Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy October 2012

Verrazano Bridge

Ellie Crystal Reporting From Brooklyn, New York

Hurricane Sandy happened in the powerful energies of Scorpio - a water sign - two days before Halloween - the Trickster who teaches through direct experience.

Hurricane Sandy was predicted by myself and others. It is part of what we refer to as End Times Events. In mythology one could say we are experiencing biblical flood stories in the multifaceted illusion of our consciousness hologram. One cannot deny that Sandy is one of many awake-up calls about unstoppable climate changes and natural disasters we face today that will accelerate until the end.

My home faces the Verrazano Bridge just across from Staten Island which experienced major devastation when Sandy hit. I never lost power or other services, and always knew I was protected. I watched the events of 9/11 from my terrace as the second plane hit Tower 2. Now another maker has been stamped on the consciousness grids that create physical reality as we move beyond the illusion.

We often say that we are "playing in the sand box" - a metaphor for physical reality set in linear time. The storm swept away many of the coastal areas leaving some to believe the sandbox can be rebuilt. Recovery from Hurricane Sandy will take billions of dollars, and lots of time and healing, for those touched by the storm. Be safe and remember the clock is ticking.

On August 14, 2012, I was a guest on the TV series Weird or What? starring William Shatner. In an episode called "Mind Control" I contacted a deceased woman named Pearl Curran. The date 2012 was part of the message but was never broadcast.

At 28:04, I wrote this message from Pearl

The waters will be big. The land areas will fall.

My journal continues below the pics.

Manhattan a city divided in darkness and light

Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan

Rainbow over the NYC skyline after the hurricane

Fire in Breezy Point, Queens destroyed between 80 and 100 buildings

Destruction at Breezy Point

Flooding in Long Beach

Beached: A 168-foot water tanker, the John B. Caddell, sits on the shore where it ran
aground on Front Street in the Stapleton neighborhood of New York's Staten Island

Fleet in the floods: Yellow cabs in a parking lot are surrounded by water after Superstorm Sandy struck Hoboken, New Jersey

Cars float up from a car garage in a mixture of floodwater and gasoline in lower Manhattan as workers begin the process of pumping out the mess

Uprooted tree not far from my home in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Flooding in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn

Trying to find food without power in Tribecca (lower Manhattan)

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel flooded with its financial heart in Lower Manhattan shuttered -
a seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center

Water rushes into the Carey Tunnel - previously the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

Flooding at the Ground Zero Construction

The lobby of Verizon's Corporate headquarters in Manhattan - headquarters house executive offices as well
as some of the company's key telecom equipment that supports services to New York's financial district.

The East Village

Flooded subway station - one of many across the city above and below the ground.

Waters from Hurricane Sandy rushing in to the Hoboken PATH train station through an elevator shaft in New Jersey

Manhattan - A building that had its facade ripped off

Dangling crane in Manhattan

Former Boardwalk at Atlantic City

Seaside Heights, New Jersey

The Jersey Shore - A roller coaster symbolizes a life path - It will ever be the same.

It is one of the icons of America, the backdrop to a thousand stories - the place where Tony Soprano's nightmares unfolded, where Nucky Thompson built his "Boardwalk Empire," where Snooki and The Situation brought reality TV to the ocean's edge and where Springsteen conjured a world of love and loss and cars and carnival lights and a girl named, incongruously, Sandy. But after the storm of the same name passed through this week, the seaside towns of the Jersey Shore, a place that popular culture has picked to exude Americana, have been upended, and some of the boardwalks have been pushed into the sea. And those who live there, those who spent their childhood weekends there and those who experience its stories from afar are asking different versions of the same question: What happens now? Read more ...

Sunday October 28

Here in the northeast, this is the calm before the megastorm whose change of course is baffling experts as it prepares to move perpendicular to the New Jersey and New York coastlines, as if it has a mind of its own. I feel safe here on higher ground, but this is going to be very bad. This blog will be down if power is lost in my area (Con Edison if you're tracking) or Time Warner Cable is down. I'm as prepared as I can be. I can stay here without heat or air conditioning, have water, food, etc. for a few days, have a portable radio, my iPad (AT&T), cell phone (Sprint) with extra battery, landline (Verizon) with cord and cordless phones, my wash is done - as we brace for impact. I'll have a bird's-eye view of the ocean, from on high as I live in Zone C.

