Over the Mountain, Across the Sea

Wednesday August 1, 2012

Though Mercury was Retrograde I ventured off to the mall as Z was back and we shop well together. Z is hardly ever around these days so having him back to play speaks of an adventure about to happen - sometimes in chapters and always laced with synchronicities.

Macy's Department Store Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn

There I was in the women's clothing department challenging Z to find me a blouse in the popular red-orange color women are wearing this summer "Turn around," Z said. (Ellie turning around) There on the clothing rack was the perfect blouse by Jones of NY - in my size and marked down to $25 - the only blouse like it anywhere in the store I later discovered. (smile)

Next I walked to the pants department telepathically showing Z what I wanted, but finding nothing. Z to the rescue telling me to go to the lingerie department where I would find the pants. Really? Yup! There there were and they fit perfectly. A few more synchronicities and my arms were full of bargains - wishing I had a shopping cart. "No problem", said Z who sent me across the floor to linens - and there hidden in a far corner was a shopping cart waiting for me. (smile) Walking to the cash register, I passed a rack of shorts on sale so I grabbed 3 pairs by the same manufacturer, but didn't try them on. In retrograde one should know that would be a mistake, but I was ready to leave, and Z didn't say anything. When I got home, needless to say the shorts were too big - so why didn't Z warn me I wondered?

Thursday August 2, 2012

I decided to exchange the shorts hoping they still had my size and sensing something was brewing as Z was too quiet.

Just before leaving (around 11am) - I got a call from Bob, a man my age, who lives just across the street, likes to flirt, and thinks I'm an alien. (laugh). I knew it was him from caller ID - but when I picked up the phone music was playing ... a favorite oldie "Over the Mountain" by Johnnie and Joe. And so Bob and I sang together - laughed a lot - and talked about how much we like oldies music. Time to go to the mall ...

Once there I quickly exchanged the shorts for the last 3 pair in my size still wondering why Z made me return to the store. I never return anything especially when shopping with him. Hmmm ....

Driving home along the Belt Parkway I decided to stop at a salad bar and get take-out for lunch. I quickly picked my veggies (and chicken) and started to walk back to the parking lot, passing tables with people sitting outside. Three men my age were having coffee ... and as I passed, they burst into song. And what did they sing to me? You got it ... "Over the Mountain". I was so taken back, I decided to walk over and talk to them. As I did ... they changed to another golden oldie, "Till Then". (Ellie laughing at the synchronicities and feeling Z's influence.)

I sat down to talk about music and life and times in Brooklyn in the old days. They are all professional musicians and singers and asked if I ever sang? (Big laugh from Ellie who can't carry a tune). All of the men were Italian from Bensonhurst. One man insisted I must be in media so I gave them the short version of my experiences mentioning the 1950's dancing on the Alan Freed show and dating musician Jay Seigel of the Tokens back in the days when Neil Diamond and I were friends. Another man gave me a newsletter about his group playing for Obama. Very cool ... but alas time to go home.

Back in the car, I decided to call my friend Geri in Idaho and share my adventures with her. As we talked, Geri sent me the YouTube of "Over the Mountain" and we laughed about it all.

Back on the Belt Parkway, I decide to listen to a CD of oldies music I had made from my iTunes favorites. Generally when I drive I listen to the news - but oldies were on my mind. I pushed the CD button which would play where it left off months ago. Guess what song came up? Yup ... "Over the Mountain" (Ellie stunned and laughing and thinking ... You can't make this up!). I stopped the CD and called Geri to tell her ... and as we laughed knowing Z had set it all up, "Over the Mountain" began to play through her speakers though she was no longer on the YouTube page.

Ellie arrives home...

Once upstairs I received a call from a woman named "Dawn" who asked if I was free that afternoon for a reading. She arrived at 4pm and mentioned that she is never punctual, but she was "exactly on time" this day. I asked who recommended me to her. It seems the day before she had met a long time client of mine on the beach at "Coney Island". His name is "Adam" a part-time opera singer who once sang oldies to me. So Dawn and Ellie had a reading focused on her "long-distance relationship" with a man on the west coast ... and when it was over ... a burst of energy suddenly shot across the room about 3 feet above the floor. I saw it quickly move from beneath the living room skylight to where Dawn sat ... and in a final burst went BANG ... startling us. So what created this "Big Bang"? We searched for clues and found nothing. But Dawn told me something interesting. Just after the Big Bang, she heard a man's voice talking. She couldn't make out what he was saying - only that he spoke in a normal tone. We know who that is. FYI - Dawn is a personal trainer who does yoga, but is not a psychic per se. She also has long red hair and reminded me of the Phoenix.

And so when you put all the metaphors together the message from Z is clear ...

Over the Mountain, Across the Sea

Over the mountain
Across the sea
There's a girl, she's waiting for me

Cross over the river, beyond every cloud
She's passed the wind that's blowing loud
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me

Tell all the sands and every blade of grass
Please tell the wind to let my love pass
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me

Tell the moon up in the sky
Tell the birds that fly by
That over and over and over the mountain
My love waits for me

Into each dark and starry night
Oh, what a mystery that's sealed so tight
Over the mountain, a girl waits for me

Till Then

Till then, my darling please wait for me
Till then, no matter when it will be
One day I know I'll be back again
Please wait till then

Our dreams will live though we are apart
Our love -- I know we'll keep in our heart
Till then, when all the world will be free
Please wait for me

Although there are oceans we must cross
And mountains that we must climb
I know every gain must have a loss
So pray that our loss is nothing but time

Till then, let's dream of what there will be
Till then, we'll call on each memory
Till then, when I will hold you again
Please wait till then

The Rainbow and the Stork

Monday August 6, 2012

A client named Joe was here today. Joe is into all things metaphysical and mentioned a recent broadcast on Coast to Coast. The guest visited the sacred site at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is laced with artifacts linking humans to alien creators. One of the things the guest mentioned was an alien looking statue of a man who had both his hands holding his large penis, which evokes all sorts of imagery and jokes. Unfortunately it was the only statue she was not allowed to photograph. I told Joe about the Egyptian god Min with the large erect penis - signifying fertilization and creation. The alien stone figure at Gobekli Tepe would represent the same symbology which takes us to ancient aliens creating humans.

