Things Are Happening Faster For Souls Who Cross Over

April 3, 2006

Soul movement is fast and furious. Souls cross over and rather than wait around for years, move to the light for enlightenment, some returning, others remaining.

When channeling deceased souls who cross over quickly, I find with each of soul:

The signs are always there. Souls know.

Many souls have now crossed over in preparation for the shut down of the program. In some instances, those left behind, who are evolved, understand that. When it closes ... they will help those left behind escape the collapsed 3D grid, move into the light.

Souls come here and show me symbols to that effect, more so now than ever before. In the old days, a soul would cross over, returning from the light months, or years later. Not any more. The frequencies are moving too fast. They leave, do not hang very long with deceased ones, but I have come to understand that they are almost immediately drawn into the light. This mirrors our journey in the physical.

Here is an example taken from my life...

My ex-husband, Ralph crossed over last November. He was filled with feelings of anger at his demise at age 67, came to tell me and my daughter, Zsia, that he was moving on. In the old days souls would be gone for months or years, but Ralph returned from the light, about 2 weeks later, as we measure time.

After Ralph died he came to me and asked me, or Z, to reverse time so he could return. He apparently found out about my connection with time. I told him that I could not manipulate time to that end on his behalf. He was really pissed, trying to push my buttons by saying how much he missed the grandchildren and wanted to play with them again.

When does divorce really happen? I wondered. It happens at the moment of clarity when ... I told him to talk to Z and learn the truth about reality that traps people in 3D paradigms, so he could understand the nature of my work here and why things are set with a countdown/deadline now and how he could divorce himself from his current entrapment.

Later that afternoon Ralph came to me, kissed my cheek, and told me he was moving on with Z, though he didn't know what to expect. He was tired of being angry and frustrated and needed to ascend, though he wasn't sure what that meant either.

He had come to accept the truth about Z, who, he used to refer to as Your friend on the other side almost sounding jealous when he said it. I've never been in a relationship/friendship with a man who didn't understand the dynamics of the relationship between Z and I, always filled with humor. Those stories are too numerous and funny to write about here ... one day. Most people want me to turn them into a sitcom!

Lack of understanding creates confusion, fears, doubts and anger. Ralph had no interest in interacting with family members who had crossed over and stated that he wanted to work with me and those in our family still in the physical. He hated feeling trapped.

During her dreamtime that night, Ralph came to our middle daughter, Zsia, and said, "Squeeze my hand! You will never feel it so real, again." She said that the experience of squeezing her father's hand was as vivid and real as anything in the physical ... waking her up. It left her with a sense of loss, yet happy for his continued journey.

As Zsia and I compared notes that day, there was a sense of continuity at another level and that Ralph would return, though I never thought it would be so quickly. I guess the increased frequencies makes it easier to 'learn the ropes'.

It's as if souls decease, spend some time adjusting, or to let those left behind understand that are okay, then move right into the light, or ascend quickly into the light, or time as we know it appears to make it seem that they quickly move on for a crash course in the events in and out of the program, some returning to help those left behind find their spiritual connections and move into higher understanding. Many souls do not 'get it' while they are wrapped up in 3D dramas, making a sudden choice to leave.

Zsia and I both experienced Ralph's return on the same day. Zsia is a Scorpio. When Ralph returned he showed me himself as a Daddy Long Legs Spider, only as a metaphor in time, meaning connected to his children, who always called him 'Daddy', and to his grandchildren. "These spiders are web weavers."