People Who Disappear And

Are Never Heard From Again

Each year thousands of people disappear or 'go missing' and are never heard from again. Some of them leave of their own free will, while others are kidnapped. There are many reasons why people disappear - emotional, physical and spiritual - or a combination of one or more factors. In all cases the soul of the person has made the decision to leave their physical identity behind.


  • Mission Feeling: An inner calling to leaving your old way of life and seek your spiritual mission, to find the reason you are here that tugs away at you

  • Grids: Disappearing through time warps - portals - vortexes - Interdimensional openings - or mechanical devices

  • Cults: People who cannot find their inner strength, their Own Light, will find a Messiah and disappear with the cult, changing their identity

  • Aliens: People taken on space ships or to underground facilities run either by aliens or the government working with aliens. These groups seem to have their own agendas, which include feeding on humans, slavery, and procreation. The most popular races connected to these activities seem to be the Grays and the Reptilians all of whom are said to have agendas connected to the human race. They are all supposed to be returning planet Earth at some time in the near future. There are myths about these races that link with Hopi 'Ant People' and many of the ancient prophecies of returning creator gods and a move to a Golden Age linked with the frequency color mid-night blue.

    Health: Physical and Psychological Problems

  • Mental Breakdowns: Due to chemical imbalances, psychological disorders and the pressures of 3D. These people often become homeless. Some stop taking their medication after feeling it no longer works.

  • Amnesia: Physical or Selective

  • Alcoholism, Drug Addictions, Other Addictions

  • Suicide

  • Unable to handle a bad relationship, marriage, parental care

  • Discovering they have a terminal illness - - - - > search for their soul

  • Diminished mental capacity

  • Learning challenged people wander away from home and get lost

  • Accidents where the body is never recovered


  • No longer able to function in the work place to support themselves / and or family

  • Their caretakers are gone

  • Failed businesses - no physical means of support

  • Desire not to pay debts, taxes, alimony or child support

    Foul Play

  • Kidnapping that leads to murder

  • Murder - premeditated

  • Witness Protection Program

  • Covert Government Operations

  • Slavery: White - Black

    Have you ever thought about changing your identity? Disappearing and becoming someone else entirely by allowing the universe to guide this decision?

    Can you forgive someone who has disappeared from your life long ago - such as a parent - who now wishes to return?