Content Management of Crystalinks

Changes in Conscious Awareness, Astrology

Content Management of Crystalinks involves, research, html programming, corrections and most of all integrating the files. It's interesting taking a good look at the 'head space' of the world when I created each file vs. the way we think I our current timeline. You reason, Did I really get excited about that way back then? Each year we seem to view the world based on the grid programs playing and how they impact on our thinking and soul experience. Our point of view is affected by changes in science and mass consciousness. If you are still in the same place you were in 2000, your thinking is outdated. As with computers, things must be constantly updated.

My review of the astronomy files became a walk down memory lane... Gone are references to channeled information especially from alien groups or ascended masters. How silly that information seems today, in light of how we have grown. All that love and light stuff and how we can all love each other unconditionally and save the planet never happened. 3D is Drama Central.

Meditation or bringing light to the grids simply will not stabilize our reality. We do not call the shots in 3D frequency. The rules of the games are created outside the box, and like it or not, 3D is the game board.

The ET files, which have decreased to basics. Do we really care about Roswell anymore? We know something happened and was covered up. We know entities were found in 1947, after that the stories vary. There will always be another account and cover-up. It gets boring and way too subjective. Governments like to keep secrets. Some people investigate, others wait, yet others do not care as long as aliens do not interfere in their lives. I wish we could introduce something more exciting into the ET program. A new Insert perhaps?

Astrological influences... With the discovery of planet Sedna astrological charts will have to be viewed differently, and a new system set up to incorporate a greater vision. Many astrologers will say it doesn't matter; their thinking is limited. The goal is expanded consciousness.

Astrology has never been an exact science, as you well know from personal forecasts. Sometimes things simply do not apply. Astrologers will tell you that your exact time of birth could cause variations, but that many not be so. Other unknown factors are at work planning the blueprint, astrological chart, of your life.

Astrology can be a useful map of the mind in the Zodiac, a vision with both theoretical and practical applications. Is the astrological wheel a Stargate, a map to higher consciousness? On the theoretical level, modern evolutionary and psychological astrology gives enticing holistic vision of unfolding and expanding consciousness, manifest destiny, our destiny, manifest. Reality is not linear. My perspective of the Zodiac goes to spiraling waves of consciousness that unfold over multiple levels, ultimately embracing truth at all levels of awareness. One can learn to integrate the astrological/mythical perspective deeply into their self-awareness so that it informs and transforms experiences in the world. This would involve years of study for those drawn to it.

Astrologers I have worked with recently, are expanding the parameters of this science, often developing their own systems, or embellish on old systems. They report that some of the methodology of the ancient systems no longer applies. Most of us have expanded our thinking and know how the game is played in cycles which help us awaken. Remember that that which excites you today ... is yesterday's news tomorrow ... if you believe in the loops/cycles of time. Reading one's chart is subjective so keep an open mind.