The '10 Square Block Radius' Reading

We all know that reality follows patterns, now predictable patterns, and that soul groups travel together, interacting with each other in different roles as they go. It is the Deja vu of life, the sense of everything one needs to experience, and everyone they need to interact with, live within a 10 square block radius from their home, outsiders often not welcome into their little dramas. In rural areas this may be a 10 'mile' radius. This is a lifetime of experience and generally drama, but to move away from the 10 square block radius creates greater fear than the dramas. It feels safe because the patterns are familiar.

Life's little dramas, for these people, are played out with those who think alike and seem familiar. The dynamics and physical attraction in relationships in the 10 square block radius group, is instantaneous. They move from childhood friendships, to teenage romance, to adult relationships within the 10 square block radius group. This used to work ... but no more. All is expanding outward and into new territory. Old haunts are not what they used to be.

Things have changed and partners once compatible in the 10 square block radius grid, no longer fit the 21 century mold. Example: Families have lived near each other for generations. They marry within the 10 square block radius, have children, and were all supposed to live 'happily ever after'. Default settings.

People and values changed. Time to break the mold! Those who made their lives, and often livelihood, within the 10 block radius, had to leave the cocoon and move on (fear). They realized that to be happy, their answers were are out there in the greater world, not necessarily next door to one's family.

More people within the 10 square block radius have become educated, as befits the jobs in today's market. Learning disabilities such as ADHD, were discovered through early evaluation at school. Home schooled children may miss the boat on that one, if parents are not educated in the latest techniques, thought 10 square block radius children generally go out to school with peers.

Attainable goals were set for their lives and the realization that most people not want to remain at home, unless emotionally limited, is the venue of the decade.

The woman in the 10 square block radius group, who once stayed home to raise the children doing nothing else, is bored, or may have to work. Along the way ... she may create something or someone new to 'play' with. In the old days, men cheated. Now the empty heart, and sexless marriage, drives these women to find partners outside the home ... generally within the 10 block radius, as those are the men they are programmed to be attracted to. No one is happy in the end and the truth is often revealed, cell phones, email, etc.

Generally, the 10 mile radius young adult in this century does not want to repeat the unhappy patterns of past generations. If a woman comes from a functional family, seeking out a male who is expected to remain faithful in this day and age, someone like her father (maybe), he is not easy to find in any ethnic background, as people change partners at different stages of their lives as they grow.

The 10 Block Radius Family is a dying breed. Most were never really happy to begin with and as a result the players got sick in areas of their body related to the throat, heart or genitals.

Females are changing rapidly even if they have to remain as a single person, though the hope of meeting The One remains with most forever. Many do not leave the 10 block radius and live at home, often in a separate, or private area, of the house. (makes parental care taking a whole lot easier.)

What do I tell these women, when they come for a reading? A quick discourse on the modern male reveals that he is generally not ready for marriage until closer to 30, if not past 30, or at all. I psych on whether there is an available male for them in the 10 block radius. None! Often they know the answer and ask where they go from there.

The 10 square block radius female expects to be married by 25, as does the male by indoctrination, until he has to step up to the plate and bales. He wants to work, play, hang out with 'the guys', and have sex wherever and whenever available. At least he knows who he is, a searcher who is far from ready for the responsibilities of marriage and may never be. Generally there is a sibling who has married and settled within the 10 block radius, who will bring children to the family to perpetuate the patterns. Nieces and nephews are often great substitute children.

Relationships and reality are going somewhere beyond the 10 square block radius and the paradigms of old, as couples of today try ... Living Together in 2006