Once upon a 'Linear Time' ...

Setting: The Continuum, Surrounded by 12 pyramids of light

When: Before 'time'

Characters: Creational entities : Zarah, Zorel and their assistant Amun

Experiment: To experience different frequency dimensions simultaneously, to determine which one results in souls losing their ability to remember their spiritual identity.

Amun begins: The 12 pyramids are ready to activate their programs.

Zorel: Then let the games begin! Amun, you are to remain in the Continuum to monitor the games, should anything go wrong. If it does, you are to shut that game immediately and spiral us back to the Continuum!!

Zarah: How many levels of frequencies do you suppose we will have to descend before we reach the place where we do not remember who we are?

Zorel: The last time we tried this we descended all the way to the third dimension!

Amun: Yes I remember how hard it was to wake you both up and bring you back home!

Zarah: Don't 'remind' me about that experience! The last time we were in the third frequency everything went out of balance.

Zorel: Let's hope we can descend all of the levels in the new programs and remember who we are at each level.

Zarah: Third frequency is the 'tricky one'. Our soul aspects got very caught up in the games of third dimension. Zorel and I finally remembered who we were. If you hadn't come along to help us, we might still be there.

Amun: Perish the thought! I will guide and protect you on every level as I always have.

Zarah: But what if we reach third dimension, never remember who we are, and get trapped there?!!

Amun: We must prepare 'coded signals' on each dimension, especially the third, so that we will wake-up and return home after we experience.

Zorel: At the beginning of what will be called the 21st Century, we must return.

Zarah: That is when all of the cycles of time will merge together as they are.

Amun: But why the digits 21?

Zorel: It will mean 2+1=3 or 12 in reverse. It represents 3 souls, Zorel, Zarah and Amun.

And so they did agree that Amun would monitor the programs from the Continuum as Zarah and Zorel would enter the games and become multidimensional.

At times Amun would become part of the program if needed. Otherwise he would remain in the Continuum to ensure the safe return of Zarah and Zorel after all of the 'cycles of time' merged.

Zarah: In all dimensions but the third, time will not be a factor. In third dimension we have to find a method to measure our experiences so we will know when we have to return.

Zorel: I think it is best to use the term 'Time' meaning 'Linear Time'.

Zarah and Amun do not seem pleased!

Zarah: Not again!! We've tried that in other programs. It makes our experiences appear to go on infinitesimally!

Amun: You do remember how much trouble linear time caused when we tried it? You both kept creating parallel realities, slipping in and out of something called timelines, and never had a grasp of our true essence.

Zorel: Yes, Yes! I remember! Does anyone have a better suggestion for the third dimension?

Zarah and Amun look at each other but have no answers.

Amun: You do remember how much trouble linear time caused us the last time we used it? You kept creating those parallel realities, slipping in and out of something called time lines, and never had a grasp of our true essence.

Zarah: I suppose you are right Zorel! But my intuition tells me that this does not end well.

Amun agrees.

Zorel: Okay, we will try 'linear time', but to be sure that we do not get stuck in third dimension, we will set up something called a 'wake-up' code.

Zarah: Then I must be the one who sounds the wake-up alarm! This way I can connect with our soul aspects to be sure they know when it is time to end the game.

Zorel: Then we are agreed! Amun and I will set the alarms, and you (feminine) will sound them when the game is about to end and we are to reunite!

Again they did agree.

Zorel: To mark this linear time we will need several things . . .

Zarah: Most importantly we need a source of light and many planets . . .

Zorel: Here are the planets!! I'll throw in a sun, stars and other celestial bodies,
using the power of electromagnetic energy.

... And so the Heavens will always bring messages to the souls on the planet!

Amun: Remember everything must following specific tones and numbers.

Zorel: 12 is the key as there are 12 pyramids that will create all of the programs in all of the frequencies.

Therefore there will be 12 original tones.

These tones will create sound, light and color.

Each time the program increases in frequency and multidimensionality

New tones will be created from the original 12

Amun: This 'sounds' right to me!

Various tones are heard throughout the Continuum which become encoded into the 12 pyramids.

Amun: We need to have systems to map time in third dimension, when the program first begins.

Zorel: Perhaps something that maps the 'heavens' as they shall be called.

Zarah: Let's call them celestial observatories.

Later they can be known as calendars of different kinds, eventually recorded on stone then on something called paper.

Zorel: We will eventually develop a system and call it Astrology . . . the Zodiac. I like words with 'Z's' in them. I will incarnate in a great lifetime with a name that starts with the letter 'Z' !!

Amun: Let's make 'Z' the final letter of a writing system that will be part of the program when we merge.

Zorel: Yes, yes! Let's make that part of the program, as a trigger at the end of the program.

Zarah: Stopped getting 'carried away'! Let's get back to the movements of these celestial bodies, as they will help us remember that the program is about to end!

Zorel: We will need time pieces . . .

Zarah: I like clocks! Remember the gears of the clocks when we last played in third dimension? They made me think of synchronicity and waking-up!

