'The Celestine Prophecy', 'The Secret', 10 Insights to Manifesting

In 1994 I had the pleasure to meet James and sally Redfield after they published "The Celestine Prophecy". The theme, the Law of Attraction and the way Synchronicity Principle works. This year we find "The Secret". Why does everything have to be a secret that humanity has to unravel in time, that seems to be the game plan of linear time as we experience on the journey into awakening and consciousness. Let's look at the stories ...

The Celestine Prophecy

Thursday evening June 1, 2006

My friend, Pat, and I drove to Staten Island to attend the premiere of the Staten Island Film Festival, featuring the Celestine Prophecy. The event took place in the newly renovated St. George Theater.

Just outside the theater we met a woman who was 'impersonating' Bette Midler. At least that is what we thought she was doing. Dressed with an orange/red wig with a matching dress, she welcomed us. She really was funny, did a great impersonation.

Inside the theater there was a cocktail party after which we were seated. Pat and I had seats in the front row, center loge.

The newly renovated theater is gorgeous, the designers capturing its original essence ... but someone forgot to fix the air-conditioner and it got a wee bit stuffy as the theater was filled to capacity and it was a rainy humid night.

An organist, seated in a large alcove off to the right side of the stage, played music for half an hour before the movie began. During this time Z kept Pat and I amused by telling us the next song was dedicated from him to ... either Pat or I. For both of us ... he suggested several songs from 'The Wizard of OZ' which gave us a big laugh. He highlighted this with, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow.' Before the last song, Z said, "This one is just for you, Ellie." I anxiously sat in my seat and listened as the organist began to play, 'It Had To Be You'. (laugh)

Now on with the show ... No! Not yet ... First there were speeches from Staten Island residents who were part of the restoration of the theater and organizers of the Staten Island Film Festival. Really nice people. The final speech was given by the director of The Celestine Prophecy, a former Staten Island resident, Armand Mastroianni.

Alas ... let the show begin ...

The bad news is ... the sound system in the theater was not working properly, so we only heard bits and pieces of conversation during the film. Good way to learn 'lip reading'.

Here's the good news ... it's a good movie which takes you on another sacred journey with another 'Chosen One', John Woodson, linked to 9 ancient manuscripts and a parallel life experience dating to the 1600's.

The location and production, in Peru, was excellent.

Great Cast, but the performance of the main male protagonist, actor Matthew Settle, left something to be desired. I might have 'chosen' someone else in the endless showcase of talent in Hollywood and NYC. Like the film version of 'The Da Vinci Code', Settle's chemistry and that of the lead female, played by Sarah Callies, did not come across well onscreen.

Special affects included white auras and transformation of souls into light beings, who looked like the The Shining Ones. Some of the special effects reminded me of watching normal TV then changing channels to a high definition channel for the same show. There is a difference.

The message :: I wish I could have heard what Sarah said when she read something found on a stone at the end of the film. To me the message is ... we are evolving into light beings. 10 years ago that was a major statement. By now you should have 'gotten it', The 'Aha' moments, epiphanies, synchronicities, et al.

In the film we see that we attract into our grid experience what is needed for our journeys, especially under stress/duress, when we disconnect from the grid and spin a new scenario, based on a desired outcome.

Would I recommend the film? I would. I will wait for the DVD to really embrace the energies though.

After the movie, most people did not wait to hear James Redfield and other speakers as the theater was hot and the sound system wasn't good.

The following Tuesday ... I received this email from a local Manhattan resident, Linda Powers, who is a reader of Crystalinks and this column.

Linda came to my home on Tuesday, June 13 and taped a segment for her show. As it turns out we have the same birthday, February 17th, and as 2 Aquarians had lots of fun together, a friendship created.

Watch a clip from the show - Ellie and Linda on YouTube.

The Secret

"The Secret" speaks of the 'law of attraction' and how to manifest. The film suggests, as many metaphysical theories do, that anyone can manifest anything. That concept has been around forever, but is totally not true. There are parameters in each of our lives that cannot easily be set aside, things we are programmed to experience.

We have come to look for Systems, Numbered Messages that attract us when we are ready to consciously change. Why numbers? Our reality is based on science and math, the patterns of sacred geometry.

We find numbered

These act as guides to help with Healing, Manifestation, and Transformation, yet to me speak of a form of control in the sense of giving away your personal power to a system, as you are unable to sort things out on your own. Until you can do that, you will not be able to manifest. Your consciousness must evolve clearly, which comes as you get rid of people, places, and things in your life that bring chaos and drama and waste your time, energy, and thought. Train yourself to mentally connect with your soul on an ongoing basis. Don't ask it for anything. Observe how it programs your reality here. Work with your soul's goals at a given time, for they quickly change as your consciousness evolves.

When you are ready, you attract whatever system is spiking in the grid at that time, in order to manifesting the next. Manifesting in the physical frequency is far more complicated than meditating, praying, rituals, stating your intent, or others methods people employ to get what they want.

Let's work with Insights, Numbers and Manifestation ...

Insight #1 ... Reality is consciousness manifest in electromagnetic grids of experience. We ONLY manifest physically by grid connection.

Insight #2 ... If you are emotionally balanced you will attract that which will keep you in balance. If you have emotional problems, and are in denial, you will attract drama!

Insight #3 ... Think outside the box :: Observe what, when, and how you sabotage the patterns of your life. This is a form of manifestation by your soul after its energy reserve with existing patterns is depleted.

Insight #4 ... DNA :: We all search for different things ... love, power, money, recognition, healing, etc. Manifesting the desired result goes to one's programming and the DNA code they came here to play out. Use your family's DNA patterns as a guide.

Insight #5 ... Healing systems cannot teach you how to manifest, but can give perspectives about your emotional body and soul decisions. Psychologically speaking, it is the subconscious mind that is the driver of it all, therefore you have to link to that part of who you are to understand your patterns past, present, and future.

Insight #6 ... When trying to manifest, one must consider a whole host of peripheral streams of interconnected energies based on attaining that which one thinks they want.

Insight #7 ... Learning to manifest and shift grids creates synchronicities which may have underlying repercussions.

Insight #8 ... Observe your patterns and face the truth about limitations, so manifestation can evolve within the guidelines of your life.

Insight #9 ... Self-awareness will help you unfold your true potential and heal old wounds.

Insight #10 ... The nature of reality is an ever evolving hologram that is about to manifest souls into their true essence, the Shiny Ones.

Synchronicity is found in the Matrix.