US Presidents and UFO's

It would seem that most US presidents - both past and present - have knowledge of an alien presence but can't or won't disclose the truth. Apparently they all knew/know ... and/or experienced them personally. It actually goes back to the beginning with George Washington a Freemason whose destiny was guided.

July 2, 1988

Ellie and her Infrared Photos, Akhenaton, Sphinx, UFOs, Time Travel

The UFO phenomenon always stirs as we approach July 4th (Roswell as a trigger). Many UFO films premiere in and around this date as it aligns with the algorithm of the Masonic Program (reality) - Freemason symbolism - to create a subroutine in which we experience. It all begins and ends with Z (Zoroaster).

The imposing city of Washington D.C. was inspired by the ancient world, as seen in the Greek pillars, Roman domes and even an Egyptian-style obelisk that mark the landscape. But is it possible that the designs and philosophies enshrined in the streets of the U.S. capital were influenced by an otherworldly source? Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos travels to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia to investigate the origins of the American democratic experiment. Did George Washington have an alien encounter at Valley Forge - one that gave him mystical protection throughout the American Revolutionary War? Does the way Washington D.C. was planned and constructed hold any clues to the beliefs of the nation's founding leaders? Did the Native American stories of Sky Gods play a role in the establishment of the United States? Might the inspirational ideas of reason and science embraced by the Founding Fathers have in fact been seeded by an extraterrestrial intervention? Ancient Aliens Season 1 - "The Founding of America"

April 1954 - I was taken and shown my destiny though at age 11 - I didn't understand only realizing it would one day be important.

December 2002 brought the TV miniseries Steven Spielberg Presents Taken. At the time my daughter Nikki was working for the Syfy Network and surprised me with the DVD's in a lucite case. To this day I still watch Taken. You can buy the DVD set from Amazon but not in the lucite case which I believe was only available to those in the industry.

The miniseries takes place from 1944 to 2002 and follows the lives of three families: the Crawfords, who seek to cover up the Roswell crash and the existence of aliens; the Keys, who are subject to frequent experimentation by the aliens; and the Clarkes, who sheltered one of the surviving aliens from the crash. As a result of the decades-long storyline, not a single actor or character appears in every episode of the series. Reception was positive. The series won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Miniseries and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Miniseries or TV Movie.

"Taken" and my story (I was born 2/17/1943) open during WWII ...

FDR, WWII, Foo Fighters

There does exist an international conspiracy that includes world leaders - past and present - as well as the Vatican who fear the truth as it conflicts with their agendas, teachings, and power. Aliens in any form - including humans as we are not from here - have always been part of the human experiment.

The current insert entered the simulation during WWII with Foo Fighters and other sightings which would take us to Hitler's agendas of biogenetic experiments (as a mirror of our reality) and time travel (time holds the illusion in place) during FDR's administration.

Aliens and US Presidents - Ancient Aliens - April 18, 2020 - History Channel

1954 - Ellie, Eisenhower, and Alien Encounters

In early April 1954 when I was 11 - I was taken on a UFO in the Nevada desert which is where my story begins and has brought me to this point in the equation. One of the things I later discovered in my years of UFO research is - six weeks earlier on Feb. 20, 1954 - President Dwight Eisenhower allegedly interrupted his vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., to make a secret nocturnal trip to a nearby Air Force base to meet two extraterrestrial aliens.

This scenario has been around for years - be it true or false. I never would not have paid much attention to it ... yet when I read about the encounter something connected for/to me. Today when I look at that timeline - the story does not follow for me other than there was an alien presence in that area at that time. Whether or not there were political implications we probably will never know but we do know that since the Roswell Incident agreements were made and technology advanced exponentially through reverse engineering. Read more from the Washington Post

JFK Conspiracy Theory - Ancient Aliens

Richard Nixon, Jackie Gleason and the UFOs - 1973

The night Nixon allegedly showed Jackie Gleason
alien corpses at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida

Jimmy Carter's UFO Encounter - October 1969

Ronald Reagan on Aliens

On Sept. 21, 1987, then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan gave an address to the United Nations General Assembly. In an often-quoted section of his speech, Reagan said, "Occasionally I think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien force already among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?"

Bill Clinton and UFO's

Bill Clinton and UFO's ... He aligned with the "cigar-shaped" one. Disclosure was not his thing. His administration was filled with tantalizing conspiracies. Like other presidents he was just blowing smoke. Bill Clinton asked aides to investigate aliens, UFO files

George W Bush and Jimmy Kimmel

His father President George H.W. Bush had been head of the CIA and was briefed on UFO and alien intel while in the White House. It could take us back to agreements between Earth's governments and aliens.

Barak Obama and James Corden

Tuesday night Barack Obama spoke to James Corden about UFOs. He admitted nothing that we didn't already know. I believe that all of the presidents going back as far as Truman were involved in UFO research, recovery, conspiracies and coverups - all except Trump who they would not trust with the information. I still believe Trump would have been reelected if he presented evidence to the world. The need to move past this reality of drama hinges on many things which highlight with extraterrestrial intervention for starters.

Barack Obama and James Corden discussing UFOs Tuesday night.

Barack Obama and Will Smith discussing UFOs May 6, 2021

Trump and George Stephanopoulos

Biden Avoiding the Question (May 2021)

UFOs and Government Cover-ups

After 70+ years of UFO sightings and alleged "interaction" with all sorts of entities ... here come more spoilers from the government ... a 'Ho hum' vs an 'Ah ha' moment. Don't expect them to produce aliens or retrieved aircraft. To keep our experiment perpetuating the simulation will drop a few "bread crumbs" by acknowledging that there are unexplained phenomenon in the sky - replete with pics, video and redacted pages that are meaningless to those who seek answers. If they acknowledged an extraterrestrial presence don't expect aliens to come forward and tell us the secrets of creation and the universe. That intel is encoded in your DNA to be activated at the end. An alien agenda is a substitute for past civilizations who believed in mythological Gods who created us and will one day return. Not happening. These UFOs could be government ships or projections by the simulation and are perhaps surveillance drones. Like the government they are toying with us.

Hackers and Alien Agendas

With all of the hackers out there - at least one group or individual should have been able to find out the truth about an alien agenda. To date no one has come forward or perhaps they have been silenced. It's all just a game.

Looks are Deceiving

This is neither a UFO nor an aurora above the treeline of North Kingstown, Rhode Island. It's a cloud of barium vapors released by a Black Brant sounding rocket, launched at 8:04 pm EDT on May 16th from Wallops Island, Virginia. Researchers from the University of Alaska are doing an experiment called KiNET-X. Its purpose is to solve a longstanding mystery about auroras. Monday