Theory of everything ... To save the world ... Man scales Trump Tower

Police Capture Man Climbing Trump Tower After Hours-Long Standoff

To scale a building ... to climb a mountain ... is an interesting metaphor as people seek to reach great heights, make a statement, or find answers.

Wednesday August 10, 2016

I was out this afternoon and didn't know about the Trump Tower incident until I got home and put on the TV just as things were culminating. This is what I saw ...

... I'm watching a man scaling Trump Tower as the cops are about to pull him inside ... The cops just pulled him in ... NBC is showing a YouTube video made by the climber. The man is young, a Trump supporter and wants to talk to Trump. Later he was identified as Stephen Rogata, 20, of Great Falls, Virginia.

Many crazy people have emailed me through the 21 years Crystalinks has been online - wanting to share their theories on everything. About 90% are men who believe they have the answers and want to discuss, review their work, etc. Many have done extensive research, self-published books, and on and on ... like healers who create their own system. One guy wanted to pay my expenses to Egypt to find the Ark of the Covenant ... seriously ... he said he knew where it was. Nice guy but way off ... One must separate truth from fiction.

Some guys flirt and say we were meant to be together. They think I'm a priestess or something. Really? That never happened. Who would want to be a boring priestess with limited powers. It's all about power and truth ... hence the illusion that any of this is real. When you have power you go beyond god-related programming, understanding reality is a mind construct. That is where the answers reside ... in consciousness.

I deleted the emails from the crazies and never took any of it seriously. All I ever wanted is to have the ability to physically teleport. Somewhere out there I can - but not in this reality. Bummer.

So for tonight this is what we have ... a crazy man connecting with another both seeking the limelight, hoping to make a difference, and to save the world. How many times have we heard that before?

We are lucky he wasn't the violent type or things could have ended very badly.

Let's just close the hologram. On the count of 3 .... Come on Donald ... help us out here ... clueless ... or maybe just a good actor.

The days grow worse for Donald Trump as most of us hope something gets done to change the Republican candidate. It's as if he wants to self destruct. Could this all be a diversion to get Hillary elected or another hidden agenda? Obviously so. Remember that their daughters remain close through all the chaos which seems weird.

Wednesday night on CNN a guest panel discussed the election. All agreed that both candidates lie and are self serving. No one had a solution as there is none. It's all just an algorithm playing out.