Zorel: Clocks it shall be!! To mark time on a daily basis our soul aspects will have to suddenly invent something called a clock! They will be round and divide it into 12 sections like the 12 pyramids when they merge as one. The 'Zodiac' at that time shall have 12 'signs'. Perhaps I shall call our 'clocks', 'zocks' this 'time'!

Zarah: (laugh) That's too many 'Z' words. I like the word 'clocks' much better! I will plan a 'time' at the end of the game when there will be a joke about words that sound like 'Zocks', Socks, Docks, Fox . . .

Zorel: But I want to use words with the letter 'Z' in them to help us trigger our memories of who we are!!

Zarah: Then use it for other things! For example, when our souls sleep, let us identify sleep time, a return to higher levels and the continuum, with the symbols ZZZZZZZ, meaning to sleep and return to 'wakefulness'!!

Zorel: That's a great idea! The program has been set up in such a way that at the final times of this third dimensional program, we will be in a physical form that must have long periods of sleep and rest on a regular cycle. In that cycle our soul aspects will need to return to the continuum, or at least experience in higher realms.

Zarah: We will experience through physical forms that have biological clocks that will link with our timepiece 'clocks'. This will cause us to go into a 'sleep state', so we can return here. It is then that all decisions for our remaining time in the physical realms will be guided to a proper ending.

Zorel: Now let's discuss those zocks, I mean clocks . . .

Zarah: As we get closer to the end of the program, perhaps a few hundred years before it ends we will reinvent something called a round faced time piece or clock!.

Zorel: As we get still closer to the end of the program, these 'clocks' will start to give off something I shall call 'alarms', or wake -up calls!

Zarah: Our souls will become conditioned to hearing wake-up tones, which tells them that they are coming back from dream state.

Zorel: We will begin to realized that dreamtime is more than just a time to rest the physical body.

Zarah: We must use one of the twelve creational pyramids as the creator of not just the program, but the keeper of 'time'.

It shall be known as the Great Pyramid and shall exist in physical reality.

It will be programmed to 'wake-up' our souls at the end of the program.

I will program the pyramid from here and link its frequencies to a bridge, one that links all aspects of the program back to the Continuum.

At the end of the program, I shall dwell at the foot of that bridge and use its energies to link to the Great Pyramid amplifying its 'wake-up' tones.

First the tones will be on higher frequencies, heard only by the higher aspects of our souls.

Then the tones must be heard in the physical realms, even if the souls do not understand what the sounds mean.

Amun: I will see to it that you and your soul aspects experience the messages on different levels.

Zarah: I just had a thought!! What if we do not 'hear' the signals / tones from this Great Pyramid? We must create a failsafe system! Tones might work for some soul aspect but we will need visual triggers that connect with our DNA time clocks!

Zorel: What do you suggest?

Zarah: Let's use 'numbers' or 'digits'. They are digits that will be active at the end of the 'cycles of time'. We can encode them into the Great Pyramid and into our DNA?

Zorel: What numbers do you suggest?

Zarah: I think it is best to use digits that repeat in a cycle, as the program will revolve in 'cycles'.

Zorel: This will make remembering the digits less complicated.

Zarah: What are the easiest digits?

Zorel: Straight vertical lines!

Zarah: 11

Zorel: How about 111?

Zarah: Perhaps 1111.

Zorel: Yes, that feels right!

Zarah: We are still missing something to insure that we will see these numbers at the end of the program!!

Zorel: Let's create a time piece for that era that will have those digits so we will see them all the time!!

Zarah: At the end of the cycle, we must become a digitized race!

Zorel: We will create something like the Great Pyramid- only on a much smaller scale, and call it a computer!

Zarah: There must be a need for digits on a clock to be in a horizontal line! We will call this timepiece a 'digital clock'.

Zorel: When we see the numbers in a line, such as 11:11, it will have further ensure our wake-up alarm, that the program is about to end.

Zarah: Let's select many sets of digits each connected to a different subliminal tone sent out by the Great Pyramid!

Zorel: With each tone we recognize on a subliminal level, we will automatically synchronize ourselves to see the related digits, until we remember who we are and that it is 'time' for us to wake- up and return!

Zarah: Great plan! We have all bases covered! We cannot stay asleep . . .

Zorel: But what if we do??

Amun: Then I will open the doors of the Continuum. A great light will be seen by all of your soul aspects. You will remember that we are of that light and that the program is ending.

And so they did agree.

Zarah and Zorel combined their light bodies,

Twirling round and round until they took forms for themselves and their soul aspects.

They entered into the multidimensional programs.

When the programs would end . . .

signals would be sent to their multidimensional aspects . . .

That Time is NOW

l l l l


Zarah and Zorel slowly descended into a higher level of the Earth's frequency.

Earth was in a primordial state at this level and was not completely physical.

They 'lived' in a higher frequency forms.

The 'twelve pyramids' create many games of experience for them.

They always remembered who they were.

Millions of other aspects of their souls were created with whom they interacted.

Vast land areas, huge bodies of water- and the beginnings of physical life slowly emerged in physical form.

Huge pyramid ships were seen in the skies above the planet.

Zarah and Zorel used their minds to manifest whatever they wished to experience in their physical realms.

