The Rabbi and the Priest

September 14, 2003

This is not a joke ...

It is interesting how synchronicities manifest. This weekend I reviewed the Crystalinks files on Religion, observing changes in patterns and traditions. By the power of thought and attraction, I read both a priest and a rabbi, neither of whom would want their congregations to know about their 'extended' views on religion and the stirrings within their souls, which brought them to my door.

Both are deeply enmeshed in their religious doctrine and truly believe what they preach, but both saw 'beyond the veils' and felt that there was something going to change now, that there is something going on in the bigger picture. Both men talk directly to god, and both were guided to talk to me about other matters. Both felt a sense of boredom. Both realized that this is a period of revelation with upcoming global changes. Neither came to talk about their personal lives which were pretty much in 'order.' Both men had heard about me through the neighborhood grapevine.

And so, we discussed my view of god as a creational consciousness of thought, as well as my other theories....and both men understood, though I am not sure at what level. Both were soft spoken and kind. Both had heard about Zarathustra and honored my connection with him. Both stayed with me for two hours, not wanting to leave.

Both understand that we truly are in a time of transition no matter what our religious doctrines are, that there is one god for all. We agreed that consciousness is changing. The rabbi was in his 50's, the priest in his 40's.

The rabbi, who knew nothing about sacred geometry, closed his eyes, went within to talk to god, then looked at me and said, "It is all about the number 12." Exactly! He understood gematria and many metaphysical changes.

The priests discussed the changes in the church over recent years and the need for things to reflect the thinking of our changing society. He worried about scandals in the church about the priests and how it is changing the dynamic of those who are its teachers. He sat here with tears in his eyes and I realized his religious doctrine was being challenged and he wanted things to find a way to bring it all into balance. I explained that it is all part of a process of spiritual evolution, past the paradigms of separation, that religion as we have experienced it no longer functions as people, as in ancient times, questions their god/gods, and why there is always chaos and drama.

He told me that I am moving very quickly while everyone else is going slow.

In a mythological place called Earth, there does exist a race called Humans. There we read about a group of souls finding their oneness and interconnections, seeking and discovering their inner truths, thus evolving from an age of darkness into one of light and understanding. Let us continue with this chapter in their evolving mythos....