Atlantis, Lost City Found Off Cuba

The article below is about the discovery of a lost city that could predate the Great Pyramid. This is all about myths and metaphors and new story lines in our reality.

This discovery seems timely coming just after the World Trade Center. Humanity is searching for spiritual answers. Souls have been moving into higher consciousness levels of awareness. Reality seems different though in truth it is our collective consciousness that have altered based on the fall of the Twin Towers - twins - metaphors spiraling DNA - we fall into consciousness in the physical and spiral above as we evolve back to our true essence.

The towers were also metaphors for the number 11. Many people see 11:11or other combinations of double digits. 11=spiraling twin DNA.

As of late, movies are about Time Travel (which is actually Grid Travel - or traveling between grid programs), Atlantis, Harry Potter and Magic among other things created by the grids to help us remember that conscious awareness is changing and affecting all of the souls in this program.

Here are some of the metaphoric connections that run through the programs that our subconscious mind link (wake up to ) when a discover like this occurs.

  • Atlantis - Atlantean Grid Program (it co-exists with our program - as there is no linear time - which is just part of the illusion of all programs) - The Grid Programs and Dream Time Experiences are merging with our 3D grid / experiences.

  • Atlantis was allegedly part of our physical reality based on a 12,000 + cycle of time called the Precession of the Equinoxes - Cycles of time that follow the patterns of Creational/Scared Geometry. The metaphors here are about male frequency (Age of Leo to Age of Aquarius - slower - lower frequencies on the planet) -----> to a time of wakefulness----->return of the feminine energies in Aquarius - higher frequency consciousness. The number 12 is linked to 12:12 and sacred geometry of 12 pyramids around one creational source.

  • Atlantis - an evolved society - alien connections (as usual) - Ruler Tehuti - Thoth - Z - Creation by 12 Pyramids - Tehuti allegedly flew to Khem (Egypt) in a space ship and created the next program there - our reality - the patterns following the same geometry - He allegedly hid information - Hall of Records - in the Capstone of the Great Pyramid - a UFO underground between the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx - Hidden secrets in the right paw (feminine merge) of the Sphinx. This is ALL in frequency in the grids of our program - not in 3D - and won't be found.

  • The Great Pyramid and its ethereal twin create and hold our physical grid program. It is an electromagnetic energy grid program. The Great Pyramid in Giza is the same geographic location as that which creates and hold the Atlantean Program together. We think of Atlantis with many pyramidal structures and one main Atlantean Pyramid which like its counterpart in our program, was located in the center of the planet/grid.

    In some way this links to the center of the human brain - pineal gland - where we get information from the other side/ higher frequency aspects of ourselves and other souls

  • 'End Time Scenarios' usually run like this - - Something appears in the heavens (an end time trigger that our soul recognizes). There is the return of the some sort of savior (you will see whomever you feel comfortable with - from Jesus to Mary to a deceased family member. On the physical planet everything 'hits the fan' - natural disasters - war - BOOM - mass destruction - fear - panic - which is programmed to raise our consciousness to a place where we seek answers from a higher Source.

  • Soul consciousness is shifting. Our polarities are merge towards each other. Visual this effect as if you were looking at the magnetic poles (North and South) and the energies were merging towards each other. They will meet in the middle of the pole. They will collide. Then they will shift - reverse. It's not the planet's/ program's conscious awareness that is shifting - it is humanity's.

    With the theory of matter - anti-matter - when the positive and negative collide - the obliterate each other. That is just in the physical. On higher frequencies that does not apply.

    Magnetics are decreasing while planetary and human frequency are increasing to Zero Point Merge. Earth's Shrinking Magnetic Field

    Explorers View 'Lost City' Ruins Under Caribbean

    December 6, 2001 - Reuters

    Explorers using a miniature submarine to probe the sea floor off the coast of Cuba said on Thursday they had confirmed the discovery of stone structures deep below the ocean surface that may have been built by an unknown human civilization thousands of years ago.

    Researchers with a Canadian exploration company said they filmed over the summer ruins of a possible submerged ``lost city'' off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on the Caribbean island's western tip. The researchers cautioned that they did not fully understand the nature of their find and planned to return in January for further analysis, the expedition leader said on Thursday.

    The explorers said they believed the mysterious structures, discovered at the astounding depth of around 2,100 feet and laid out like an urban area, could have been built at least 6,000 years ago. That would be about 1,500 years earlier than the great Giza pyramids of Egypt.

    ``It's a really wonderful structure which looks like it could have been a large urban center,'' said Soviet-born Canadian ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky, from British Columbia-based Advanced Digital Communications (ADC).

    Zelitsky said the structures may have been built by unknown people when the current sea-floor actually was above the surface. She said volcanic activity may explain how the site ended up at great depths below the Caribbean Sea.

    In July 2000, ADC researchers using sophisticated side-scan sonar equipment identified a large underwater plateau with clear images of symmetrically organized stone structures that looked like an urban development partly covered by sand. From above, the shapes resembled pyramids, roads and buildings, they said.

    This past July, ADC researchers, along with the firm's Cuban partner and experts from the Cuban Academy of Sciences, returned to the site in their ship ``Ulises.'' They said they sent a miniature, unmanned submarine called a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) down to film parts of the 7.7-square-mile area.

    Those images confirmed the presence of huge, smooth, cut granite-like blocks in perpendicular and circular formations, some in pyramid shapes, the researchers said. Most of the blocks, measuring between about 6.5 and 16 feet in length, were exposed, some stacked one on another, the researchers said.

    Others were covered in sediment and the fine, white sand that characterizes the area, the researchers said.

    The intriguing discovery provided evidence that Cuba at one time was joined to mainland Latin America via a strip of land from the Yucatan Peninsula, the researchers said.

    ``There are many new hypotheses about land movement and colonialization, and what we are seeing here should provide very interesting new information,'' Zelitsky said.

    ADC's deep-water equipment includes a satellite-integrated ocean bottom positioning system, high-precision side-scan double-frequency sonar, and the ROV. The company currently is commissioning what it calls the world's first custom-designed ocean excavator for marine archeology to begin work both at the Guanahacabibes site and at ship wrecks.

    ADC is the deepest operator among four foreign firms working in joint venture with President Fidel Castro (news - web sites)'s government to explore Cuban waters containing hundreds of treasure-laden ships from the colonial era.

    The Canadian company already has discovered several historic sunken Spanish ships.

    In an earlier high-profile find, ADC was testing equipment in late 2000 off Havana Bay when it spotted the century-old wreck of the American battleship USS Maine. The ship had not been located since it blew up mysteriously in 1898, killing 260 American sailors and igniting the Spanish-American War.

    The rush of interest in Cuba's seas in recent years is due in part to the Castro government's recognition that it does not have the money or technology to carry out systematic exploration by itself, although it does have excellent divers.