Ironically, the crown on the Statue of Liberty, here in the harbor, was supposed to open to tourists Sunday after a year-long renovation, but that was cancelled. Let's see what the storm does to this iconic symbol. In films, she is submerged in water, tumbled over into the sand, or surrounded in ice at the end - all metaphors.

Monday October 29

The Full Moon 6 Taurus created high tides will add to coastal flooding

The storm approaches ...


With no power to watch TV I tried to sleep ... but the wind tossing things about made it impossible. I got up and walked to the window facing the Verrazano Bridge. With all of might I shouted, "STOP!" What followed next was more extraordinary. The wind stopped as I watched the branches on the trees as if frozen time. I went to sleep...

People later reported hearing unusual tones coming from
the Verrazano Bridge as the wind swept across the cables.

Tuesday October 30

In the afternoon I drove through Bay Ridge curious about the aftermath of the storm in my area. There are downed trees, torn away awnings and roof damage, but luckily no power outages, fires, gas leaks, or looting found in other places hit by the storm. Today people shared stories about Sandy while trying to make sense of the current destruction. I talked to people in my lobby and immediate area. The leaves on the trees everywhere were gone except those outside my building. Several people asked if I did it? I just smiled and walked away. Conspiracy theories have emerged. No ... it's just end times.

Wednesday October 31

This morning I watched the news - floods, fires, power outages, gas leaks, and more ... so sad. I had not seen such destruction to New York City since 9/11. And then I remembered ... 9/11 was a marker on the consciousness grid ... an end time insert ... Hurricane Sandy is another. A new insert in the program means life will never be the same, and as all things are connected, this is global. 11 years ago, the events of 9/11 changed the face of everything ... forever.

The New York Stock Exchange reopened for regular trading after being shut down for two days because of the hurricane. The world is used to seeing the financial markets through the lens of the floor of New York Stock Exchange. It gives them a sense of comfort, but as we have learned, the old comfort zones are forever changing, evolving into something else. The addiction to watching the daily changes in the global stock markets will return with added enthusiasm today, as the players in the US have not had their fix since last Friday.

Local airports also reopened, their closures affecting global business. Deserted airports will once again be filled with the energies of travelers and the everyday dramas of getting through security ... perhaps sharing their stories about Sandy with a total stranger while waiting for their flight to board.

New York's iconic Broadway theatre district will also reopen today, with performers trying to lift the spirits of those who can get to the theaters.

Today is Halloween as children, home from school, try to have fun in all the chaos.

Thursday November 1

Many areas still resemble a war zone, especially in New Jersey. Just as we remember former Mayor Rudy Giuliani after 9/11, we will remember New Jersey governor Chris Christie's tireless efforts during this time.

The storm has brought people together in most unusual ways most often on a positive note. There are "storm parties".

I've noticed many black birds flying by today - not normal is my area. That can't be good. To me black birds always symbolizes death. Today is the Day of the Dead.

Floods are creating problems people never considered such as rodents who live in the city sewers now coming to the surface.

Vulnerable people can easily be taken advantage of by scammers - mostly in the construction business. People representing themselves as FEMA, asking for personal information, could result in theft identity. Looting continues as police and national guard try to prevent crimes.

Friends who work in hospitals have tell me about closings and time spent trying to save not just the normal amount of people who come through each day. Other friends in civil service jobs reports sleeping only three hours.

Friday November 2

On the street six floors below, the sounds of emergency vehicles continues. This morning I watched a convoy from Fort Hamilton drive by. For thousands still stranded in the aftermath of the storm, the need to get to safe areas is challenged by diminishing supplies of gasoline, some lines miles long as drivers wait hours for what could be their last hope. Those who finally get gas have headed west staying wherever they find a safe haven until power is restored and things start to move forward. Each day I hear wild stories about destruction and rescue attempts. Many areas look and feel like an apocalyptic film, reminding us once again of end times disasters as wake-up messages.

Tight gasoline supplies have tested the patience of drivers - fistfights have broken out in mile-long lines of cars - but a reopened New York Harbor meant fuel was reaching terminals. To alleviate one of the country's worst fuel chain disruptions since the energy shortage in the 1970s, some 8 million gallons of gasoline and other petroleum products have been delivered since Friday. The Obama administration directed that supplies of gas and diesel fuel be trucked to New York and New Jersey. It also waived rules barring foreign-flagged ships from making U.S. domestic fuel transfers.