They always understood their connection to the Continuum.

The pyramids created a 'cycle of time' that existed partially in the physical and partially in higher frequency.

Zarah and Zorel named this experience 'The Cycle of Lemuria'.

They manifested beautiful places to live

Pyramid shapes, that reminded them of the twelve creational pyramids,

were the shapes of many of their dwellings,

which by their design linked back to the Continuum.

Zorel and Zarah chose the roles of teachers and spiritual leaders.

They remained in this program for thousands of Earth years.

They taught each generation of their soul aspects how to read the celestial messages.

Their souls aspects always remembered who they were. They worked in balance, experiencing all that the physical expression of planet Earth would allow.

Zarah and Zorel were well respected spiritual teachers.

Amun was always there watching from above, their connection to him never lost.

At first Zarah and Zorel traveled interdimensionally throughout the planet. Later they manifested an airship.

Zorel and Zarah marveled at the beauty of the Earth's expression and what they had created.

Zarah taught the souls to record their information in dance and music.

And so were the beginnings of the physical tones on planet Earth as the souls created sounds for the many frequencies linked to communication, healing and expressions of something new, emotions.

For each frequency they brought to physical Earth, another tone, sound, was created.

The highest frequency was named LOVE!


Zarah and Zorel entered the cycle of Atlantis in the physical forms of Isis and Tehuti.

Through the Atlantean Pyramid which stood on the physical planet, thousands of soul aspects were created which would become part of this experience. Many of these souls had been part of the Lemurian program and were pleased to be returning to the physical realms.

Zarah and Zorel were looked upon as creational Gods in hopes that as the souls experienced in third dimension they would also remember their spiritual wisdom and link back to the Continuum.

Amun made brief appearances on the planet helping create huge crystals that sent off spiritual tones on higher levels to keep the planet in balance and the souls still aware of their spiritual connection.

There were great ships in the skies, halls of worships, healing and education.

As in all programs, a great library was placed on the planet, which held the spiritual teachings of the creation of Atlantis and the Program, should those in Atlantis forget.

The Hall of Science had many technologies created by crystals computers.

Zarah set up an Ancient School of Mystery Studies where she taught the history of creation and the link to the Continuum. This was Zarah's favorite place. Her teachings were to be recorded and passed down through the ages.

Crystals were used to create great homes.

Time passed . . .

The frequencies of the program lowered and so telepathic communication became lost. It gave way to verbal languages which were called Vril, a system of clicks and tones verbalizing creational harmonics. The souls still remembered who they were.

Again the frequencies lowered and the spoken word developed.

It took on many forms.

Celestial maps were created to plot the start of the program and the time of its end.

Again great civilizations were created. Several programs evolved in the forms of crystal technologies and alchemy.

Zarah and Zorel taught many who went on to become great teachers and leaders.

For millennia the souls remained in peace, understand their Oneness to all things.

Leaders were chosen who built great societies.

The land was cultivated and was rich in produce.

People raised families and lived in strong spiritual communities.

Physical forms altered through the millennia, as the soul aspects adapted to the ever changing frequencies of the planet.

Much of this resulted in the loss of the people's innate higher abilities and spiritual gifts.

Tehuti and Isis tried in desperation to remind their soul aspects of their connection to the Continuum but soon no one would listen.

The souls became ruled by their emotions, which furthered lowered their frequencies and that of the planet.

And so they spiraled downward over thousands of years.

The spiritual connection with the Continuum was lost! Emotions ruled!

Souls viewed themselves as separate entities not linked to one source.

As Amun lost his link with Zarah and Zorel, he decided to end that phase of the program.

Amun created a huge light in the sky, far greater than any witnessed by the souls as they could remember.

The soul aspects of Zarah and Zorel saw the light.

They remembered who they were.

They went to the light and merged with their other soul aspects.


Zarah and Zorel entered the land of Khem (Alchemy), and named it the 'Egyptian Program'.

This was another experiment in third dimensional reality.

Zorel assumed many roles, Thoth, Tutmoses, Moses, Seth, Osiris, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, the Master Teachers, to name a few ...

Zarah took the roles of Isis, Hathor, Maat, Mary Magdalene, Sophia, to name a few ...

Again Zarah and Zorel worked as teachers and spiritual leaders.

Millions of souls were created.

But from the beginning of its inception the program was 'out of balance'. an electromagnetic program set in time and space, bipolar by its very design.

Third dimension was simply too dense for the souls to manifest what they needed and to remember their spiritual origins.

Souls had a difficult time dealing with emotions and survival.

Amun entered the game several times in the form of the sun God, Amun Ra, Akhnaton, in hopes the soul aspects would connect his symbol of the sun's light with the pyramid and the spiritual teachings given by Zorel and Zarah.

At the end of the program, many of the soul aspects became enlightened and began to remember who they were, the creators of the program.'

The programs merged.

All souls returned to the Continuum to share in their experiences in various programs.

Zarah, Zorel, and Amun are no longer involved in third dimensional programming.

They and their soul aspects play games in higher frequency programs. Soul aspects of higher frequencies and have memories of playing in the third dimension and what they learned.