Celebrities Help Us Understand Issues and Mental Illness

November 9, 2014

Last week I watched actresses Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway talk about low self esteem issues which is hard to believe given their beauty, talent, and personalities. Though strong women, they are sensitive about criticism and certainly cyber-bullying - something that can give anyone low self-esteem.

We all want to be loved, respected, and recognized for our accomplishments. Past experiences, as well as media influences, can take that all away in a moment. Many people feel the need to remove themselves from social media after a bad experience or something in their lives that they need to process personally.

Jennifer made another interesting point - she's just finding out who she is and in order to do that one needs time alone. Finding oneself, as we go from decade to decade in our lives, is about discovering and reinventing ourselves. When you understand that, you understand why relationships fail and many people spend a lifetime healing their issues.

One thing social media has taught us is that in the end, if we lie about anything in our lives, the truth will eventually come out, so tell it like it is from the beginning - which always brings to mind the storyline of Angelina Jolie and her journey here. Most wounded souls learn from the tragedies of others. It's one of many patterns in our reality.

Personally, when I started Crystalinks almost 20 years ago, I considered whether or not to tell my back story about my "alien encounter" and my personal life, deciding I was just going to say it like it is and so I have. It's why I'm here and my life has unfolded as it has. Luckily - or should I say luck had nothing to do a with it as I am programmed this way - I had a really "clean" past with no drugs, no drinking, no mental illness, no abuse, just a straight-laced educated lady with the special agenda and Z to guide and protect.

Friday on Entertainment Tonight, Patty Duke, 69, spoke about a lifetime of dealing with bipolar disorder. She took the words out of my blogs ... "There's no cure. We're born this way. It's a chemical imbalance of our brains. You can lead a balanced life with the right medications. Walk a minute in the shoes of someone who is mentally ill and you will understand. They need care, and love and understanding."

I also want to add that new methods of shock treatment often help but medication is needed. It's no different than having a medical problem in the physical body that requires monitoring and medication. Holistic medicines can help as well. Step 1 is accepting that you have mental illnesses and the genetics that created it. It's all in one's genes.

Too many mentally ill people are self medicating with drugs and alcohol as per their programming. With an addictive disorder they are sometimes taking too much medication - it should be monitored by a professional It's as if the pain and suffering in our hologram has become more than the average person can bare.

Let's get away from the metaphysical excuse that the craziness is about the increase in frequency. It's just the way people in this timeline are programmed for experience. It's not complicated. Its influences may show up in astrology or numerology, but when you peel away the layers all that's left is DNA programming and code.

Entertainment Tonight followed that story with the results of Robin William autopsy. Aside from suffering from depression, anxiety, and Parkinson's Disease, Williams suffered from a type of dementia that indicates early onset Alzheimers.

If you can wrap your mind around the concept that the brain is a biochemical machine that works by binary code and is programmed for everything that happens in your life, you can better understand the world around you and that we live in an electromagnetic bipolar reality that is unstable and will soon terminate based on its algorithm for shut down. It's all an illusion of consciousness set in time for experience, but I've blogged that before.