One of the many big issues the city faced on this day was what to do about the annual New York Marathon which brings millions of dollars in revenue to the city. Mayor Bloomberg definitely handled this matter wrong by insisting the race would happen on Sunday, as the people stood opposed. Friends in the police and sanitation departments said they were needed to clean up and aid people with no homes, food, or money, not to take time away for the race. After a great battle, the mayor finally buckled under the pressure and realized the race had to be cancelled. Had Bloomberg made that decision days ago, thousands of people around the world would have stayed home and saved themselves lots of money. I still "see"them out and running on Sunday and trying to make a difference.

I often blog that the need to go "green" or organic or whatever people do in hopes of saving the environment and planet is just part of the healing-into-awareness process, but in the end the storms will continue to accelerate. As the days progress, people crippled by the storm feel helpless and often hopeless. These are the times people band together setting aside political, economic, and social issues, for in the long run they will signify nothing.

Email with good wishes continues from clients and readers of Crystalinks. A psychic in Connecticut shared a story of also shouting into the storm grids just as I did and it stopped in her area also.

Sunday November 4

Return to Standard Time

Monday November 5

Victims of Hurricane Sandy struggle against the cold amid fuel shortages and power outages. A million customers regained electricity as near-freezing temperatures descended on the U.S. Northeast overnight. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned the city that it would be days before power was fully restored and fuel shortages ended. The power restorations relit the skyline in Lower Manhattan for the first time in nearly a week and allowed 80 percent of the New York City subway service to resume. But some 2.5 million homes and business still lacked power across the Northeast, down from 3.5 million on Friday.

Clients and friends in local areas, continue to call and share stories. Dozens of rescue teams continue to drive past my house to the Belt Parkway headed towards Breezy Point and other coastal areas hard hit by the storm. Rescue efforts to Staten island and New Jersey can be be seen crossing the Verrazano Bridge throughout the day.

Officials across the storm-ravaged U.S. Northeast are increasingly worried about getting voters displaced by Sandy to polling stations for Tuesday's election. Scores of voting centers are rendered useless by the record surge of seawater in New York and New Jersey. The post-storm chaos in the region has overshadowed the final days of campaigning, making voting an afterthought for many. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ordered county clerks to open on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate early voters and ensure a "full, fair and transparent open voting process." New Jersey authorities also took the uncommon step of declaring that any voter displaced from their home by superstorm Sandy would be designated an overseas voter, which allows them to submit an absentee vote by fax or email.

Tuesday November 7, 2012 ... Election Day

Obama is re-elected ... Earth Changes Continue


Monday November 19

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

I returned to take my old neighborhood to take photos
and talk with local policemen and construction workers.

Facing east ... The Marine Park Bridge in the distance goes to Breezy Point and Rockaway. I knew the owner of this house.

This was an esplanade that ran from Manhattan Beach -> Brighton Beach -> Coney Island ->Bay Ridge.

Facing west ... towards the Verrazano Bridge ...

My friend Bea's house.

Interior of one of the houses ... the construction foreman told me giant rocks sailed through the house which had a glass front facing the Atlantic Ocean.

This house has a personal story behind it. It is owned by the Toussie Family who were good friends of ours when the children were growing up. The father, Robert, made millions as a young man, and was my husband Ralph's customer. His wife Laura was gorgeous in body, mind, and soul. They have 3 daughters and one son, Isaac, who went to elementary school with my daughter Nikki. The Toussie's built the first house of this kind in Manhattan Beach and people came from far and wide to gaze upon it.

The children all played happily in this mini-mansion until one day ... when Isaac and Nikki were in 6th grade ... they ran against each other for president of the school. The writing was on the wall even then, as Isaac and his dad "did something", that shall we say was not kosher, and Isaac won the election by a small margin. Ralph was so pissed there are no words to describe. And so we never spoke to the Toussies again ... the children graduated in June and life went on. So what happened to the Toussies besides the current destruction of their home? What goes around ... comes around... Read on from Wikipedia

The Bay Side of Manhattan Beach

This bridge crosses from Manhattan Beach to Sheepshead Bay. It was there when I moved to Manhattan Beach in 1954.

The bridge is now closed waiting repairs.

Lundy's historic restaurant is now closed.

Swan Song

The swans survived the storm, but the boats that dock in the water were totaled, some running aground into building and houses.

This is the waterside diner I used to eat in - also closed. The water came up over the bay and into the stores. Many street lights are still not in service.

The Russian Mafia in Manhattan Beach builds homes overlooking the bay. Yes ... they live large.

These are single family dwellings. The story behind the mansion below ... it belongs to a Russian General who defected.

As time passed everything was rebuilt.