Ellie's Adventures in 1996


After eight years of waiting I met Alexander/ Marcus who is linked to the main character in my book, 'Sarah and Alexander'. Our meeting was an odd set of synchronicities.

In 1989 a spirit named Alexander came to me and started to tell me a story. He appeared as a child with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He seemed shy and soft spoken. He told me about himself and a female named Sarah who lived here on the Earth. As I had just bought my first computer, I decided to write the unfolding story of Sarah and Alexander as he told it to me.

In the book Sarah and Alexander Sarah ages from 6 years, when they meet, to 28 years, where the story leaves off. I wrote 150 pages. It was difficult as I am not a writer and though I felt connected to the story I did not understand where it all would lead.

Flashes of images would come to me and I would write about them. I always saw scrolls, an old text with ancient symbols on it, the creational keys of light, the spheres, and in 1998 I saw the rods.

Sarah and Alexander became a part of everyone I knew as they tried to help me write it or access the missing information, such as the amulet given to Sarah by Alexander on their first meeting in upstate New York.

The amulet shared by Sarah and Alexander. The symbols are missing. I am hoping they surface soon. I know that are multidimensional therefore will be hard to draw.

Since 1989 I have tried to finish the book often with the help of published writers and other psychics.

Alexander would visit me from time to time and add more information to the book. I knew he existed somewhere as others spoke with him as well. The problem was, I always seemed to be missing some of the information. I knew there was another human person connected to the book, that I would meet one day. Several psychics had told me it was a man and that he had the other half of the information.

In 1994 I placed an ad in the New York Times Sunday Book Review section hoping to connect with this writer and finish the book at last. I had expected to received only one or two responses. Instead I received about thirty responses from all over the world. Unfortunately none of them was the right person, though they all felt an affinity for Sarah and Alexander, and each one wanted to help me complete the book. What was more interesting was that the New York Times had misspelled the word Metaphysical...."Mediphysical"...and due to that error, had to published the add three times.

After that I just decided to copyright the 150 pages I had written and wait!

By the fall of 1995, Alexander had become more present in my life than ever before. When I traveled to upstate NY to visit the interdimensional portals with a group of friends, his energies could easily be seen in the viewfinder of my camcorder. I could feel him coming closer into my physical life.

Monday: Christmas Day 1995:
I challenged Alexander and told him that if he did not physically appear to help me, or send his human counterpart, as I knew he had one here, within one week I would put the book away forever!

I saw an ad on a UFO list server on the Internet. A man named Iron Simek from Calgary, Canada had advertised for a real ET to work with him. Intrigued I emailed to Iron and asked him if he had had any response to his add.

Iron emailed the name of the only person who had responded, a man in Texas named Marcus.

I sent an email to Marcus asking him if he really was an ET.

Received my first email from Marcus. . .

Here is his exact Reply . . .

		Hi Ellie,
		My name is Marcus
		I live in Amarillo, Texas at the present time.
		How can I help you?

		In Love and Light,

Needless to say I nearly fell off my chair! He not only used the name Alexander, but had placed a Z in the spelling by mistake! (or was it?)

For 4 days we emailed back and forth. I asked Marcus questions that only Alexander knew the answers to. Amazingly he had most of the answers. By New Years Day, it was finally time to connect! Alexander had met his deadline! 9:30 PM......the phone rang! It was Marcus / Alexander!

Our first phone call met with synchronicity. A friend named Mimi from upstate New York who I remote view with called two minutes before Marcus did. She wanted to remote view on the UFO's and entities that have been abducting people in her area for years. The town is called Pine Bush. The sightings there have be chronologed by an author named, (ready for this), Ellen Crystall!

I told Mimi that I was expecting a call from Marcus and was not sure if he could do this type of work or if he would want to help us.At that moment Marcus beeped (call waiting) into our conversation. He agreed to be part of our remote viewing. Without missing a beat the three of us were off checking on the situation. (I have Conference Calling). It was as if we had worked together forever. We did some work to help Mimi, then spent hours on the phone rekindling a friendship that seems to go back to the beginning of time.

The rest is history - or should I say ancient history. By February, snow storms not withstanding, Marcus came to spend a week with me in New York. Past life regressions have given us interesting insights into who we are to each other. Iron has become a good friend. Development of the book has, and continues to be, the adventure of a lifetime . . . or should I say many lifetimes.

