Key Story Part II - Roman Connections

Wednesday October 24, 2012

On October 14, I wrote a blog called The Key about my wild adventures with missing keys that day. Today something far more bizarre happened.

I like to vacuum my carpet every day, unless too busy. I have thick carpet and love the way it looks and feels after it is vacuumed. On this day, I vacuumed in the morning, then went about my business.

At 3:00 I prepared my table for my clients - both from Italy - Pamela, from Rome (30, fashion industry) who was here visiting her friend Clara, 28, who lives in the city having moved here from Milan in 2010.

Standing beside the table, my toes made contact with something metal in the carpet. I knelt down and retrieved the key in the photos below. Studying the key, I pondered yet another key mystery. The key clearly could not belong to anyone who visited this week or it would have gotten caught up in the vacuum this morning ... or yesterday morning and no one called about it.

At that moment the clients rang the doorbell and entered the apartment as I stood there holding the key. Coming from Rome, Pamela immediately recognized who was on the key - Anthony of Padua ... And so we went to Wikipedia. I nearly fainted when we read his description. "St. Anthony is venerated all over the world as the Patron Saint for lost articles, and is credited with many miracles involving lost people, lost things and even lost spiritual goods." What are the odds of me reading a client, visiting from Rome, just after finding the key?

The clients used my camera to take a few pictures to post here. What is so interesting is the key is silver in most lights, with a bronze edge, but when you look at it, in the Wikipedia image, it appears gold, as in alchemy. Yes, I know it is the light reflecting, yet a truth is being shown to me.

Just noticed ... the hands on the clock behind me are both on 3 - 33 or Christ Consciousness.

33 is associated with the Freemasons mentioned in this blog - October 2004 ("8" years ago).

I took 3 consecutive pictures of the back of the key

and this is what I got.

Light refraction yes, but a message as well.

Going ... going ... gone !

While reading Clara from Italy, I suddenly felt the room shake and grabbed the arms of my chair.

"Did you feel that?" I asked.

"Feel what?" Clara replied.

"The Earthquake!"

Clara felt nothing - yet it was so real to me.

Two days later ... One dead as 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit southern Italy early Friday morning - October 26, 2012

2012 Northern Italy earthquakes   Wikipedia

Five days later ... Hurricane Sandy - Ellie Reporting from Brooklyn

Passion and Resurrection

If the top image was Mother Mary and Jesus that iconography
is derived from the Egyptian prototype Isis suckling Horus.

Last week my friend George dreamed Isis returned
which takes us to the return of the Phoenix and related.

Thursday October 25, 2012

This key image of St. Francis of Assisi is similar except for the top figure.

The back features what could be a Roman Aqueduct above.

The letter "M" on my key has a circle of 12 stars around it.

Now for the fun stuff ...

Moving along to the Astronomy Picture of the Day - I found a new nebula to add to my growing collection on Crystalinks' Nebula File (search "Other Nebulae" on the file). As I posted the new nebula image, I looked at the nebula just above it. May the saints preserve us ... it was the Keyhole Nebula. After a big laugh I searched google images for the Keyhole Nebula and found ... (Ellie still laughing) ...

In the image below ... the Keyhole Nebula is on the left and is part of the Eta Carina Nebula.

It looks like the hand of god pulling humanity to safety.

The universe has a sense of humor.

"Flipping the bird"
Z as Thoth - an Ibis bird - (Trickster Creator) - having the last laugh.

THE END (2:26)



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