

Many metaphysical people are drawn to the California coastline to live, and find it impossible to move away. Some feel they hold a frequency that is needed to prevent a major earthquake in the area. Others simply enjoy the water and the weather. Many are not sure why they live there, only that they must stay. There is definitely something about living along the Pacific coastline that spiritually attracts people. This energy extends to the Hawaiian Islands where many go to seek spiritual purpose.

I would say there are more readers of Crystalinks in northern California than in any other area in the US. There are also more metaphysical researchers living there than most areas.

I have always been drawn to California, having visited many times for different reasons. The Crystal side of my family lives there. My ex-husband and I spent a summer there in 1966, before we started our family, and considered moving to the LA area. Yet I have always known that I belong on the Atlantic seaboard, Z guiding that part of my journey. I have never regretting remaining in Brooklyn, perhaps because I have always lived on the coastline.

As far back as can remember, people have always talked about the San Andreas Fault and a major earthquake that could destroy California and move up the coast. "The San Andreas fault forms a continuous narrow break in the Earth's crust that extends from northern California southward to Cajon Pass near San Bernardino. Southeastward from Cajon Pass several branching faults, including the San Jacinto and Banning faults, share the movement of the crustal plates. In this stretch of the fault zone, the name "San Andreas" generally is applied to the northeastern most branch."

I have known many people who have lost everything in past earthquakes and the resulting after-shocks, forest fires, and mudslides. And yet most do not leave...they rebuild. They tell me they are used to the tiny earthquakes that happen most days. It is a way of life. they simply do not want to leave California, as they cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Some have moved north to Oregon, Washington State, or Vancouver.

Metaphysical friends have told me for decades that they see themselves moving away from the coastline. When Gordon-Michael Scallion and I became friends in the early 1990's, we were breaching the energies of the 'Earth Changes', that which will create a face for the planet, new coastlines and so forth.

In the late 1990's people who were fear driven and into doom and gloom prophecies, wrote books about survival methods and moving from northern California, inland where they would survive what they believe is a major earthquake destined to hit California and the Pacific coast.

Friends who lived in California all told me they would move by 2000. I told them I did not see them moving away.

On the physical level, they are used to the weather in California and could not readily adjust to other climates.

On the spiritual levels, souls eek the polarity of the oceans, which can never be replaced by moving inland.

To this day they all still remain there, mostly the San Francisco Bay area.

Many move away and many return.

Clients who sought work and schooling in California, told me of their fear of dying in an earthquake. I told them all to move past their fear. They all listened, they all are happy, and they all did well.

Prophecy was the name of the game in 1998-1999 .... How would the End Time manifest? What drama would befall the Earth, causing Cayce, Nostradamus and other prophets to be correct about this being an end time into a golden age? Would earthquakes cause volcanoes to erupt sending is into a catastrophic tail-spin ... supposedly like the last days of Atlantis? 'No," I wrote in column after column in those days.

Myths and metaphors...

The Earth is not a stable. There are always shifts in the infra-structure ... and yes anything can happen based on natural evolution or human tampering. Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics have always been part of the equation.

The media has presented many movies and documentaries to that end, allowing us to vicariously experience what 'could' happen.

I do not see a natural disaster, a major earthquake, that will take down the Pacific coast- not in our program.

Our souls tell us that something is going to happen soon that will change the nature of reality as we know it. It will come out of the blue, and affect everyone, just as the events of 9/11 did. As we live in drama mode, we anticipate a dramatic ending. Something major will occur, fast and furious. You will sense it before beforehand as it will be in the consciousness grid. You will dream about it, and see signs in meditation and in your physical reality. Your soul will guide the evolution of consciousness and the rebirth of spirit to its natural state. The signs will be there. But it will not be an earthquake, war, or anything as yet in prophecy.

I am not sure why ... but in the end ... you will laugh!

The end will not be anyone's fault ... or by de-fault!

The real fear factor is not the end time scenario, but our current Reality Program: Earth After 9/11, The Omega Project! "Thus Spake Zarathustra"