Marcus is in my life to verify as part of my path as Sarah - the woman in the story who is guided by Alexander/Z to find her bloodline.

Marcus would help me understand the nature of our reality and how Time and the illusion works.

This is all about a book . . .


New York had several blizzards that winter but nothing stood in the way of Marcus coming here from Texas for my birthday.

The celebration lasted 2 days.

The highlight was Phil Jones, a healer who works with Deepak Chopra. Phil is from Australia, now living in New Mexico.

He plays an Australian instrument called a Didjeridu.

He uses the resonances of the instrument as a tool for healing.

Phil taught class in my home. Considering the snowy weather - we had a very large audience. In other rooms we had a Reiki Master - a Tarot Reader - two Broadway singers - a researcher who had just come back from the Sphinx and assorted other guests.

Through this experience I would come to understand the influence of harmonics in our creational patterns. The tones - the harmonics and how they link to our sacred geometry to form creational patterns.


Patricia Collins wrote a book which has gone on to be a best seller. It is called, "Psychic New York", and lists me as a noted psychic. I went on to do her first book signing in Barnes and Nobles in Manhattan. What a book store - 5 floors of books and a restaurant! This event would bring many clients to my door for readings and counseling.


In June I attended the first ever Star Knowledge Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

For days prior to the trip - I found feathers everywhere I went. I connected with that which is known as the Earth Mother who said my trip was guided. I suppose that was true for all of the souls who attended the conference.

We all travel as guided to those soul consciousness grids that will enlighten our awareness.

South Dakota was beautiful and very hot.

I flew out of New York with two friends, Yolanda and Barbara.

Needless to say we laughed and played like 3 children. We changed planes in Chicago where we met up with Barbara Marciniak, John Mack and several other speakers coming in to the conference.

Conferences tend to attract the same souls who enjoy being on the lecture circuit and travel and selling their books and tapes.

Luckily I was smart enough to book reservation well in advance - I am a planner - so we were able to stay in the best motel in town (a Holiday Inn) just across from the conference hall. Actually the best motel was a simple Holiday Inn!

The night we arrived- Barbara went off with friends she hadn't seen in a long time.

Yolanda and I found one of the only two restaurants in town - had dinner then set off to wherever the road took us.

We wound up on the camp grounds where many the people were sleeping. It was on the Missouri River.

Bugs and mud! Yuch! People were chanting and eating. We were not impressed. I asked Zoroaster for guidance.

He sent us down the road following along the back of the river. To our surprise we found a giant turtle that had been killed.

We weren't sure what happened to it nor how important it was until the last day of the conference.

On that day we met a Shaman woman who told us that the Earth is called Turtle Island and that this turtle is used in the Sun Dances. We showed her where to find the turtle - hidden in thick bush. She said they would use his shell for something ceremonial.

The first night was orientation. Everyone was talking about sweat lodges - everyone except me! Being in menopause - the last thing I wanted to do was go there to sweat!

When they went off I went to speak with one of the vendors - Margarita who originally was a client of mine from Brooklyn - now living in Tenn. Five years ago I had told her that she would leave NY and find her destiny with Native Americans. She now lives in Tennessee traveling around the country buying and selling Native American wares.

We talked about the coming earth changes and such, then she too went off to the sweat lodge. I noticed many women who said they wanted to sweat but could not go. They said they were on their "Moon". That means it is the time of the month of their menstrual cycle and you can not sweat at that time.

I drove back to the hotel where I called Marcus in Texas and meditated on the incredible energies of the conference.

The conference went on for five days with many speakers.

the tone of the conference was more about UFO's and Healing Issues than Native American spirit.

About 500+ people attended - a good turn-out!.

Everyone seemed in a spiritual mood yet there was the usual political/ego stuff that goes with people who lecture and attend these conferences.

For fun Yolanda and I went to the local Casino - as gambling is legal on the reservations there.

We had dinner in a beautiful restaurant with a scenic overview. Just for fun I did a reading for the waiter, a gay man who was really into metaphysics and hoped to move to NY one day.

The highlight of the trip was the reading I had with researcher and psychic Tricia McCannon.

When she finished her lecture she told the audience that she could only read three people.

I didn't even want to raise my hand as I did not feel I needed a reading but Z told me I would be picked and to raise my hand. So when she asked who would like a reading I raised my hand. Tricia immediately turned to me out of all of those people and picked me first!! I knew Z wanted me to have this reading.

