Monday August 11, 2014

In the chaos of reality, grandsons Matthew (11), Noah (8), and their friend George, had a

Treehouse Adventure in Westport, CT

The Tree of Life represents Creation and goes by many names, designs, and myths.

Children represent the emotional body and hopefully maintain their innocence for years.

Robin Williams always had a child-like innocence that endeared him to millions of people.
Monday, he committed suicide at age 63 after battling severe depression and alcoholism.

The Primordial Egg

My daughter Zsia wearing her Mork & Mindy Suspenders

I go back with Robin to the "Mork and Mindy" show and always found him to be a very sad soul with amazing talent. I watched the series with my family in the days before they knew anything about my alien experience. Robin played Mork, a lovable alien "stranded" here, who falls in love with an Earth woman, Mindy, played by Pam Dawber who is married to Mark Harmon star of the TV series NCIS. We all play multiple roles simultaneously.

This year Pam appeared on Robin's sitcom The Crazy Ones. The last episode of the series, which was cancelled May 10, 2014, was "The Lighthouse". Last week I blogged about Lighthouses. Robin Williams was a genius - and like most geniuses in science and entertainment - had issues to deal with.

We are programmed for intellect and emotions. Sometimes the two are not in balance - the greater the talent - the greater the chemical imbalance. Millions of people will mourn Robin's death then focus on their own lives and issues. It's never easy in physical reality. I'm sure you read about - or know people who suffer from clinical depression and substance abuse - taking their own lives. It is all about patterns that seem to be accelerating in this broken reality. It was programmed that way but now we are starting to see the truth behind the illusion.

Humans were created as part of a biogenetic experiment guided by alien intervention which is guided by the hologram of our reality. Human DNA contains strands of alien genetic material that guides some researchers to solve the existence of humanity - past, present, future - through the alien equation. If we were programmed for truth, life would be so different, or not exist at all.

I don't know what I loved most about Robin - because it was everything. What comes to mind right now is "Comic Relief" with Whoopie Goldberg and Billy Crystal. Good-by Robin. You will be missed. Stop by when you can. Bring your spaceship ... Nano Nano! When I "see"your soul, it's dispersed into millions of soul sparks across the sky ... like fireworks.

The results of Robin William autopsy - no drugs or alcohol. Aside from suffering from depression, anxiety, and Parkinson's Disease, Williams suffered from a type of dementia that indicates early onset Alzheimers.

July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

Robin Williams

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Robin Williams was an award winning
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You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.

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Once upon a time an alien boy came to Earth and fell in love with a human girl.

This is the story of "Sarah and Alexander" and Mork & Mindy

Orphic Egg - World Egg

Snakes and Reptilians

The Approach

August 11, 2014

Maybe it's the full moon (supermoon) in my sun sign Aquarius, our rapid approach to Virgo Transition, the explosive situations on the planet, or something else, but something is coming after a long journey in linear time. The reptilian side of my soul's experience (Dilmun) - who emerged in my facial features last weekend - signals that change within the hologram. This may sound silly, but it's as if Dilmun is on a ship - for lack of a better word - and is telling me that he will be here soon. He seems calm and relaxed - not the least bit threatening. I see him standing on the deck looking out at vast oceans of celestial objects as he heads towards a black hole. The black hole and reality as projected illusion

How many times have you had moments where you felt a consciousness shift, reality doesn't work for you, felt your soul aspects merging, or had an experience that allows you to know it is bringing you one step closer to the end? I would say many times at accelerating frequencies as the illusion of time ends. Time seems to be accelerating, yet in fact it is slowing to zero when the hourglass (our class) ceases to exist. Does this have to do with the black holes created by the Large Hadron Collider?

The God Particle, or Higgs Boson, was discovered July 4, 2012 which some say was the real message left by the Mayans as we emerge into an Age of Enlightenment or out of physical reality. That happens to be the date my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander ended. Coincidence? I think not!

Once upon a time an alien boy came to Earth and fell in love with a human girl.

This is the story of "Sarah and Alexander "and Mork & Mindy