Aliens and UFO's Among Us

In 1985, Ruth Montgomery wrote a book called Aliens Among Us. For those connected with the alien experience, or a feeling of not being from 'here', this awakened within them a feeling of mission and soon going home.

Increased sightings of space craft by astronauts space and by those on the planet seems to be going somewhere. Many people believe that aliens can take on human form and affect what is happening on the planet today, positive or negative. This is the stuff the science fiction is made of and yet there is always the possibility of truth.

As we explore physical evidence of ancient astronauts, in the human record, art work, cave pictographs, legends, oral traditions, some conclude that at different points in our physical exploration (experiment) of Earth we were visited by aliens, most likely the gray race, who still monitor our behavior and interact with us. This goes to the ongoing alien abduction experience and biogenetic experiments to create a superior race (paralleling the Nazi German program).

Reality, as a virtual experience in linear time and emotion, takes it's roots from a creational source not of the physical plane, one that we sense, giving us a feeling of being 'alien' to this reality, one has wandered into human consciousness and walk among us to experience. To see one's self as alien and not from here, often called a wanderer, is to say that one is experiencing in many realities (grid programs) simultaneously.

There are people who claim ongoing contact with aliens, not the grays but from other parts of the universe (matrix) who bring information about the destiny of humanity. Most theories are the same, create balance or all will be destroyed, yet with that destruction souls return to the next level of experience, a golden age, if you will, of light without the physical.

Who are the aliens among us? Where are they from? What are their agendas? Do they come from off planet or subterranean worlds?

We are about to find out.

Do aliens have a spiritual agenda?

Will wee experience them in dream time and meditation?

Do aliens affect communication on and off planet?

How much of the literature and media hype about them is real?

Are they watching us or we watching them? Who are the Watchers?

Why is the southwest (Roswell), so important?

Do they walk among us?