Joe and I had another other interesting experience. He held my hand, closed his eyes and said ... "You are very very content now as your work is done. You are an old soul going way back with many experiences in the physical." He flinched when he saw a brilliant white light ... moved into it ... then saw me standing in the light looking younger. He moved through the white light to see who I was and experienced navy blue ... continuing on and much to his surprise he arrived at the black void. He let go of my hand, opened his eyes and stared at me. "You are from creation itself - you create," he said with sudden recognition. Very cool, but was Z channeling through him?

Ron called after Joe left and we talked about my experience with Joe. Suddenly a rainbow formed not far from the bridge, though it hadn't rained all day. As I watched it, Ron said, "You're not going to believe this, but a stork just flew by." He has never seen stork in Sparta, NJ where he has lived for many years. Just after he said that, Z created a stork out of clouds for me. Look to the left of the rainbow not far from the bridge.

As the sun set in majestic tones and patterns of pink, orange, and bright red, I downloaded the photo. After posting I noticed how big the sun was.

Projected Illusion on Your Flat Screen

August 7, 2012 - 6:30 PM - Photo taken while my friend Michelle and I were talking to Z about the nature of reality.

End Time Lucid Dream With Ralph

Wednesday August 29, 2012

I had a strange wake-up dream. I was with my ex-husband Ralph - now deceased but who visits the family often. We were driving somewhere in his white Cadillac Escalade pick-up truck. Ralph and I had several Cadillacs back in the day, but this was a late model to help me to identify the timeline. Ralph also believed in buying white or light colored cars so other drivers can see you better in the dark.

It started as a sunny nice day of fun as we laughed and drove along. We stopped for lunch somewhere over a bridge. Walking into what I thought was a roadside diner, the energies became strange like being in the twilight zone especially as Ralph seemed to know some of the people there.

Returning from the restroom, the dream became lucid and I remembered that Ralph had died and something was off. I panicked ... grabbed my black leather bag (the one I use from September - May) ... ran out the door as Ralph told me not to be afraid of what was going to happen.

My current white Lexus SUV was waiting for me outside. As I drove away, I looked back. It was like the scene from the film 2012 when John Cusack and his family were driving away as everything collapsed behind them because of an earthquake - or the closing scene from the film Inception when the buildings collapsed into the sea, which I quickly recognized as a metaphor created by my mind for what was coming.

I stopped the car when I saw a red brick building crumbling into the ocean ... realizing it was my current home. Then I remembered Ralph telling me not to be afraid, so I watched as things collapsed, knowing it was all just a dream - a film fading to black. Then I woke up.

Thursday August 30, 2012

This morning I woke up physical singing the chorus to Get Ready -- "Get ready, get ready .... Get ready 'cause here I come". "Get Ready" is a Motown song written by Smokey Robinson, originally recorded by The Temptations in 1966, then by Rare Earth in 1970, among others. As I have no romantic interest at the moment, I thought it was funny. I also thought about my other rock n' roll adventures with Z this month - Over the Mountain. I guess I will soon know what I have to get ready for.

Ralph and I spent the summer of 1966 in California.

California: Brawley Seismic Zone

August 26-30, 2012

The Brawley Seismic Zone (BSZ), also known as the Brawley fault zone, is a predominantly extensional tectonic zone that connects the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault with the Imperial Fault in Southern California. The BSZ is named for the nearby town of Brawley in Imperial County, California. In August 2012 near Brawley, a swarm of more than 300 small to moderate earthquakes occurred with the largest two reaching a maximum of 5.3 and 5.5.

August 31, 2012 Samar earthquake and tsunami   Wikipedia

Hurricane Isaac ... The Cycle of 7 ... Going to 8 or Infinity

Hurricane Isaac reminds us of Hurricane Katrina exactly 7 years ago. At that time I dreamed Katrina was Kali (an alien - the destroyer who recreates) which takes us to the Kali Yuga -- considered by many Hindus to be the day that Krishna left Earth to return to his abode in the sky. This next takes us to December 21, 2012. Some say Kali is also the goddess Durga - both representations of the same feminine 'Shakti'. Durga takes us to Durga Puja celebrated in 2012 starting October 19th. October 19 takes us to the film Knowing - Coronal Mass Ejections - destruction and rebirth by light beings.

Who was Isaac ... another alien?

Isaac as described in the Hebrew Bible, was the only son Abraham had with his wife Sarah, and was the father of Jacob and Esau. Isaac was one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites. According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, and Sarah was beyond childbearing years. Isaac was the only biblical patriarch whose name was not changed, and the only one who did not leave Canaan. Compared to those of Abraham and Jacob, Isaac's story relates fewer incidents of his life. He died when he was 180 years old, making him the longest-lived patriarch.

Isaac takes us to the Bible, Flood Stories, Bloodlines,

and the Annunaki

As of late I have been "seeing" this gray alien with the sunken cheeks.

The Spaceweather.com photo today was about Coronal Mass Ejections.
That photo just happened to align with my alien so I put them together.

Hello Solux! It's been a long time.

Show me ....

Thus spoke Zarathustra (Z)

August 31, 2012 - Full Moon - Blue Moon and Flood Stories "8" Pisces