Welcome to My World...Aquarius

January 21, 2004

Wednesday the Sun entered Aquarius and my soul sang...

The sun shone brightly and I felt 'Her' energies soaring through my body.

My birthday is February 17th and I feel the energies of my sun sign energizing me.

The New Moon is at 1 Aquarius, Its influences remaining for five days after January 21st.

This is indeed a time to recognize the flow of the feminine energy, the return of the priestess energies within each of us and the awakening of the spiritual self. It is a great time to meditate and connect with those aspects of who you are.

Connect with your inner child, your emotional body.

Embrace the fear and pain...
Now release them to the New Moon.

Pennies From Heaven

Wednesday afternoon I read several clients who came here to talk with family members who have crossed over. One of them was a woman named Lisa who I had not seen in four years.

We spent time psyching on her current situations, and were visited by many spirits, including her deceased father Frank, her uncle Steven who was like a father to her, her mother and father-in law, among others who made all sorts of noises. Lisa dreamed about her uncle Steve recently. He showed her a soft pillow with each of the four corners tied in a knot.

I kept telling Lisa that something important was connected to the letter 'S'. She saw my book Sarah and Alexander' lying at the far end of the table and thought it had something to do with the book. As we know each other for many years, she was thrilled that I had finally finished writing it. She bought a copy of the book after we completed her session.

We thought the energies I picked up with the letter 'S' were connected to uncle Steven as I kept getting that name.

When her session was over Lisa got up, got her bag and coat then carefully laid the coat on the chair she had been sitting on. There was nothing on the chair.

Lisa paid me then picked up her coat. We looked down and were shocked to find the seat of the chair covered with small quartz crystals and four pennies.

We looked for other crystals on the floor beneath the chair, on the couch, where she placed her coat during the reading, and the floor near the couch, or anywhere else in the room. There were no other crystals anywhere.

The crystals had manifested on the chair for a reason. We knew they were a gift/message from Spirit ...but which Spirit and what messages were given? As with all gifts from Spirit, it is all part of personal interpretation. Hopefully it means money is coming.

As my name is Crystal, we knew there was a message for me as well as Lisa. Lisa is also the name of a close friend who is helping me find an agent for 'Sarah and Alexander'. 4=completion of project. The square, diamond shape, sacred geometry? Steven? Spielberg? Lisa's uncle, Steven? Money for each of us? President Lincoln= Freedom?

Lisa took some of the crystals home, placing them and three pennies, in a zip bag

while I placed one penny and the rest of the crystals in a mirrored circular container.
They are now on a shelf with the rest of my quartz crystals.

On the first day of Aquarius....

The Sun Goddesses smiled on us and brought us.... Pennies From Heaven.

This article from About.com, speaks about a phenomenon where money miraculously appears to manifest from out of nowhere. I didn't even know it was a phenomenon! What's interesting is that one of the case histories is about a woman named Ellie from Australia.

Lisa's spirits had mentioned the name Helen. Lisa does not know anybody with that name. As it turned out, in the chaos of the moment ...my next client arrived ... and her name was Helen. Helen also witnessed the manifestation of the crystals and helped us search for more. Helen also had come to talk to a spirit, her beloved sister who passed in June 2003. Lots of messages here and many tears....Lots of floral fragrance.

As we came to the end of Helen's reading, I saw a giant letter 'I', meaning 'me'. I 'saw' a male spirit and smelled smoke, and saw a fireplace with burning ashes. This meant nothing to Helen.

My last client was a phone session with many in Calgary, Canada, a former client who I had not spoke to for several years. He had 'lost' his father that day, January 21, 2004, after a long illness. Through his tears and grief, he called me to see if there was perhaps a message from his father. His father's name was 'Iron', with an 'I'. Iron's remains will be cremated today, hence the smell of burning ashes. His father showed me what looked like a beacon of light at the top of what looked like a vanilla ice cream cone, which was upside down with the ice cream melting onto the sides. Iron told me that the light will never go out. As it turns out, Iron's son will place Iron's ashes in an urn at the top of a mountain that is sacred to both of them, and place an eternal flame there so he can climb the mountain and feel the spirit of his father. The vanilla ice cream cone looked like a snow covered mountain to me.

....And so the reading/conversation with Iron continued.....

As with all spirits, Iron will contact those he left behind, in dream time.

We honor you Iron and wish you safe passage...