Crystalinks Marks Its 11th Anniversary

Friday 25 August 2006 ... On this day 11 year ago Crystalinks debuted on something relative new, though totally up and coming, the Internet.

I sat at my computer and watched the first 50 files come online, knowing this was part of the reason for my being here, linked to my 'encounter' in the Nevada desert, at age 11, when I met Z.

11 is a key. It is DNA 11:11. It ignites memory.

As I sat at the computer, the elements of creation all around me, Z told me that Crystalinks would become a doorway of consciousness that would unfold through the years.

A week later I discovered that Crystalinks, had a stats program which was part of, its first server. I was pleased to find that 250 people had found Crystalinks. The most popular file in those days was Ouija Boards. It told me that people were awakening to connections between realities, seeking information beyond the physical that linked the two.

In retrospect, if you think back 11 years to the movement of consciousness, your consciousness, thanks to information technology (IT) presented on the Internet, and various other forms of media, we have come a long way, baby!

Email received in those days reflected a need to learn more about reality and the individual journeys we each have. Forever there would be the same quest and question from readers and clients, "Who am I, why and I here, how can I heal and help?"

Many of you have journeyed with me through the years, watching consciousness evolve and the stats grow. Remember when we reached our first 100,000 hits for the day? With students and teachers back to school next month, and people back from vacation, we will reach the million mark daily once again. Let's see how high we go this school year. Last year we topped off with 1,700,000+ hits one day.

With the ever-increasing readership and bandwidth, Crystalinks has moved to different servers. In December 1995 I met Marcus (Trae), the Admin for Crystalinks, my friend and cohort in my work here. If not for him, I would not be able to afford to run Crystalinks. He has found us more efficient and cheaper servers as the years have passed, and we keep evolving. We presently have our own server.

I started my daily column (blog) in 1996 when I learned to upload files. It went from something simple and not archived, to music and ornate backgrounds, which some readers still miss and others hated. The pendulum swung back to simple black text on white backgrounds with no music as Crystalinks was now read by people at work, in school, libraries, and public places where simplicity was the way to go. From time to time I post music files for fun, on weekend or special occasions.

As for subject matter for Ellie's World, I used to wonder if I would run out of ideas, never happened and probably never will, though some themes have been restated in different ways over and over again through the years. With Z guiding most of my daily columns, I always have something to say.

On its 11th anniversary I am working diligently to complete my current review of Crystalinks' texts files, then on to 6 years of personal archives. Many files have been deleted or should I say replaced by updated versions. Links out of Crystalinks, unless to a good news wire service, an encyclopedia, or other reference I trust, are being deleted.

The consciousness of Crystalinks has evolved through the years, as it meant.

Readers have left, then return, as guided.

Crystalinks has opened doors to me with people and places far and wide, from the UN to the Great Pyramid, media, politics, and more. There are many friends, clients and readers who are with me each day as I blog along and we all experience synchronicities together.

11 years and 3 Macs later , (soon to be 4 Macs when the new desktop version comes out), I remain here looking out over the water and the bridge as I write each day. It was from here that I witnessed , and reported on this column, the ongoing events of 9/11 as I watched from my terrace. NYC now prepares for the 5th anniversary of 9/11. For several days in 2001 the stats were over 2 million hits each day. There has been much more reported from here, the place I have been sent to pave the way ....

It's not over till it's over ... (found these lyrics for that phrase ... It's not over till we get it right! How true.)

Ellie's World, once a simple file each day, now contains integrated information, in and out of Crystalinks, to enhance most stories, and more to the point, show the connections between all things in consciousness.

Crystalinks' Mission Statement -- Soon the lion will roar!! Check out the end of the lion's tale/tail (image above). The lion is the symbology for Z, Zoroaster

Later that day ...

Friday evening, Pat and I set out to celebrate Crystalinks' 11th anniversary. Just outside my building, we met my neighbor, Fran. As I stopped to say hello and introduce Fran to Pat, we noticed that Fran was wearing a diamond tiarra. Fran explained that she and her husband were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and this was the tiarra she wore on her wedding day. Fran is far from a little old lady. She is slim, healthy and always on the go. She parks next to me in the garage and drives a minivan. She and her husband retired from the restaurant business 5 years ago, after many years of hard work and long hours. They have grown children and help take care of his 95 year old mother, who lives in her own home. I have been meeting lots of people lately who have family member in the 90's.

As Fran went into the building, I said to Pat, "Here I am celebrating my 11th anniversary and Fran her 50th. Some things are meant to grow and last." This lead to a discussion of how many marriages last that long, few and far between. People generally divorce after completing the karma of the relationship. Many people cross over, generally from unhappiness. Some of the couples who stay together that long, did not come from generations where people divorced or that would have been their choice. There are many issues around the marriage topic, including fear of loneliness.

Of all the topics ... that all the psychic readers address ... finding The One is generally the most common. We want to feel complete, love, compassion, etc. With age and experience, people are discovering 'that person' may never show up, or even exist, as people want freedom and expression, and are steeped in their issues. Yet the heart has hope ...

The next day ...

Grace, a hairdresser in the area, came for a reading about her current relationship. Grace is the person who had style Fran's hair. Her parents have happily been together for 44 years.