The Mission

Saturday October 15, 2016

We all have the same mission ... to look beyond emotions and remember that we are projected illusion in a simulation - but as a reader of blog you know that ... at least intellectually.

If you get it you're lucky and your perspective on reality changes. Most people don't get it. Third dimension or physical reality is about the journey into emotions - positive and negative - and the evolution out.

My mission here is about discussing the nature of reality - its truths, misconceptions and multi-facets as a simulation. I can be a healer and energy worker but for the most part I choose not to deal with people's emotional issues. People heal when programmed to do so - not before - and luckily I'm not programmed to ride the emotional roller coaster with them.

For years after Crystalinks came online ... I avoided the subject of the simulation because most weren't ready though I did meet people who knew. This is not to say their awareness came from substance use, mental or intellectual challenges, or anything other than their programming.

Our bio-genetic experiment in 3D or physical reality is about the study of emotions as perceived in linear time - the focus now on realizing that most people have issues they are programmed to deal with to reach the final understanding that this is a simulation.

A friend recently asked me ... if you understand that we are programmed illusion ... what is the point of getting out of bed every day? In truth more and more people are burning out and not able to get up and get out. Look around and you'll see what I mean. We go through our daily motions because we are programmed to - it's that simple.

As the algorithm of our simulation evolved to the point of understanding who we are and why we are here, it was time to move beyond healing and energy and into truth ... Experience is based on programming.

2011 highlighted as physicists came forth with theories about reality as a simulation and the nature of existence theoretical or fact. It was also the year many were opening to end times based on the 2012 prophecies. Reality, as you know is set in linear time - this information - and everything else - coinciding/aligning with the evolution of consciousness - about to make a giant leap forward.

Today that information is appearing more frequently as the hologram generates algorithms into end times. There's nothing emotional, spiritual, or metaphysical about it. It's all science and math. If you have been reading my blogs you know that there are people who are born programmed to get that this is a hologram and others who will when it Fades to Black. I'm just coasting along until it's over. If you watch events on all levels your consciousness provides ... you see that is what's next.