Depression and Metaphysics

A reader wrote and asked if there is a link between manic depression and metaphysics. There is no direct link, just another way to understand what occurs when there is a chemical imbalance in the brain and the use of holistic modalities to heal and create balance. Depression is a physical problem that needs to first be recognized, diagnosed, and treated. It is genetically inherited and at this point cannot be cured, only treated. Many people who are depressed seek answers from holistic resources, after tradition means fail. Holistic healing seeks to create balance which is part of the healing process. But it often acts as a temporary 'band-aid' bringing the person into focus and thus allowing them time to seek other medical solution. You have to reinvent yourself to discover who you are.

Manic depression and all other metal illness, are generally lifetime afflictions, in which a person struggles on many levels wherein their journey is all about healing, so they can function and lead a normal life, being able to make decisions that are not linked with sabotage, playing the victim, tedious dramas, without fear of hurting others, thus enabling yourself and those you live with to function. This is not easily done.

Many people with depression will blame them on past lives and such. I don't believe that. Past life karma, as an excuse, is greatly over-rated, especially as all things are happening simultaneously.

The way I see it, most mental illness, which goes to addictive patterns, illness and accidents to get money and attention, is part of the DNA blueprint inherited from one or both parents.

On the soul level ... visualize the soul coming out of a spiraling source, as if a galaxy. As each soul spark of light emerges it splits in half, one half above (twin flame, spirit guide) and the other entering a physical grid program, to experience. It is at that instant in your soul's experience that the blueprint of its DNA programming is determined. the above and below makes it bipolar to begin with, not to mention our reality is created by electromagnetic energy, polarities, bipolar (duality, yin, yang) in nature and design. The soul connects by dot matrix and spirals its consciousness into the physical grid, to play out a predetermined role, all the while feeling a connection to something greater, higher, above, its other half, as it will find out when it awakens.

Most souls are fractured, one way or another. The game is about coming into awareness of who you are in physical reality (emotional problems, learning disabilities), then finding ways to heal, creating balance, and evolve.

Your life path is basically predetermined, and can be discovered with tools such as, astrology, numerology, palmistry, other blueprints that explain your course here.

Can you correct your DNA programming? That is your journey and challenge.

On another note about karma between souls, there are no contracts. Where did anyone ever get that idea?! that must be another metaphor in the grid that appears to make sense to a certain group of souls in the program, mostly the channelers of the 1980's and 1990's. Most told us that sending love and light into the grids would fix everything! I said, "No Way! It's just a program and will adjust for drama." Yet I suppose people (wounded souls) need to feel they can heal through different programs, though energy work often helps. Channeled information must evolve and be specific in today's world as 'love and light' are just catch-all phrases.

Living with depression means first recognizing the problems, genetic history, then getting profession help with a psychiatrist, then using holistic medicine to assist in recovery.

Do you know what the end goal is? Understanding that we are projected illusion in a holographic experience in linear time and illusion that is about to evolve out of the box. The keys are understanding and releasing.