Hudson Valley Cruise to Lyndhurst Castle

August 8, 2004 - 10:00 AM arriving at Pier '72' on Manhattan's West Side, the NY Waterway Ferry Line on a picture perfect day on a cruise up the Hudson to Lyndhurst Castle with friends, Pat, Robert and Esther.

Along the way our ferry boat guide pointed out historic sites, each of which resonated as if looking through a lens in time. It was as if I could remote view to the stories he recounted while in the creative flow of the water. My consciousness merged into the time lines of the founding fathers and other famous men in American history linked with our Masonic Program.

Robert looked at the sky saying that it almost seemed surreal, as if 2 realities, above and below, were merging, forming a figure 8 on this 8:8 day. (08/08) When you can see past the illusion, it is the sky that will speak to you.

12:00 PM -- We arrived at Tarrytown, then took a 10 minute bus ride to Lyndhurst Castle arriving at 12:12. There was something magical about this place and the energies we all experienced that afternoon.

Over the next 4 hours we were free to roam the 67-acre grounds, its majesty reaching out to us, a tour of the castle available every half hour, and the usual tourist attractions, gift shop, restaurant, etc. We were drawn to the Rose Garden which had a giant conservatory.

While Pat and Esther spend time within the garden, Robert and I found a private area nearby that drew us there energetically. We sat on the grass, facing each other. Robert placed is hands just above mine allowing the energies to flow as we closed our eyes and looked to messages. It was interesting that whatever one of us saw, the other saw as a complimentary image. For example: My first vision was a boy and girl playing in a grassy field. Robert saw them holding hands. It reminded us of Sarah and Alexander. As I saw a Dutchmen's shoe buckle, Robert saw the man's hat. That area of NY state has a Dutch heritage.

Over in the conservatory, Pat had seated herself in the center alone to experience the energies. Robert and I felt space-time distortions. Later, when comparing what we experienced, Pat felt temporal distortions and a sense of being alone, disconnected from her physical environment.

Another close friend, George was out on Fire Island NY the easter part of the state. George later reported feeling temporal distortions, grid movement, and something shifting, noting the time as between 2-3 pm, and sensing that we were all involved with time sequencing. My work here is abut Time.

As we continue with Robert and I, Z said to Robert, "A tree has moved." We all experienced the shifting of the grids and a sense of time out of phase, creating symbology of all things NEW for the souls. Z presented himself to me in a new form, a gorgeous white Persian cat with beautiful light blue eyes, a sign of evolution. Z was the Persian Prophet, Zarathustra. ... And Thus Spoke Zarathustra to us in this place, about time being perfected, grids shifting, and past, present and future merging into One.

Robert and I joined Pat and Esther as we continued to explore.

Along the way we encountered the Magic of the Trees.

Pat entering the most gorgeous tree I have ever seen.

An old bend over tree that needs to be supported.

Ellie and Esther in Wonderland

Did you hear the 'one' about the 2 Jewish Girls and the Rabbi-t?

"Hurry, Esther! We have 'no time' to lose! Get off the Tree of Life. You weren't Eve in this story, you were Esther! To stop time, we must catch the rabbit and smash his pocketwatch before the 'magician' pulls another 'one' out of his hat!"

Esther sends us this closing message. "When I was inside the tree, I felt like 'Alice in Wonderland' and all of the metaphors that go with that story. The child in me felt a sense of freedom that is a hop, skip, and a jump away. Until that time, you must keep your head above water and surround yourself with those who are true friends. That is what really matters."

Tick Tock

While inside the tree, Z showed me an image referencing my screenplay "2012 The Alchemy of Time." The he showed me a large turtle/tortoise, about 4-foot high, walking east to west. It came upon a door which opened to a brilliant white light. Inside was the producer. The turtle stopped, turned its head towards me, winked allowing me to know it was Z and it would moved slowly and steadily into the light completing its journey and winning at the end of the story. All that remains is the end of the tail/tale. The rest is all 'de-tails'.

Robert told me that the pattern on the shell of a turtle follows sacred geometry.

Native Americans sometimes refer to North America as Turtle Island.

My friends and I ended the day with a tour of Lyndhurst Castle. Picture taking was not allowed. If you click on the website link above you can see some of the inside of the castle and read about its history. Robert is an architect and enjoyed the gothic design. I was most impressed with the ceilings and stained glass motifs.

None of us sensed ghosts in the castle. Ghosts are projections from grid programs running parallel to our own, that overlap in frequency. From their level of perception, we are the projections.

On the ferry ride back to Manhattan we passed under the Tapanzee and George Washington Bridges. Many of the famous bridges, included the Verrazano Bridge were designed by a man named O. H. Amaan. For those who have read Sarah and Alexander, we find a main character named Amaan. I had never heard of O. H. Amaan when I started the book in 1989. O=complete. H=balance.

Chill out and let everything move into place, as consciousness/polarities merge and we move into an ice age, a nice age, consciousness frozen in time to reawaken on a new shore.