The Fight For Freedom

August 23, 2014

Wherever there is a problem and people's civil rights are violated - at home, in the legal system, in school, on the job, or anywhere else - you can expect to see people fighting for freedom. In end times these energies continue to accelerate in the US and abroad.

I see from the issues faced by my clients today, that frustrations, and the inability to deal with disappointments are more than most people can bear, especially those who put their hopes and dreams in a situation that falls apart and they are helpless to do anything about it.

One can be philosophical and say, "Well that's the way it's supposed to be," but that was then and this is now and usually someone didn't see the writing on the wall or understand the patterns of reality today. In Virgo Transition - many will be disappointed in love while on the flip side relationships will start anew as people look to nest for the winter. The inborn need to find someone to share your life, remains until the end.

People will go on searching and questing which is well and good if one understands the nature of today's reality. It's too much work to be dysfunctional and live in a dysfunctional relationship. This begs the question ... Can someone who is dysfunctional have, and maintain, a functional relationship? The answer is No. It goes against their programing for experience - it's sad but true.

Whatever algorithm is set in place to close the hologram - is close at hand - it's energies experienced on many levels - social, political, economic, climate, natural disasters, etc.

  On Staten Island, Thousands Protest Police Tactics   NY Times - August 23, 2014
They came by ferry from Manhattan, in caravans from Brooklyn and New Jersey or on foot from the gritty neighborhood in northeast Staten Island where an unarmed black man, Eric Garner, died last month after an encounter with the police. Thousands converged on Saturday on the site of the fatal encounter, the start of a protest march linking Mr. Garner's killing to deadly police actions past and present, from New York City to Ferguson, Mo., where a white officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager two weeks ago.

The death of Eric Garner occurred on July 17, 2014, in Staten Island, New York. Garner was a 350 pound, 43-year-old, 6'3" tall, asthmatic African American man who previously had been arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes. When a police officer attempted to arrest Garner, he had broken up a fight which brought additional police units to the scene.

He was approached by police officer Justin Damico. A New York City Police Department officer, Daniel Pantaleo, put Garner on the ground by the use of force, and an illegal chokehold which is clearly shown in video evidence of the event. NYPD Union leader Patrick Lynch challenged that claim, noting that the experts have not yet given their review upon the incident.

On August 1, 2014, medical examiners concluded chokehold and chest compression as the primary causes of Garner's death. The event stirred public protests and rallies with charges of police brutality and was broadcast nationally over various media networks. "Proper application of carotid restraints" is taught by the New York State Police Training Program, while the chokehold tactic is prohibited by the New York Police Department's protocol.[

As a result of Garner's death, four EMTs and paramedics who responded to Garner's death were suspended without pay on July 21, 2014, and officers Justin Damico and Daniel Pantaleo were stripped of their service guns and badges and placed on desk duty.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, at July 31's roundtable meeting in response to the death of Eric Garner, convened with police officers and political activists, called upon mutual respect and understanding. On August 1, in his statement, the mayor urged all parties involved to create a dialogue, and find a path "to heal the wounds from decades of mistrust and create a culture where the police department and the communities they protect respect each other". Read more ...

Don't keep your head in the clouds or forget that it is all an illusion.

This looks like a scene from Burning Man (see below), but it's not.

It's just another illusion posted today on APOD called ...

Brocken Spectre  

The city of Veszprem, Hungary was only briefly haunted by this mysterious spectre. On the morning of August 11, its monstrous form hovered in the mist above municipal buildings near the town center. A clue to its true identity is offered by the photographer, though, who reports he took the picture from the top of a twenty story building with the rising Sun directly at his back. That special geometry suggests this is an example of an atmospheric phenomenon called the Glory or sometimes "the Spectre of the Brocken". Also seen from mountain tops and airplanes when looking opposite the Sun, the dramatic apparition is the observer's shadow on clouds or fog, the small droplets of water scattering light back towards the Sun through complex internal reflections. Careful night sky watchers can also encounter this spectre's analog in astronomy, a brightening of zodiacal light opposite the Sun known as the gegenschein.

Brocken Spectre appears when the sun shines from behind the observer, who is looking down from a ridge or peak into mist or fog. The light projects their shadow through the mist, often in a triangular shape due to perspective. The apparent magnification of size of the shadow is an optical illusion that occurs when the observer judges their shadow on relatively nearby clouds to be at the same distance as faraway land objects seen through gaps in the clouds, or when there are no reference points by which to judge its size. The shadow also falls on water droplets of varying distances from the eye, confusing depth perception. The ghost can appear to move (sometimes suddenly) because of the movement of the cloud layer and variations in density within the cloud.

The head of the figure is often surrounded by the glowing halo-like rings of a glory, rings of colored light that appear directly opposite the sun when sunlight is reflected by a cloud of uniformly-sized water droplets. The effect is caused by the refraction of visible light. A Brocken spectre (German Brockengespenst), also called Brocken bow or mountain spectre, is the apparently enormous and magnified shadow of an observer, cast upon the upper surfaces of clouds opposite the sun. The phenomenon can appear on any misty mountainside or cloud bank, or even from an aeroplane, but the frequent fogs and low-altitude accessibility of the Brocken, a peak in the Harz Mountains in Germany, have created a local legend from which the phenomenon draws its name. The Brocken spectre was observed and described by Johann Silberschlag in 1780, and has since been recorded often in literature about the region. However it can be seen in any mountain region. (The dubious term glockenspectre has also been used to refer to the phenomenon; however, there appears to be no reliable evidence of its accuracy.) Read more ...

Brocken Spectre   Telegraph - October 10, 2010

A so-called Brocken Spectre is seen in the Tatra mountains in Zakopane, Poland. A Brocken Spectre is a rare optic phenomenon that can be observed in mountains when an observer standing on higher altitude can see his own shadow cast onto a cloud at a lower altitude below him. The head of the figure is often surrounded by rings of colored light. Among mountain climbers there is a superstition that a person who sees a Brocken Spectre will die in the mountains one day.

August 25 - September 1, 2014

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Burning Man is a week-long annual event
held in Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.

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