Coming Full Circle

Tuesday June 28, 2016

Crystalinks' readers have come and gone through the past 21 years ... and like my clients over the past 30 years ... take what they need to update their programming ... going on to find answers ... returning when ready ... or as they say in metaphysics ... when guided. Today things move faster so you "get it" faster ... the truth self evident.

Below is email from a client named David, 30's, a therapist in Chicago who expresses things as many have come to embrace them after years of soul searching and questing. It's interesting but I also explored metaphysics for a while and moved on long ago as I didn't connect with any of it. When you get that this is an illusion ... the rest is superfluous. I respect that I am in a different part of the grid than those who enjoy the quest ... many of them telling me metaphysics fills in the time until the hologram ends ... in more meaningful ways than 3D experiences. Makes sense. 3D is Drama and Emotions. Programming beyond that is truth which some will find and others will not until the hologram closes.

Hi Ellie,

Just wanted to say hi as it has been a while since we have chatted. Something drew me to Crystalinks today as I don't read it much anymore. I was really into New Age/Metaphysics for a few years but moved on as so many people are just stuck in the past. I feel like I learned what I needed to learn at that point in my life. I was thinking about the election and I realized it really doesn't matter who wins. It will play out the way it is meant to play out. We have no control. I notice as I detach more, I see things as they are versus how I might want them to be.

I am still in school, working on my doctorate. Forever a student ... think I like learning. My private practice is going well.

My grandmother died in May. She was 88. My grandfather is 93. They were married 70 years. I can't imagine being with someone for 70 years.

I would say I hope you are going well but I already know the answer to that :) Can't believe how big your grandchildren are. Wow, seems like yesterday when Noah was born. Times goes by so fast.



Sunday June 26, 2016

Everybody, everywhere, is talking global politics, economics, natural disasters, and the fact that revolution is at hand. The old ways are going. People are so beaten down with living in this world, freedom and change are all that matters. What seemed to have started in the Middle East has gone viral/global. Down with the ruling classes. Down with the ridiculous concept of monarchies. I dreamed I was in the UK watching as citizens decided to overthrow the monarchy and give their wealth to the poor. This spread quickly to the rest of Europe where all were dethroned. The people of the planet are on a roll and yes there all be collateral damage but well worth it. Let's see what this week brings.

2016 BET Awards

Sunday June 26, 2016

The 2016 BET Awards were the BEST. Performers got into many political and social issues of the day. I watched the show just after I finished the blog "Revolution" posted above and was thrilled when Beyonce opened the show with a surprise performance of her song Freedom - performing with Kendrick Lamar as they danced in a pool of water. It was a brilliant performance about racial freedom - one of the many freedoms humanity is fighting for today.

Souls will no longer stay silent and be oppressed which will cause chaos over and over but freedom is the name of what's left of our game. The entertainment was enough to transcend time and space without all the healing, energy work, substances, or rhetoric that people need to get them there - emphasis on Beyonce, Alicia Keys, the Roots, Erykah Badu, Sheila E, and others.

Stevie Wonder and Tori Kelly teamed up for the Prince/Apollonia duet from Purple Rain, Take Me With U. They were then joined on stage by Jennifer Hudson who sang a moving rendition of Prince's "Purple Rain" walking slow off stage as she continued to sing. Yes this was better than Madonna's performance a few months ago, that many criticized, but madonna did her best. The show finished with Prince collaborator Sheila E leading a 10-minute montage of Prince songs. Muhammad Ali's daughter, along with Jamie Foxx, who played the role of the boxing legend, paid tribute to him.

Samuel L Jackson was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams received a standing ovation as he accepted the humanitarian award. Many of the presenters and winners encouraged the audience to vote on this game changing election year. A political moment saw R&B artist Usher performing in a shirt which read: "Don't Trump America" on it. Beyonce won video of the year and the viewers' choice award for her song Formation but had already left the ceremony to catch a flight to London for a concert so her mother Tina Knowles accepted the award on her behalf. Drake won best male hip hop artist and best group with rapper/singer/producer Future, but was not at the ceremony to accept the awards. Newcomer Bryson Tiller beat Chris Brown and Weekend to win best male R&B/pop artist and also won best new artist.