Tricia and I went back to my hotel room where it was private.

Tricia does a soul reading wherein she told me the path of my soul.

She brought her tape recorder so I would have a record of the reading but between her frequency and mine the new tape turned out to be all static. This is not unusual for me when working with psychics or those on a higher frequency.

Tricia said I was here to write a book! It was interesting how everybody always sees me writing this book!

What blew me away in her reading was I asked her who my spirit guide/husband was and she looked over my shoulder and said, "Zoroaster"!

Now mind you this is not the first time this has been told to me by psychics I did not know - but it was great hearing it from her.

She told me about my work - verifying past/parallel lives with Z and the Germany lifetime with Marcus and others. That program certainly has a strong pulse.

She told me that I am from another dimension not necessarily another planet though my links go back to Sirius A where I am a member of the royal council. So that is what I am doing in another program. . . .

She said that i came to Earth as a male of royalty from Sirius to set up the Earth program here and seed the human race.

Most of this was confirmation of things I already knew. But it was still nice to hear it from a total stranger.

The next morning I awoke and was dressed by 7 AM.

Z told me to drive down the road and into the hills.

I drove with Z until he told me to pull off the road.

I found myself in a cow pasture with cows looking at me like I was crazy!

I got out of the car and looked around.

Suddenly there was energies of three beings from another realm who seemed to be linking with my frequency.

I didn't physically see them.

They said they were from the High Council of Sirius A and that they had been sent to talk to me.

Of course I asked them to manifest but they didn't! I knew they wouldn't!

They told me more about my work in that program and that I was to link into it as I stood there.

I saw a program of splendor and high technology. It was a physical place in which I saw myself as an old woman not the man Tricia had spoken about. I watched as the woman connected with me. She showed me what was occurring in her program and how she acted as a former leader who was now seen as as sage.

The images disappeared as I lost my connection to that grid.

One of the three entities told me to take a paper and pen which I had in my backpack.

They guided me to draw a diagram. They said I would learn its meaning later that morning when I rejoined the others at the conference.

It was 8:30 AM. I wondered about the nature of time in our reality.

I had a quick breakfast then headed off to the conference.

I got there after the day's events had started.

I walked over to where Yolanda was sitting with Chet Snow a lecturer and vendor.

I told them what had happened to me. I showed them the drawing.

Chet took out a faxed picture of a crop circle that had just formed. It was the same pattern!

The point was - I had a message in writing to verify my travel between consciousness grid programs.

That night I did remote viewing with Marcus to that grid program. We entered the council chamber room. It was so familiar to both of us. We were warmly greatly by a man from the council. Everything felt familiar.

We learned much at the meeting about that program. People there are telepathic and more more advanced in all areas than we in 3D Earth. There was much to experience and connect with. Two hours later Marcus and I returned to 3 D Earth grid consciousness.

On the last day Yolanda and I drove over a bridge that crosses the Missouri River. We found ourselves in Nebraska.

We drove along looking for adventure! Down a winding rode we stopped at what was once a church that was destroyed long ago. It had to do with a very big battle and Geronimo. We taped into the energies of many Native Americans who had been killed in battle with the white man. They had lost their lives fighting for the rights and territories that the white man stole from them.

This program has been out of balance for so long . . .

Among the more interesting speakers I met was Standing Elk who sponsored the conference. He and other Native American Elders spoke of ET connections to the planet. They spoke of end times and our ascension to 5th dimension.

Yolanda, Standing Elk, Ellie

For truth I did not make the spiritual connection with the Native Americans I had hoped for. It was all too commercial. I didn't go there to heal issues but to learn.

I guess my learning - as usual - didn't follow the normal path most people take.

One great connection I made was with Drunvalo Melchizedek who was a keynote speaker. He was staying at the same motel I was and is a friend of Barbara's

I knew I was to meet and connect with him for some reason. I did not pursue this meeting as Z said it would be brought to me. I told everyone that it was meant to happen, but we just kept missing each other.

On the third day Drunvalo finished his lecture. It seemed that we wouldn't have to time meet after all.

Yolanda and I left the conference and drove back to the hotel to get my camera.

As we were on our way back to the conference, who should be crossing the road but Drunvalo!

I pulled the car off the road and Yolanda and I got out.

We spent some time talking we him right there on the highway - as truck drivers zoomed by giving us the finger!!

