The Eye of the Camera is the Lens of the Soul

Eyes, Celestial Transits, Pink, Fuchsia, Future

Venus Transit, Venus Passage - June 8, 2004

The Hand of God touches each of us now in a new creation.

Is the hand quicker than the eye...
or is it all the work of the Trickster, Magician, Alchemist, Illusionist- Mentalist?

What Magic, Healing, or Alchemy is in your hands?

Gulrukh sent us these amazing Hand Art Images.

Spots on the Giraffe symbolize DNA

You are most often drawn to the 'Eye' in the image.
The Eye of the Animal, The Center of Creation -The Window to the Soul,
The Lens of the Camera through which you consciously experience.

CNN New York love nest set up by a Hawk named Pale Male, and his current 'bird' Lola. "If location is everything, as they say in the New York real estate market, Pale Male has the best of it, a 12th-floor love nest with a posh Fifth Avenue address and a stunning view of the Manhattan."

The Hawk symbolizes Horus, Resurrection
Eye of Ra, Eye of God,
Eye=Lens, Reality as projected illusion,
Thought consciousness projected through the 'lens of time.'

Coming Full Circle

Presently, the universe brings us many messages about the completion of a cycle called Time. The image above is a spectacular photo of a rainbow coming full circle, surrounding a central sun, and the 'tree of life'. Somewhere over the rainbow... the rainbow bridge connects realities. The color spectrum now expands to bring to us new tones and overtones as we look through the lens of time and see beyond...

Date: June 3, 2004
Place: Olympia, Washington
Camera: Canon Power Shot 550 Digital Camera

Comments: A great energy was all around when I took this picture. I wanted to lay down and enjoy it all day but only had time to do so for an hour and a half. I thought it would be a treat to see a Hawk in the sky that day, as I see them around all the time. Not five seconds after that, a hawk flew through the rainbow towards the east and screeched for me ... What a nice bonus!

I cannot tell you how many dreams I've had over the years of looking to the skies at signs and symbols. It was nice to actually see one during "wake" time.

Thanks again Ellie,


Mount Uluru Turns Violet/Fuchsia

From the fuchsia cloud to a violet monolith, the Violet Flame ignites to open the heart., Saint Germain

Sandy sent us this link to an interesting story, Uluru, Ayers Rock - in Australia, went from red to violet on June 1, 2004, waterfalls on the rocks causing the color change.

Lenticular Cloud

When: June 2004
Where: Sierra Nevada, Spain
Camera: ?
Taken by Hanne Elmose

Lenticular Cloud Formations

Mammatus Clouds Over Mexico NASA