Not Being Able to Live With Confusion

May 10, 2011

Back in the day, when people had ADD (ADHD), or anything that made them confused and unable to focus to make a decision about their lives, they dealt with it one way or another. The inability to focus generally goes with depression and, like ADD, requires professional help and medication to balance brain chemistry.

In 2011, people are more confused than ever, especially young adults. Confused people can't think and generally suffer from fears - of failure and success. They have the benefit of seeing what went wrong with past generations (in their family or elsewhere), and come to me crying about their inability to find a meaningful career, and find focus in general. They want the answers and the means to their final career goals, though most are not programmed that way. Reality is about the quest ... but the quest is almost over and they strongly need answers now. Ellie to the rescue!

Jobs ... then and now ... are generally found by personal recommendation. Some people, especially young adults, may not have the ability to find a job on their own. If it is not given to them by friends or family, they cannot, and will not, work. They simply are not programmed to seek out employment on their own.

Being taken care of ... if someone is lucky, they have a caretaker who allows them to stay home by financially supporting them, as they realize this person is not capable of taking care of themselves. Is that how you want the world to see you?

The money honey ... Did you know that battles for inheritance split families and often marriages? People want money and freedom to .... whatever.

Trust funds, given by those who worked hard in a prior generation, create the pattern of having money to soul search, as that is all people do these days - Who am I? Why am I here? Nothing makes sense! I'm too confused to see where this is all going?

The fine line between depression and burn out is closing.

Why can't I find a career? The grid pattern now is ... people of all ages do not want to work unless their job is meaningful and they feel passionate about it, usually taking them to a health or creative field. This is all linked to the closing of the program and the need to heal and help others to heal and help oneself. If you are depressed NEVER work out your issues by working with the mentally ill. Wrong way to go.

Confused people can't take any job as it makes no sense and creates instant burnout or sabotage --> disability. Are you a disability person? What did you do to get there? Do you wish you were programmed to be higher functioning? Clients are so savvy about disability these days they tell me ... My whole family is on disability. We label that the Disability Family Reading and sometimes find it humorous. Whatever ... gets you to the end of the program.

Then there's this ... then and now ... not everyone is programmed to find a chosen career or business. Some people are programmed to flounder, take meaningless jobs, and never find themselves - and in 2011 they resent it.

For some, when their business, or the family business fails ... look out ... now what? Few rebuild a former business and/or lifestyle as that is not their programming.

People are more upset about living with a confused state of mind now than ever before. There is something out there that needs to be seen .... to be understood ... and they need to find it because nothing else makes sense. It is the destiny which they came here to discover. You know what it is and it will help you make sense of everything.