We walked to the shoulder and spoke with him about the grids and his work using grids to clean up pollution in Denver. Why does he not realize that grid work is soon but back in imbalance!?

Drunvalo is a soft spoken kind man. He is REAL! This meeting was meant to happen just as Zoroaster had told me.

Perhaps one day Dru and I will work together on something. I am not sure as it doesn't seem important. We had made a connection. For some reason the energy of that connection was all that mattered.

It is through the events of this journey that I would awaken my Native America soul experience, as I have often seen myself - tapped into the grid program. In one those lifetimes I am a woman living in the old west - grid program - '19th American Southwest'.


Through the Internet I connected with a man in North Carolina who has a three-story pyramid on his property. Wanting more adventure I flew to North Carolina with Yolanda to spend a week there. The pyramid was interesting but it's energies didn't do anything for me.

The man who owned the property was into Dooms Day theories - which never panned out and are the thinking of a dysfunctional mind who needs serious meds!

Two days later we politely took our leave from him and his family - and set off on our own journey through the Carolinas.

Riding along through mountains of some kind - fall leaves in shades of pinks, red and oranges--singing oldies--we drove around North Carolina. We passed a sign for Grandfather Mountain --with a 5,000 foot elevation and decided to venture up to see the sights.

Half way up the mountain we were surprised to find a a sign that read "Sphinx Rock". Before us was the largest balanced rock I had ever seen.

We sat and meditated under it for some time. I left a lavender spindle candle there. I leave this type of candle wherever I go and do my work. I even left one at the Sun Dance grounds the day we left South Dakota.

At the top of the mountain was a swinging bridge. Yolanda said she was afraid of these bridges--but I called her chicken so she walked bravely across to the other side. As I entered the bridge a wind came and it began to shake. FEAR! There was no going back. Yolanda was laughing at me from the other side. OK. I made it over! Going back was better though.

For our next adventure we found ourselves at an old gold mine.

We mined for stones and ores. This was not like life in the old west. Yolanda found a tourmaline stone that she had made into a ring. It is gorgeous. Z guided me to a jewelry store--the Jewish way to shop! He indicated a gold and diamond ring that he wanted me to buy. I told him he was crazy! The ring was too much money. He told me to bargain! Oy veh--I hate to bargain.

OK --I got the merchant down $1,000. The ring fit perfectly. I loved it! Everyone loved it!. Out went the credit card. I never charge so Z knew I would not be happy but the ring was ME! Z told me that when I got home from the trip the money would be waiting for me. Learning never to doubt him - I bought the ring.

After I returned home I found a check in the mail. It was a refund from the Board of Education from ten years ago when I was a teacher and they had taken too much tax money out of my wages. The amount of the refund was the same as the price of the ring! Z is a cool dude!

Yolanda and I also went to Asheville. What a great city it is!

As we were driving down a street lined with antique stores, I suddenly yelled, "Pull over and park!"

"Why?" she inquired.

I didn't know!

One of the stores just called to me.

There were many stores on those then streets of shops.

The store that called was a very large dinky looking store.

I walked in and walked to the back of the store. I turned to my right - and under some old books pulled out an old Bible.

It was black with gold writing. It was 12 inches (30 meters) high - 9 inches across.

I knew I had to have it - but why?

I already have a small bible near my desk that sits next to the Keys of Enoch.

Yolanda was puzzled but knew better than to ask me what it was all about.

The bible cost $100 and was old and was in poor condition. I didn't even look in it. I knew it was mine! I bargained and finally bought it for $80. I didn't open the book until I got back to NY.

The bible turned out to be in two languages - English and German! Ah that Germany energy grid was pulling me again.

The second half of the book was something even stranger. It has a list of men who apparently visited a brothel out west in the 1870's. Did my soul know them in a professional capacity? (laugh) I did have a past life out west - working in that capacity.

Now here were links to two different grids in which I see my soul experiencing.

One was the 20th Century grid - WW 1 and WW II. The energy of that grid still over laps our present grid system. In that grid I am a German Jewish male physicist working with temporal anomalies. My name is Wilheim Joseph Mandelbaum.

The other grid is from the old west - US - 19th Century program. There I am a 'lady of the night' having a wealthy clientele. I live in Nevada. My name is Josephine.

The old book remains on a shelf in my home.

Next to it are pictures of current family members
who lived out west at the turn of the century.

Grandpa, Sam and Grandma, Sarah
1910, Omaha, Nebraska