The Stock Market in October

Based on past history many expected a big crash this month. I don't see it.

October 19, 1987

Black Monday -- Dow Jones Industrial Average falls by 22%.

Black Thursday October 24, 1929 stock market crash

Stock Market Crashes

Stock Market

The stock market has hit near-record heights this year, despite myriad reasons for anxiety: the U.S. presidential elections, Brexit, China's economic slowdown. But some analysts warn that a severe fall could be coming. They see a worrisome parallel in the current highs to the run-up to Black Monday, the global crash that sent stocks plummeting on this date in 1987.The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 500 points in New York, a 22.6 percent decline that remains the largest in the index's history - even outstripping the 1929 plunge that heralded the Great Depression. Investors in U.S. stocks lost an estimated $1 trillion.

Computerized trading systems were new, enabling a sell-off at a scale not seen before. More than 600 million shares were traded in New York. The American Stock Exchange's disk drives ran out of storage space. High-speed trading and communications amplified the crash around the world. Japan took record losses. Hong Kong stopped trading for the rest of the week. Europe's markets were in free fall. "We've never had anything like this," a European trader said. But a crisis on the scale of the Great Depression did not materialize. The drop, in the end, was far more modest than that of 2008. And the markets fully recovered within two years. - New York Times - October 19, 1016

Where was I when the stock market crashed in 1987? My BFF Louise and I were teachers who took part time jobs in a bank in Queens two days a week after school. What I remember most about this day is ... it's my daughter Nikki's birthday.

Moving to the presidential campaign and Wall Street ... Which candidate has been most criticized due to her connections? Bought and paid for by who? to what end? Sniff ... sniff ... No I'm not Trump at a debate. I smell a conspiracy ... that has its roots in history.

Revolution 2016

Full Circle, New World Order, Old World Themes, Trump, Hillary, Michelle Obama

Final Showdown at the Las Vegas Corral

Wednesday October 19, 2016

Las Vegas is a playground often connected with Donald Trump. Hillary is the odds on favorite going in but this is been an unpredictable campaign. How will Trump size up to his opponent? Who will be victorious? Place your bets ...

It's make it or break it time for Donald Trump tonight as he self-destructs before our eyes yet promising not to go down without a fight. History will remember and explore the rise and fall of Donald Trump - before, during, and after the election. He started as a candidate no one believed would win the nomination and yet he defied all odds defeating 16 other presidential hopefuls. His statement is to take down the establishment that has ruled American politics since the beginning and is another hierarchy in governmental control. They say it's not over till it's over so let's see if Trump can pull a rabbit out of the hat and what the algorithm of our holographic reality has in mind for the "future".

About the election being rigged ... Not only is the election orchestrated and rigged so is everything else in politics. The fact that Donald Trump behaved as he has in recent months shows that something is either wrong with his mind or something is going on behind the scenes that we can only speculate on but is obvious.

  Presidential debate: What to watch for in the last Clinton-Trump face-off   CNN - October 19, 2016
For Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it's time to begin the closing arguments. Both nominees enter Wednesday's presidential debate - the final showdown of the election season - with historically high unfavorability ratings, and need to convince undecided voters why the country would be worse off with their opponent in the White House. The match-up also comes as Trump is making perhaps his most outlandish argument yet -- that the 2016 election is rigged to help Clinton win. Clinton, meanwhile, will have a fresh set of questions to answer around newly released hacked emails and fresh revelations about her use of a private email server at the State Department. If the last two debates are any indication, Wednesday night promises to be contentious, theatrical, and unpredictable. Here's what to watch ...