NYC Five Boro Bicycle Tour May 2, 2004

View From Under The Verrazano Bridge

The NYC 5 boro bike tour is an annual event, the first Sunday in May. Bay Ridge, where I live, is one of the more scenic rest stops along the way, riders stopping to relax, use the bathroom, have free bottled water and fruit, and socialize or take pictures with fellow bikers from around the world. Always ... the world comes to my door step.

View From My terrace

I grabbed my camera, took a few pictures from my terrace, then took off for Cannonball Park, which dates to the American Revolution. A band in the park, in the gazebo, was playing a song called, "I can see my home from here" - which sort of felt right.

I took pictures in the park, socialized with the bikers, then went back upstairs at 3:00 to wait for a client. As he loves music and is into all things metaphysical, we went back to the park stopping under the bridge.

We connected with the Wesak grid created by people around the planet in celebration, while in the energies of a full moon lunar eclipse. Robert took a small purple velvet pouch from his jacket pocket. Inside were two clear quartz crystals that he felt guided to bring today. As I looked at the crystals, and was immediately drawn to one of them, which I held in my hand. Its energies seemed in tune with the bridge and music. I closed my eyes and saw Mount Shasta. I could experience and connect with the frequencies of the people at the Wesak festival. It's like turning on a radio, the bridge as my antenna, and adjusting to the station I wanted.

Later Robert told me an interesting story about the crystal I connected with. He bought it in Mount Shasta, in June 2003, in a crystal store where it had remained for 3 years. It was one of the smaller crystals in the center of a showcase. Sometimes a crystal just waits for its owner, the one with corresponding frequency, to come for it. When he decided to buy it, the owner of the store told him that it was an Isis crystal and that she needed to do a meditation with him while using the crystal. An Isis crystal is a record keeper that has 5 facets on its face and certain lines / markings on the back.

The woman told Robert that she generally does not meditate with customers who purchase crystals, but this was different. They went in a back room and meditated. Afterwards, they both felt that their combined energies activated the crystal. The crystal apparently likes to work in the energies of male/female, yin/yang. She told him that their meditation reconnected energy from Atlantis, to the present, and the future, in other words it aligned the grids. Crystals are resonators which can do more than we are consciously aware. They don't actually align grids, but they can raise and align frequencies between programs. Whatever you believe...

Finding a somewhat isolated area in the far corner of the park, we sat in the grass. Lo and behold a feather landed in front of me. I held the crystal from Mt. Shasta, while Robert held a crystal he purchased it while on top of Mount Fuji in December 2003. It was like connecting the energies of the Verrazano Bridge, Buddha/Tibet and Mount Shasta, as if a circuit.

In this moment we 'saw' many metaphoric symbols of creation. I saw a diamond (sacred geometry) as Robert saw a double terminated many faceted crystal, spiraling. I saw a mother cat carrying a newborn kitten in her mouth - Sekhmet and Rebirth. Robert saw Egyptian Hieroglyphs on a stone wall, including a scarab - a symbol of resurrection. I saw a human eye that had a red iris and a yellow pupil, while Robert saw the Vesica Pisces.

As we left the park, the last of the bicyclists, and the band, were preparing to leave. One of the band members was a woman named Gianni, who created a Tarot Deck called New York Tarot honoring famous places around NYC.

NYC Five Boro Bicycle Tour May 4, 2008