On Tuesday July 31, 2007, I was part of the Hay House launch of Wayne Dyer's latest book, Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life.

Most people realize that everyone has some issues ... it's our bipolar electromagnetic energy game -- EEG - brain - consciousness.

What comes next is ... where one's issues come from and how to break free, if possible.

Many of the clients who were into the healing grid years ago are done. The program:

Clients who have completed their healing journey, now get the holographic message and are back in 3D having fun and manifesting grid patterns that work as they await the shift in consciousness. The happiest people find a serene place to live, alone or with someone who keeps them in balance (partner, pet). It's power simple.

On the matter of Changing Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts ... it goes to ... get help and ye shall manifest positively. So what else is new? Become aware of your emotional problems and learning challenges and where they came from. Too many mentally ill clients are telling me they are off their meds and relying on meditation and the like for healing.

Consciousness is rapidly detaching from the grids, making people more crazy than ever before, not to mention the ability to tolerate dramas is becoming a major issues. They ask why they have been sent back time and time again after accidents and suicide attempts. Do you know the answer? They are here to experience the End of Time (Program). People no longer want to live in drama or be around it. So change your life, your thoughts, your friends, family ties, the way you view it all, be alone and experience Play! Living with someone who defines your reality can create too much stress, especially if that person mirrors your issues. At the end of the day ... you are alone. Did you forget these are the games of the Trickster - The Court Jester in the Fleur de Lis (Flower of Life)

Many Crystalinks' readers have a book or short story they are developing. Most books go the author's healing process and will be self published. Others manuscripts will become a catharsis of their journey, in this part of the totality of their experiences in the program, and remain with them alone. When one heals, they are guided to heal others, a book being a natural source of expression. Books have moved from text to audio. Some continue the journey and move to script hopefully becoming a film or video that shares thoughts. Consciousness moves from audio to clairaudience ... from streaming video to clairvoyance. The only place that remains is the hologram which will explain projected illusion in the program and bring everything home. Technology is helping move consciousness. It's all part of the process of telling a story created by the story teller, who, according to the History Channel project I taped 2 weeks ago -- "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" -- is the Lion. I love Leo! Love my Leo moon!

The Lion, The Book, The Columns, The Wings

The Lion of Venice
The Blue (frequency) and The Gold (alchemy)
4 -- time, Leo, Lion, Omega, Closure

The Lion website above takes you to the

Piri Reis View of Venice, 1525

Piri Reis takes us to

Piri Reis Map

Which cycles back to Atlantis and beyond in the

Eclipse of Time and Consciousness

Stemming from ...

Sacred Imagination

One of the most remarkable aspects of a consciousness program is the ability to manifest through imagination. The archetypes and messages viewed in your 'out of body experiences', as well as those created through synchronicity, are all part of your sacred imagination. We all have ideas for technologies with a futuristic perspective. Did you ever stop to think that somewhere out there, in your vast experiences in consciousness, you are implementing them? For me, it's about travel. The only way to go, is to teleport, everything else is primitive. Keep imagining and creating, if only in your thoughts. Your sacred imagination is showing you the truth. Please pay attention and always follow the patterns as reality is created by sacred design, of which you are an aspect.