Bipolar Relationships

Relationship Motto: Either it works or it doesn't.

October 21, 2007

In the ebb and flow of reality, when you get involved with a person who has mood swings, the nature of your relationship will follow suit. You will put a lot of physical and psychic energy into second guessing how they feel about you or why they want to be with you one moment, then sabotage the next. People with mood swings can love you today and want to end the relationship tomorrow. That is their pattern. Maybe they don't feel they deserve you. Who knows. Crazy stuff! They will bring out the worst in you, sides of yourself you will not recognize. Think about how much time and energy you put into creating balance within the relationship, and never succeed until at last you bail. Is it worth it? What are you getting out of it? sex? the emotional roller coaster you are used to or think you need? Eventually you will come to realize you are addicted to the drama.

One tends to feel that the average person wants a relationship that is basically healthy and stable. That only works for people who are stable - their brain chemistry functional. Yes ... it's a DNA thing again, mixed with personal experiences.

Many people get off by playing the mood swing game - a normal relationship not as emotionally charged as they need - the highs and lows - the accusations - second guessing and more. They check emails and cell phone messages of partners and on and on. They stoop to low lows... None of these people have a clue what constitutes a working relationship filled with the right kind of love and compassion.

At the end of the day ... a mood swinging partner - any partner who is a swinger - will drive you crazy with their neediness, lies, cheating, addictions, fears, anger and more. Be careful who you chose and if making the wrong chose, move on quickly.

What I tell clients who struggle and become addicted with mood swinging partners and can't let go, is to get professional help.

Ah ... but for those of us who enjoy the beauty, the laughter, and the spiritual awakening to the program - I salute you. Go out and live, love, open your heart and connect with those of like frequency.